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11 Psychic Signs That Someone Is Thinking About You

When you are in love, you are always thinking of that someone who owns your heart. Now, if someone is constantly running on your head, have you ever wondered if he starts thinking of you in return? How about the time when a thought of someone you barely know comes into your mind? Or seeing a familiar face in your dreams for many nights in a row? Sometimes, our intuition tells us that we might be on someone else’s mind because the universe sends us the signs.

Most of us, however, are not aware of these signals. We most likely tend to ignore these subtle hints. Paying attention to the psychic energies around you may prove helpful in the long run, as not everyone harbors good intentions. Others hold you in their mind with envy and jealousy. Some may have obscene thoughts about you.

Being informed may help you being careful with ill-intentioned people. Regardless of why someone is thinking of you, this article reveals the 11 psychic signs you're on someone's mind. Read on, dig a lot deeper, and start tapping into your intuition to recognize these signals. You may want to make sure that it's not just in your head.

The Telepathic Phenomenon

In Parapsychology, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as mental telepathy, extrasensory perception (ESP), sixth sense, or clairvoyance. This is beyond scientific knowledge as science can’t provide empirical evidence to the existence of paranormal or psychic phenomena. Because it’s not perceived through recognized sensory processes, it garners a lot of skepticism. However, claims of its reality can be traced back to antiquity. You’re probably one of those who believe based on the fact that you’re here, spending your time reading this article.

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Have you experienced getting the hunch that someone is staring at you? Or getting that gut feeling that something good or bad is about to happen? Through inexplicable sensations, some people may even feel a presence in the room or hear voices from people who aren't there. This sixth sense also allows us to know if we are on someone’s mind. However, the signs may take different forms. It could be something that happens to your body or seeing something out of the ordinary.

You might also sense the thought energies around you. It's all a matter of listening to your intuition and interpreting the signals. So here are the 11 signs that you might want to watch out for. How many of these signs have you ignored or haven’t noticed?

You constantly see that person in your dream time.

It has been said that dream is a gateway to the Subconscious. When your conscious mind is in sleep mode, your subconscious mind takes over.  It is the realm of your Higher Self, which can receive thought energies from other people. In your dream space, you can connect with other people. Here you can reach out to them and send them a mental message and vice versa.

So when you constantly dream of the same person for many nights, it could mean that this person holds you in his consciousness. The more consistent and intense the thought energies are, the more they could reach your subconscious mind and manifest into dreams. If you are always dreaming about your loved ones whom you have never seen for many years, this is the sign that they are missing you. If the person who visits your dream space is a stranger or someone you are not close to, it has no way to tell whether their thoughts about you are favorable or not. However, you can start keeping track of your dreams about this person through a dream journal.

In this way, you can find the hidden patterns of your dreams for your interpretation. You can also get a clue from the vibe you get from your dreams. Also, be reminded that your dreams can be your own unconscious longing or unfulfilled desires. You are dreaming of the same person again and again, maybe because you are longing for this person yourself. Dreams are mysterious phenomena. Keeping a dream journal can help you unravel its mystery.

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You get hiccups in random moments.

Getting hiccups without physiological explanations is also considered a sign that you are in someone's mind. Common causes for hiccups include eating too quickly, swallowing air while chewing gum, or consuming very hot or very cold foods. But, when you get hiccups in random moments, it might be because someone is backstabbing or badmouthing you.

Random hiccup is associated with unfavorable thoughts directed towards you. If you notice that you get hiccups only around a certain someone, this might be the person who holds you in his thought with ill feelings or hostility.

But again, you must not jump to a conclusion. First, rule out all the underlying causes for hiccups, then find whether that person has any complaint about you by observing him or tactfully asking him. So be keen when those annoying hiccups occur. Who are with you? Do you feel that vibe telling you that someone might harbor a feeling of animosity towards you?

By being observant, you can steer clear of this toxic energy.              

You sneeze out of the blue.

In Asian superstition, sneezing is a signal that someone is talking behind your back. Even the number of times you sneeze has meaning. One sneeze means someone is talking good about you. Two means someone is speaking ill of you. Sneezing for more than a third time could mean someone is in love with you and missing your company.

Superstition or not, sudden, repeated sneezing is one way to tell that you're running on someone's mind. Make sure that when you experience a spontaneous episode of sneezing, it's not due to natural triggers, such as when you have a cold or flu, when you’re in a dusty corner, or when you’re allergic to pollens. Otherwise, it’s a signal that someone is missing you deeply—at least that is what random sneezing commonly thought to mean. Traditionally, when this bout of sneezing happens out of the blue, you can ask someone near you to give you three random numbers and then add these digits. With the sum, find the corresponding letter in the alphabet.

The corresponding letter is the initial first name of the person who is thinking of you.

Your eye twitches or itches for no reason.

Like hiccups and sneezing, it is also believed that someone is holding you in his thoughts when your eyes randomly twitch and itches. Of course, you need to rule out all possible physiological causes of your eyes showing this behavior, such as eye ailments and allergies, stress, and lack of sleep, or insect bite. According to the superstition, you can identify the kind of thoughts directed towards you based on which eye involuntarily twitches. For a man, twitching of the right eye is a sign of positive and happy thoughts about him, and twitching of the left is a sign of ill intent. It is the opposite for a woman.

Random spasms in the right eye suggest negative remarks and criticisms, while twitching or itching of the left eye indicates praises and compliments about her. Again, conclude only when you are sure that there are no underlying physiological issues as to why your eyes twitch and itch.

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You feel a slight burning sensation in your ears or cheeks.

