The 3x33 Manifestation Method: How To Make It Work? -

The 3×33 Manifestation Method: How To Make It Work?

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There are a lot of techniques you can try in manifesting your desires. This technique is like a shorter version of the 55×5 process. However, I’m not implying that one of them is better! We all have our energies. Do whatever technique you think is right for you, do something that you connect to the most! The main idea of this technique is to shift your thoughts in the direction of your favor gradually. You need to do the 3×33 method in 3 days.

An important variable in doing this technique is for you to do it consecutively. The law of attraction stresses the importance of your energy and vibrational frequency. When you make your efforts to align with things with higher frequencies, you will start attracting things with frequencies alike. Manifestation, in shorter terms, is turning your dreams into reality.

This is not that simple, though. You still need to take different steps to make your dream a reality. Manifestation techniques and routines are not everything but, it is a huge stepping stone. Once you start doing something about your goal, you begin to create changes little by little. These small steps will soon be leaps if you are willing to!

All it takes is belief, passion, and a drive to propel yourself into action.

3×33 Manifestation Method: How to do it?

One of the principal attitudes you should practice to do this technique is discipline. If you think about it, doing this activity three days in a row sounds easy. Well, sometimes people are just all talk and all words and fail to execute when the time comes. Having a disciplined outlook and action will help you do your plans better. It might be a small detail when you listen to it, but there’s more to it.

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It actually brings significant changes once you practice it. Here is the list of detailed guides on how you can conduct the 33×3 manifestation method to guide you.

Clear your thoughts.

Decluttering your mind gives your mind more space for good things to come in. Sometimes, we fail to realize how some of our thoughts limit us unknowingly. In the noisy world, we live in, and it’s hard to focus on a specific thing. We often get lost because of the overwhelming surge of thoughts that come into our lives. Calm yourself and make sure to stay at a place that offers peace and quiet.

 You can close your eyes and do some breathing exercises. Eliminate all unnecessary thoughts, especially the negative ones! Release the negativity in your mind as you exhale and invite peace as you inhale. When you feel like your mind has achieved calmness, you can proceed to the next step.

Provide a list of your goals and desires

Now, it’s essential to organize your wants. You don’t want to cramp them all up in your mind. You can’t ask for multiple things in one seating! Of course, bonuses exist, but then again, it’s not up to you. You need to have a specific something to focus your energy on that.

When you make your list, don't think too much. Just let it flow and write whatever it is you want to achieve within the coming days. Done? Great!

Assess your goals and desires, identify the emotions and intention from where they come from

That’s quite a long step, huh? But anyway, do not get sidetracked because this bit is quite important too. In identifying your intentions, you will get to know yourself better. You will discover parts of yourself you might have missed all this time. Now that you’ve scanned and identified where these goals are rooted, you can now choose. Eliminate the plans that sprouted on not-so-good soil.

You know what I mean, the ones that are from a negative intention. Narrow down to the more urgent goal or the one that has a stronger connection to you. More importantly, choose something with good intention. Good things attract good things. We should stick with the good stuff!

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Choose an Affirmation

The next step is to choose your affirmation. This is the affirmation you will write later on. You need to ask yourself some questions like “What do I really want?” Be concrete so you can write a brief and clear affirmation as possible. “What exactly do I want to achieve?” Your affirmation should be reflective of your goal, of course. You can list some of what you have in mind and choose one afterward to have more options.

Out of the options (if there are any), choose the one affirmation that resonates most with you. You must be as connected to the words you chose as possible. Writing, like manifestation, also puts weight on the connection! As you may have already read many times, everything is energy! In that case, there are things you connect to and things you repel.

In establishing a connection, you also come closer to your goal. You feel a sense of belongingness and a driving force to act. Your emotions are also influenced by the energy you possess and that of elements around you. In this technique, since you would be writing, you can form a sort of criteria. Commonly, the advised characteristics are the following:

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  • Be specific. You don’t want to confuse anybody! Try to be brief and straightforward and at the same time precise.
  • Try to make it short. If it can’t be helped because of the details, just make sure that it’s not “too long.” Making it too long would possibly take more of your time. Not only that, you might lose your focus as you write because of the length. In any way, try to write what’s comfortable. Sometimes doing something overboard can be disadvantageous.
  • Be in the present, make affirmations in the present tense. This is like a declaration. Declare what you want by acting like you already have it. Live the moment and feel the emotions with it. Don’t get too lost, though!
  • Practice gratitude, A grateful heart is a magnet for good things! Express your appreciation of the universe. Say your thanks for having the opportunity to even manifesting! Give thanks for the things you have received and those that will come your way.

