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17 Second Manifestation Technique: Practice Makes Perfect

Manifestation has been a popular concept nowadays. It’s understandable, really. It’s a noisy world, and people search for comfort and something to calm their days. Manifestation is deeply connected and interrelated with the Law of attraction. The Law of attraction stresses the importance of our vibrations and how we connect with various things. There are many methods and techniques on how to do manifestation.

Many ways cater to different preferences. Abraham Hicks stated that 17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting. Holding an idea for 17 seconds sets your goals in motion. This might sound a bit impossible considering the time required. However, 17 seconds is more than what you need.

This technique is grounded on the principle of holding a thought for 17 seconds. Abraham also coins this as the combustion point. It must be emphasized that the thought must be one clear thought.

17 second Manifestation Technique: How to do it?

Just like any other technique, the key to this method is practice. You don’t need to study so much to do this technique. You just need to make a few variables work together. Here are the basic steps on how to do the 17-second manifestation technique to get you started.

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Find a space for you to do the technique

The first step is to find a suitable place where you can do your manifestation. The area needs to connect with you on a deeper level. As mentioned earlier, a connection is vital. Secondly, the space you choose should nurture or help you become calmer. Choosing a busy place might just hinder you from concentrating.

Make sure you don't have any distractions. Turn off your phone or anything that might disturb you. You can also spice up your space by placing things that would help you relax and concentrate. You can light some candles, even scented ones. You can put some essential oil in a diffuser for an aromatic session. To be honest, there is no right or wrongs in doing this activity.

You can be as unique as you can in choosing your area or space. Just make sure you don’t lose the fundamentals.

Set your timer

To avoid going in and out of your space, prepare everything you need before starting. Once you’ve prepared your place, you can now set your timer. As you may have already guessed, set your timer to 17 seconds. You can use whatever you prefer. You can use your cellphone or a clock or a stopwatch. If you were to choose a phone, turn it into airplane mode.

This is to avoid distraction when it notifies you of new messages, calls, or reminders.

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Think about the good things

If you are to think of anything, it would be nice to think of something positive and helpful! It would be a waste of time thinking about negative things and all that. So ask yourself the question, “What thought am I going to focus on?” Of course, the answers will flood your mind. This is usually why we can’t focus on a single thing and why this technique is more complicated than it sounds. Once you seek an answer in your mind, they come fast and not at all one by one.

It’s most beneficial if you are in the right mood when doing this activity. You should be in an excellent attitude to have positive thoughts. Otherwise, you would just end up wasting your time. It’s essential to put yourself in a pleasant mood before proceeding. You can do some breathing exercises and close your eyes for a while.

Think of all the good things and try to eliminate any thought that does not serve you.

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Pick something good to manifest

I know you have a lot that you want to achieve. However, this technique asks for you to focus on one. Pick something you want or need the most. Assess where the intention is coming from. Remember that it should be good!

Bad intentions will do you no good, they might just attract bad situations. It’s essential to assess where these thoughts are coming from. You can pick a sort of affirmation to focus on if that’s more convenient for you.

You can now start!

During your 17 seconds, be sure that you don’t overthink about the whole session. This might disrupt you while you do your activity. Just lend your everything to the goal you are trying to manifest.

Let it go

I bet you often hear this advice when you read about manifestation. Letting go is relevant in doing manifestation. Letting go must be tricky, especially when all you do is anticipate your goal. You need to let go as a sign of trust and to strengthen your relationship with the universe. Not only that, when you obsess over this practice.

This reaction might cover the positivity you built up and exchange it with a different energy. All you need to do is leave it up to the higher-ups. That does not mean you get to relax and do nothing, though. You need to help in letting your goal in your life. Act upon it and do what you can.

You might be curious if you are allowed to retake your session or wait till tomorrow. During the 17 seconds, and your thoughts suddenly disappear, you can start over again. Try to take more time to concentrate and regain your calmness. Do not panic, and just try harder. Let go of your anxiety and the thought of failing.

Try to refocus on the positive things around you. Be thankful for the opportunity and space are given to you. The fact that you have time to do your manifestation is a big blessing in itself.

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Abraham Hicks’ 17-second rule

Abraham Hicks is an author and a motivational speaker. Her main points of discussion include the Law of attraction. She also talks about multiplying the number 17 by 4. You would now get 68. Hicks suggests you should do a 68-second meditation every morning. It’s indeed very doable even in the increasingly busy world we are in. Who does not have 68 seconds to spare, right?