Have you experienced a burning sensation in your cheeks and ears without knowing why? Like the feeling after being slapped in the face? This, too, is the physical manifestation of the thought energies directed towards you. This isn't similar to that flushed look you get when you feel embarrassed or blushed when someone compliments you. This is more like an effect after a hard slap, causing your cheeks and ears to redden and warm to the touch.

When you suddenly feel this burning sensation in your cheeks for no reason, this might indicate that someone is talking bad about you or may even slandering your name. Redness of your cheeks is a tell-tale sign of someone holding you in his thoughts in a negative way, provided that there are no reasons for the redness, such as feeling embarrassed, feeling feverish, or inflammation. However, some people believe that a burning sensation in your ears alone can mean that someone has a crush on you or is romantically thinking of you. It may not be easy for you to identify between loving or hateful thoughts, but this is when you practice using your intuition to recognize the intent of the thought energies presented to you through your body.

You get goosebumps without knowing why.

Goosebumps occur when you experience a strong emotional reaction, such as fear and dread, joy and excitement, or sexual arousal. These tiny bumps on your skin also formed when you feel cold. But do you know that goosebumps can be a physical manifestation of strong emotion and feeling that is aimed towards you? The good news is that goosebumps are energetic signs that someone has you in his mind in a positive way. Getting goosebumps without discernable reasons signals loving and passionate thoughts.

 It could mean that the person might be attracted to you or has a tender feeling towards you. It is also believed that the thoughts that can manifest into goosebumps are usually from someone who might have a psychic ability. You might want to be aware of whose thought energies you are getting from.

You get an unexplainable feeling that someone is touching you.

Touch sensation is probably the most powerful sign that you are on someone’s mind. This happens when you have a deeper connection with that person who is thinking of you. How intensely you feel the touch depends on how intense the thoughts and feelings are transmitted to you. Probably it's from a loved one who longs for you and misses you so much. Getting this unexplainable feeling that someone is touching your hand or brushing your cheek may make you feel uneasy.

Don’t spook yourself by thinking that it’s a paranormal occurrence. This sensation is most likely a manifestation of energy vibrations from someone’s thoughts. What you need to watch out for is that only those who have natural psychic abilities can do this. Yes, it could be your partner with whom you have a deeper connection, but it could also be someone, stranger or acquaintance, who has a strong telepathic tendency. When you experience this non-physical touch, how does the touch feel?

The vibe you get from the touch gives you a clue whether the thought energies are loving or ill-intentioned. If it's a gentle, loving caress, assure yourself that it's from someone who deeply cares for you. However, if it’s an uncomfortable touch, be wary because negative intent is directed at you.

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You experience sudden, incomprehensible emotional changes.

You’re enjoying a happy and peaceful day, but suddenly you are drowning in a wave of sadness and melancholy. You’re feeling tired and not so well, then suddenly you find yourself bursting with energy, cheerful, and warm. Have these emotional changes happened to you, and you can't understand why? Then it must be because the thought energy vibrations of others disrupt your emotional flow. The more intense those thoughts are, the more you can absorb the thought energies.

You must be aware that not all overwhelming emotions are yours. Sometimes, they are the emotional vibrations sent out by the person who is emotionally attached to you. If this person feels so much love while holding you in his thought, then a feeling of warmth and joy spills over you. If, however, this person feels sad, you may get the feeling of worry or sadness. The emotion you feel is the clue to the type of thoughts directed at you.

These emotions are incomprehensible for you. Don’t let them mislead you by believing they are yours. It is important if you know your own triggers so you'll recognize which emotions are yours and which are not. So next time you feel annoyed out of the blue, you’ll know someone out there is feeling upset or vexed while you are on his mind.  

Thoughts about that person pop into your head out of nowhere.

You probably ignore it when a thought about someone suddenly pops up in your head. You might just dismiss it as a normal thought. But if you pay more attention, there comes a time when a thought of a particular person comes into your mind without warning—meaning, at that moment, there's no reason or trigger that would bring this person into your mind. He just appears in your head out of nowhere.

In this case, this person probably has you in his thoughts, and you're empathically picking on the signal. If this happens frequently, you might want to reach out to this person, especially if he is someone you care about.

If this is a person from your past with whom you had a bad experience, it could be because he's regretting or feeling remorse about what happened between you two. You'll never know for sure until you reach out. If you are mindful of the thoughts that come and go in your mind, then you’ll be able to know who’s thinking of you.

You find a white feather.

You don't only get the signs from your body or from sensing the thought energies around you. The universe also has its way of telling you that you are on someone's mind through nature. You don’t always come across a white feather, but when you do, it symbolizes the loved one you’ve lost, conveying a calming message that he’s now in a safe place, thinking of you and watching over you. Seeing this should give you comfort and solace, knowing that your loved one, wherever he might be, is now resting in peace.

Let this white feather reminds you to move on from your loss and continue to live your life happily.

You experience synchronicity associated with that person.

Have you ever experienced mysterious coincidences in your life? Like remembering memories about someone at a random moment, and then all of a sudden you receive a message or a call from him? Or like when you are missing someone's company when you're out for a coffee, and then he shows up at the door right at that moment?

These synchronistic encounters may be a direct manifestation of someone who is thinking of you. When someone appears in your thought right before you run into him, it is your intuitive ability at work, picking up a psychic sign that someone has you in his mind for a while now.  

This can also apply in reverse. You are missing someone, and you constantly thinking of him, then the universe finds a way to bring that person to you by meeting him in places you don’t expect to see him.

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