Here are some examples for your guidance:

  • I am thankful for the increase in my income this week.
  • I’m grateful for receiving all A+s in my exams.
  • I am thankful for losing 50 pounds this month.
  • I am pleased to have a date this week.

Write it out

Now, for the highlight, it’s time to write your chosen affirmation. As you can see from the name of the technique, the formula is 3×33. I bet you can already guess what’s going to happen.

You got it right! You are going to write your chosen affirmation 33 times for three consecutive days. Thus, the name 3×33.

Let it go

Now, it’s time to let go and trust that your goal will come to you. This is the time for the “waiting.” Wait expectantly, be hopeful. However, it would not be fruitful if you dwell too much and overthink about your intention! This is the purpose of this step. Now that you’ve set it, it’s time to put it behind, release it and let it go.

Continue with your daily life and do whatever it is that would help you achieve your goal. Congratulations on getting through your first day! Now, you have to be disciplined and consistent. Remember that you should do this technique on three consecutive days. Don’t give up and take your time!

Converting Intentions to Affirmations

In the steps discussed above, there is a need to create an affirmation through the intentions or goals. Let’s discuss that. “Converting” can be a challenging step sometimes. Let’s look at some examples.

The first sentence (the ones on the left side) is the intentions and then, on the right side, is the affirmation.

I want to be free of my debts. —-> I am very thankful and relieved to now live a debt-free life!

I want to meet my soulmate. —-> I am now with my soulmate and living a happy and loving relationship.

I want my business to be successful. —-> I am thankful that I am now a successful businesswoman!

I want to lose 50 pounds by this week. —-> I am grateful that I am now 50 pounds lighter, and I love the changes in my body!

I want to get big grades on the coming exams. —-> I am thankful for my straight As!

Notice how we added positive and emotive words. It’s an extension of your emotions, after all. It’s helpful to write positive words that reflect your positive emotions. Make room for positivity and good feelings in your affirmations.

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3×33 Manifestation Method: The Components that Work Together

You might be wondering, “how exactly does this method work?” Here, let’s break the components down together. Let’s start with the relevance of the numbers involved in this formula, 3 and 33. Numbers hold their meanings and representations. In numerology, 3:33 is deeply rooted in creativity and change.

The recurring occurrences of this number appearing in your life might mean that you need to manifest. What do I need to manifest? Manifest whatever it is you want or need in your life! Again, a solid reminder to keep it grounded in good soil. In this way, you will produce good outcomes rather than rotten ones.

Now let’s talk about the relevance of emotion and repetition as emphasized in the technique. Here is how these two concepts work individually and together!


Your emotions are deeply intertwined with your intention, therefore, stressing its importance in manifestation. First of all, almost everybody shares and understands the feeling. All things with life have the capability to express emotions. Yes, even plants! There are researches showing proof that, like us, plants too evoke emotions in their own way.

So, we are all interconnected through the emotions available for us to feel. That might made you feel closer to the environment now, have you? Haha! That’s good. Your relationship with your environment matters too.

The energy around you can affect the energy you possess and exude. In the same manner, the energy you have and exude affects your environment. Our emotions have energies! This is why we sometimes use phrases like “I’m in a bad mood today.” whenever we are angry or sad.

These emotions then possess this type of energy or vibe. In the same way, when we use the sentence “I’m having a very positive day today!” This sentence often comes out of our mouths when we are happy and in a good mood. In other words, we associate our emotions with energies, whether they may be high/good or low/bad. Our emotions towards our manifestation matter greatly. Our feelings affect not only ourselves but also the things and people around us.

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This concept is also one of the main variables of this technique. After all, you have to write your affirmations 33 times for three consecutive days repeatedly. Repetition allows for the reprogramming or engraving of our goals in our memory. It's just like when you had your exams and were required to memorize some lessons. When you forget about them, you might end up having a low score.

In the same manner, you are making sure your mind remembers your goal. When the mind remembers, it slowly absorbs it and begins to form as a belief slowly. Your mind registers this as truth and is strengthen deeper by repetition. Our ideas become stronger as we nurture them. You now see through a different lens and act accordingly.

Repetition increases your passion and drives to do something about your goal. Combined, your emotions along with repetition, you slowly shift your thoughts to something better. Do not give up quickly, and remember why you started. Do something to better yourself and change your life for the better today! Take your time and live your life to the fullest.

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