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18 Degrees Astrology: What a Tough Encounter of Darkness!

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We do not limit Astrology based on the signs and houses we see. There is so much more in Astrology that can help you interpret your birth chart.

The 18th degree in Astrology may showcase the worst possible scenarios that may occur. Positive things can rarely happen, and it is not pleasant for everyone.

The 18th degree in Astrology brings an energy of illness and bad fortune. It can affect you strongly and the people who have this on their natal charts.

Degrees Astrology Meaning


You may wonder about how the degrees in Astrology matter in your life. Well, degrees in Astrology matter as much as the houses and the signs.

The degrees in Astrology chart heavily matter when you read your chart.

If you ever look at your chart, you will notice numbers around. There are sets of numbers on the right side of your zodiac placements.

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These are the degrees that connect with your signs. It is related to the time of your birth.

These degrees are pretty specific based on when you were born. It can mean many things if you can read your chart.

The degrees are there for accurate interpretation of your birth chart. Astrology is like Geometry; every degree of an angle matters.

Your birth chart has 12 portions, which are the zodiac signs. It is laid out with a 360° circle that connects with the degrees in your chart.

Each of the pieces has 30° dedicated for the whole circle. Each sign has a division of decans of 10° each.

The degrees in Astrology have different representations. Degrees of separation exist, called aspects and degrees of orb.

Degrees in Astrology will give you the chance to interpret your chart better. You will understand the deeper part of your life once you understand how it works.

Are Degrees Important in Astrology?

I cannot stress this enough, but degrees are fundamental in Astrology. Yes, you can get interpretation with the houses and signs on your chart.

Without the degrees, you will not be accurate with your interpretation. The degrees in Astrology are not just mere numbers you can find on your chart.

Astrology is the Geometry of the heavens that will let you see your life. If you cannot understand the concept of degrees, you will find it hard in Astrology.

The numbers you can find on your birth chart play significant roles. They make your interpretation specific because of their placements.

Each degree means something in your birth chart. These degrees are not there only because they want to be there!

The degrees in Astrology mean multiple things for your interpretation. Yes, it may be too complicated to understand for now.

Learning about degrees in Astrology is not easy. You may put it in the background because of the numbers.

However, it would help if you conquered the challenge to deal with Astrology better. You should not let the numbers intimidate your skills in interpretation.

You can easily understand the degrees if you understand the deeper concept of Astrology. Each degree means something in the birth chart.

Your birth chart has 12 divisions for the degrees. Each sign has 30° dedicated for the space.

There will be a different interpretation of your life wherever the degree lands. You will learn about the degree theory when you know your accurate birth time.

18 Degrees Astrology Meaning

Unlike 14 degrees, the 18th degree in Astrology may not be something pleasant to hear for people. You should know that the 18th degree is not lovely if you are still new!

Unlike the eighth degree, the 18th degree in Astrology is not a good place for everyone. You will feel as if the world is against you when you have the 18th degree.

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You may feel your heart racing with the 18th degree. This degree has a special meaning that is not pleasant for everyone.

The 18th degree is the degree of Virgo. The 6th degree is also a degree of Virgo.

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However, the 18th degree plays a different role than the 6th. Even when Virgo is both in these degrees, the 18th can ruin your mood.

According to Nikola Stojanovic's degree theory, the 18th degree can bring misfortune.

You will have severe experiences in your life with the 18th degree. It is as if life is always running after you.

It can indicate bad fortune and several health issues that will come to your life. Even when the 18th degree holds power for exploration, it is deep.

This degree can bring you to the dungeon of darkness. Nothing is pleasant with this degree compared to others.

You will experience a lot of triggering circumstances with the 18th degree. If you have them in your natal chart, expect the worst!

This is not me scaring you of the circumstances in your life. The 18th degree does not bring anything pleasant wherever you go.

Whichever angle you look at this degree, you will be in a bad fortune. However, do not spend your time worrying about it too much.

Yes, there can be the worst possible scenarios in your lifetime. But you are already adept at dealing with specific situations.

The 18th degree might be challenging, but you can find it easy to handle. Even in the worst cases, positive things may still arise from the scene.

The 18th degree is strong enough to make you feel down. But if you will not spend your time thinking about it, alas!

You will be tough enough to face the things that will come to your doorstep.

There are multiple degrees in Astrology. It just so happened that the 18th degree captured your attention.

Virgo in Astrology

Virgo is a sign in Astrology that likes to look at the small details. You never skip a detail when dealing with a particular thing in your life.

Virgo likes things to be almost perfect because you have your desires. You have a great vision of how you can see life and how it appears to you.

When you have Virgo, you are one of the most caring signs. You never let other people feel bad about what they are doing.

You love to care for and nurture the people around you because you want them to be happy. As a Virgo, you have a deep sense of humanity.

Virgo likes to deal with life with a methodical approach. You never want to take things for granted because small things matter the most.

As a Virgo, you are analytical and systematic with your life deals. You never take things easily because you look through their details.

You can be a perfectionist when you have Virgo on your birth chart. You deal with things in small steps to conquer them.

Sometimes, people tend to misunderstand your intentions. You may not accept the feelings that you exert towards other people.

If you cannot accept the truth within yourself, the more people misunderstand you. Virgo may have a hard time getting the genuine emotions behind it.

Virgo rules your digestive system. You may put yourself attuned to the things that make up a whole.

You may want to gather things around to make up one interest. You are very aware of the details near you or come to you.

Virgo is meticulous with all the pursuits you have in life. You are very well-organized with the choices you make in your life.

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You have borders in your mind that strictly define your goals. Sometimes, you can get stuck in a situation you never intend to face.

You may be wondering why we discussed Virgo. Well, the 18th degree is the Virgo degree.

You need to know so much more before diving into this degree's deep parts.

18 Degrees Virgo Astrology

The 18th degree in Astrology is Virgo's degree. You may be wondering how Virgo got the 18th degree.

Each sign has its assigned degree. The signs start from Aries and end with Pisces.

Since there are 12 signs, each degree assigns itself to the first until the twelfth degree. After that, it resets back to the first sign to designate the degree.

Virgo has both 6th and 18th degrees. However, the 6th and 18th degrees are very different from each other.

It plays out a different role than the 6th because the 18th is harsher. The 18th degree Virgo can indicate bad things that may come to your life.

You may also experience serious health issues with the 18th degree, Virgo. There will be multiple unexpected circumstances that may surprise you whenever.

The 18th degree is a diabolical degree. Some may even picture it as an evil degree.

However, the 18th degree is not literally evil!

Yes, you may experience multiple bad fortunes in a snap. There may be unpleasant circumstances that may happen in your life.

However, the 18th degree does not need to be evil. It can be mean to you, but it does not intend to be rude in your life.

Even when you label it as an evil degree, it does not intend to be that way.

There can be Virgo qualities that appear in the 18th degree. There can be relations between being a perfectionist, analytical, and systematic.

With the 18th degree, Virgo qualities may appear in your intentions. Even when it is not easy, you will still focus on the details of your life.

Do not take the 18th degree in heavy thinking. It might be a challenging degree, but you will conquer it eventually.

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