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15 Minute Manifestation Review: Is The Investment Worth It?

We often spend our remaining hours working or studying. Sometimes people are so invested in things that are not beneficial for their health. The existence of social media sites has also changed the way we spend our time. We mindlessly scroll and stare at our screen until our eyes become sore.

These hours spent are not worth the gain you get from it. There is little to none gained at all. Your mental state is still unstable. People try to find healing on these platforms and fail to find it.

Why? Because they do not have a deeper understanding of their minds. The troubles of the world will shake you if you give them a chance to. Simply said, if you don't have peace and security in you, you will lose.

Fight and win over the setbacks

They say that challenges make life thrilling and exciting. While I agree with that, we can't deny how taxing hurdles in life are. They take a toll on you, and sometimes you feel like all hope is lost. Do not worry!

The time of victory over these negative emotions is here. All you have to do is say yes and act upon your goal. Nothing will ever happen if you simply aspire and do not act at all. You need to be a doer!

Life is a continuous battle. It would help if you fought all those negative aspects while living the life you dreamt about. That is okay. As Eren Jaeger said, “You don't fight; you can't win.” The only time you will ever lose is when you stop fighting. Act on the change you want to achieve. Think big and think creatively!

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Sometimes, our biggest enemies are our overwhelming feelings and emotions. Let me tell you once again that it is okay. You need to understand that they are part of the battle. This type of battle is one of the hardest but remember; you can win!

Anxiety can also slow you down and prevent you from experiencing the best. You may feel anxious about making the program work for you. You could be trying hard to make this program work for you. Be persistent. Try again in different ways until the only choice left is to abandon the program.

For starters, 15 Minute manifestation does not solve all your problems. However, it will significantly change your life for the better! Sometimes mindset shifting is all you need. An aid to help you accomplish your plans and solve your problems.

Sometimes, all we need is a little push, a little help. If you are not comfortable asking for help from people around you, do not worry! Some programs can help you. You just have to figure out what program works for you.

15 Minute Manifestation

15 Minute Manifestation is a program developed by Eddie Sergey. The program is composed of tracks that will realign you to your desired path. People sometimes stray from the direction they want because of the way they think.

All things in the universe are in motion. Everything is vibrating. Isn't that amazing? This fact is the grounds for healing techniques that use sound.

Excellent, how sound is more than what we give it credit for. You have to remember that the state of your mind has an impact. It affects your mood, how you receive information. Our minds are a great and powerful place. Being able to know it on a deeper level can change many.

15 Minute Manifestation makes use of binaural beats. This type of beat is a form of brainwave entrainment. This audio technology uses two different types of sound frequencies. Your Mind is said to pick up a single tone that sits between two frequencies. Your mind is tuning in to this new frequency. This situation influences the brain's activity.

The methods of neurofeedback are the root of this program. The tracks included in the program consist of brainwaves sounds. These sounds are then composed of the combination: Theta frequency wave sounds from nature and a subliminal guided meditation.

Let us break down the combination utilized in this program for a deeper understanding. Stimulating your brains with theta waves will do you good. It allows for healing, boosting immunity, stress and anxiety reduction, and many more.

These theta frequency waves will help you in reprogramming your mind. Theta waves allow for transformation. A lot of profound personal transformation is due to a shift in the unconscious mind. There are two ways to reach deep and create change in an individual's way of thinking. One is through hypnosis and the other through theta brainwave entrainment.

Through these processes, a person will have access to their unconscious. In this state, they can generate healing or create essential changes.

In the noisy world, we're living in, it's hard to find a good place to relax. The cities and populated areas have little to no access to natural sounds. Noisy places increase pressure, and stress levels skyrocket.

The incorporation of sounds from nature in this program relaxes you holistically. These sounds lower your blood pressure and soothe you. The sound of nature helps you reach your subconscious along with the theta waves.

Subliminal guided meditation works in mysterious ways, literally! The guided meditation is incorporated in the audios, but it is indistinct and unnoticeable. You might not hear it, but the effect it gives is evident. The script to this meditation makes use of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

The Audio Files

The 15-Minute Manifestation has three tracks. These tracks are designed to help you gain control of your mind. The tracks lead your mind into its controllable creative state. These tracks can unlock a lot of possibilities!

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Your Natural State (Track 1)

This track's purpose is to rid of your acquired negative beliefs. The track strips off all your unwanted thoughts and reveals the truth. How you truly see the positive things you believe since you were born. It cleanses your mind of unwanted and negative items.

This track helps you gain control and win over the setbacks in your thoughts. Your mind becomes free from the negatives and now full of positivity. In this state, you can achieve significant and good things you are manifesting!

Your New Story (Track2)

The second track in this program enables you to write your new “story.” This story reroutes you to the path of goodness and victory and away from defeat. The track also frees you from all the unnecessary ideas. Ideas that do not bring you good and are bogging you down.

This track is all about the good things. It conditions your mind to focus on your dreams. The track enables you to make good things happen in your life.

Moving Towards Abundance

You will assess yourself and figure out the right course of action on this audio track. After the correction, conditioning, and cleansing, you are now aware. In awareness, you will decipher what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Now that you have successfully corrected your mindset, it's time to act upon it. You can now turn away from the chains of negativity. Go and reform your life the way you want it!


The 15 Minute Manifestation offers more! You will also get a Manifestation Wizardry eBook. This book tackles the law of attraction. This eBook might be a good introduction if you are new to this concept.