If willing, a person can easily take time to do this activity every morning. Nobody’s so full of work to not have 68 seconds. She stresses that using your 68 seconds doing this activity will bring you closer to your desired goal. Again, there’s really nothing to lose in trying this technique. Time is time and 17 seconds is still time spent making your dreams happen.

What to avoid when doing this technique?

  • Noisy spaces – As much as you can, do this activity at home or somewhere that someone won’t pop up and say something. Your room with locked doors is an ideal place when you are at home. Outdoors, you can do this after hiking or on a picnic alone, as much as possible in a private place. It would spark negative thoughts when you start meditating, and a dog from the park suddenly barks at you, right?

This is why time is also an important variable. When do you think is the quietest time for you? Some would say early in the morning and others at night before bed. Well, you can choose from them! It can even be during lunchtime as long as you think it’s ideal. Picking the time can be pretty challenging, but you can find the time if you are willing to spark change.

  • Worries about your day – As I mentioned earlier, eliminate and avoid negative thoughts as much as possible. The step before manifestation encourages you to take some time to clear your mind. This includes what happened during your day. Whatever groundbreaking thing it is, release them if they take you to a negative path. For example, having been scolded by your boss or getting a low grade on an exam. These thoughts and the emotion that comes with them can linger and dwell for some time. It’s best to let them all go. A step to letting go is acceptance. Once you’ve accepted the situation, you will be able to acknowledge your emotions. Do not shrug them off. Feel them until you can feel them no more.
  • Avoid dwelling too much on your session after you did it – This is emphasized in the “letting go process.” The logic behind letting go is that you don’t attract anything negative anymore. As what is always stressed out, you need to focus on the good things. However, worrying is not a pretty positive thing to do. It opens the door and eventually invites a range of bad thoughts that can disrupt your manifestation life.

Things to Note about the Law of Attraction and The 17-second Manifestation Technique

You get what you focus on, consciously or unknowingly

A casual reminder or a grounding point in your day can help you hold your ground. Having a board or a wall to post some post-it notes can help you remember not to overthink. In addition to not overthinking, your thoughts should also be progressive in a positive way. You can post some motivational notes that would keep you on your track. Reminders as simple as these can propel you to do better and think better.

Your point of attraction is right now, at this very moment

Remember that one of the vast concepts of the Law of attraction is your vibrational frequency. Everything in the universe has its own vibrational frequency. This being said, this concludes how everything is connected. What you think at this very moment has an effect on the people and things around you. A solid reminder to be mindful about what is in your mind.

Pounds quite confusing, right? More simply, police yourself if you find yourself thinking about something unproductive. Strongly avoid and shrug all the negativities away.

Your emotions and thoughts also have their vibrational frequencies

A gentle reminder that when we say “everything” has its own vibrational frequency, it meant everything. This includes your thoughts and emotions. For example, you feel significantly down, your vibrations are low. When we feel down, we sometimes lose all the will to do things. It’s because our physical is affected by our emotions. In a more general term, everything in us, every aspect, is connected.

Our emotions and thoughts also exude energy and can also differ in vibrational frequency with the things outside. This is why it’s crucial to think happy and positive thoughts to keep or raise your vibrational frequency high. Like attracts like. This is a concept that is also emphasized when we talk about the Law of attraction. When you think of positive things and feel good emotions, you can expect good things to come your way.

On the other hand, when you feel and think negatively, eliminate this to avoid attracting bad things your way.

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As your vibrational frequency expands and rises, the stronger they get to the point of manifestation

In simpler terms, as you work on harnessing your thoughts and emotions, you are sure that the efforts are not wasted. Practicing gratitude and thinking vivacious is like an exercise of the physical body. These make your manifestation stronger and more consistent. This is a great help, especially if your favorite technique is the 17-second technique, haha! Practicing to clear up your mind helps a lot with these types of manifestation techniques.

Trusting the Process

Of course, you won’t get your desired outcome without belief in the first place. Trust is an essential thing you need to have in doing manifestations. This is also emphasized in the step “letting go.” It’s as if saying, “I trust that my manifestations are on their way.” Establishing trust with the universe will strengthen your manifestation of life. Speaking of essential things, action is a primary agent in propelling yourself toward your dreams.

Without action, you would never be able to come close to your goals. Thinking positively is useless without willingness. Do something to help yourself grow today! You can do it!

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