Aside from the three major tracks, you will get bonus audio. The audio is entitled “Deep Sleep Now.” This bonus track is 30 minutes long and makes use of the Delta brainwave frequency. Delta waves penetrate deep within, mimicking drum beats. Delta waves allow for natural healing. Another thing is that it induces deep sleep and helps you sleep better.

Trust the Process

As you have noticed, the tracks are intentionally placed and stationed. As it is intentional, there is a practical reason behind this.

The first track allows you to encounter yourself on a different level. It reveals the truth behind the muds the world has thrown to you. You can see yourself the way you should, your genuine and authentic beliefs.

The second track opens your eyes to the endless possibilities existing around us. This track allows you to see clearly and see what is rich and good.

The third track realizes what is in your mind. This track gives you the energy to act and manifest all the good things you desire.

The order of the audio tracks intricately guides you step by step. It is not forceful and out of tune. It is built intentionally, and as a beautiful song, it's rhythmic and according to timing.

15 Minute Manifestation's Edge

  1. In our busy schedules, we often forget to take care of ourselves. 15 Minute Manifestation saves you time. The program is brief and just as effective. You won't have to spend long hours studying the topic either. You will achieve significant change in spending a short time each day.
  2. Your scientifically proven go-to companion. Going to gurus, therapists, or counselors will cost you more money. In this program, you can help yourself while in the comfort of your own home. The program is for those who prefer to be at home instead of going out. Know and transform your life on your own.
  3. The program also lets you have freedom. You can schedule and reschedule according to your availability—no need to run around making phone calls and arrangements. What works for you works for you.
  4. The 15 Minute Manifestation program is not just random audios put together. The program is carefully designed in a way that users will get the most fruitful experience.
  5. The program has a reasonable price, and you get to have bonuses or freebies too.
  6. The program will help you get closer to the life you want to experience. Live your life to the fullest!
  7. If consistent and willing, you will result in as early as 21 days!

15 Minute Manifestation's Drawback

  1. You might be a person who prefers extended manifestation methods. A 15 Minute manifestation audio maybe not your type.
  2. The 15 Minute Manifestation is the perfect program if you suffer from negativity, insomnia, and depression. If you are not experiencing any of these difficulties, then you're okay. Chin up!
  3. The program is not available offline.
  4. The books accompanying the program do not inform much about the concepts. Maybe the basics, but it's pretty lacking; there is not much science explanation involved.

Get the best out of the program.

Like how other people deal with products, they eventually learn a technique. Listening to music is an example. Some people want it loud and for others to hear. Some like to listen to it alone via headphones. It is a matter of preference.

The program recommends listening to this with headphones or earphones. Any earpiece that will let you focus on what you are listening to will do. Using earphones will also help you get the full benefit.

This program also requires you to be relaxed. It would be easier to achieve that state when there is no background noise. That is why you should consider wearing comfortable headphones. Still, it is up to you.

Believe. A person can unlock many things when he believes. It does wonders. Doubting leans on negative thinking. Like any other programs, how you think matters. When you have a lot of doubts in your mind, your thinking becomes hazy and blurred. You are allowing your mind to focus on the negative.

If you doubt, you are creating a hurdle for yourself while in this program. Remember, a yes and no is better than a maybe. Make up your mind, be decisive.

Get comfortable. When you listen to the audio tracks, make sure you are comfortable. Find a comfortable place for you to stay. If you have housemates, it would be best to advise them not to bother you while listening to the tracks.

You might receive notifications from your gadgets while listening to the audio. Some notifications release a strong vibration or sound. Switch your phone into silent mode or turn off the notification alarm to avoid them. Switching to silent mode will allow you to avoid distractions while you're on your gadget listening.

When you feel like your thoughts are spiraling into the negative thoughts again, cast them away. You do not want them in your life. Shrug these negative thoughts away and try to shift your thoughts on the good things.

Be patient. If you think that you can't commit and offer your time, you will stagnate. Everything we do requires time. The changes you want would not happen unless you spend time doing them. You got this!

The Mind behind 15 Minute Manifestation

Eddie Sergey founded the 15 Minute Meditation program. “Eddie Sergey” is believed to be a pen name due to a lack of background information on him. No need to worry, a number of people use pen names in different industries.

Eddie Sergey told a story about him having brain cancer when he was young. He got over this difficulty by listening to a cassette tape. Eventually, Eddie stumbled upon these concepts. He encountered “manifestation,” “brain science,” and became interested in them.

The Beauty in Trying

As normal human beings, we couldn't have possibly tried everything in life. That is why we often go through the trial and error process. Being in the trial and error zone is okay. Having to try things teaches us a lot in the long run.

You might never try using audio tracks to help your body and mind heal. That is entirely okay. However, if you keep trying, you don't lose. Learning is not failing. When you try a program, and it does not work for you, you learned something from it. It would still be a win for you.

15 Minute Manifestation may sound new to you. All these concepts about the mind, brainwaves frequencies, and healing through achieving a state of mind. Trying to understand these things can be overwhelming! That is understandable.

In this program, you are not alone. You are not given a bunch of audio tracks without guidance. Upon purchase, you will get a Quick Start Guide PDF. This PDF will accompany you as you explore and try. Do not give up and keep on trying for yourself.

Your Purchase

The 15 Minute Manifestation program is a digital product. This means you can directly get it after purchase. You will finally take a break from waiting on your parcel to arrive. You won't be meeting any delivery man as of now. You can avoid the hassle of checking in on your package. Because it is digital, you can get it right away with no worries.

You will receive a ‘No questions asked money-back guarantee when you purchase the program. The warranty is available during the first 60 days after the user's purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the program, you can just get your refund.

 Do not lose hope and keep going forward!

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