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7 Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close

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In our journey and adventure in manifestation, we do a lot of waiting. Our patience is tested just like how our trust is. Patiently Waiting gains us a lot of insights as we go. It also helps us navigate better with life because we become more patient each day.

While waiting, we can’t help but think about our manifestations from time to time. Many of us would want a kind of sign just for reassurance. While trust is a mighty and essential thing, having assurances and reassurances fuels our hearts and makes us more excited.

That’s why many people ask for signs. Sometimes, it is an assurance, and other times, it’s their steering wheel. I’ve seen a lot of them in movies. I bet you did too! When we feel a wee bit of uncertainty, we crumble and compromise our faith.

A potent reminder that wanting to be reassured at times is not a sign of weakness if you don’t let it be. Remember to wait expectantly with eagerness. Your want for signs should just be bonuses on your journey.

It’s like buy one take one. You pay the total price of a single thing but end up having both. Signs are messages from the universe, after all. I’m sure when it sends you something amazing, it’ll let you know.

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The waiting game is supposed to be fun and full of excitement. Do not get caught up thinking about whether or not you’ll get a sign today. Just live freely and happily each day as you believe that your goals will manifest in time.


Synchronicity is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung. This refers to the significant coincidences that mysteriously happen in our lives. When you encounter this experience, you will have situations in your life that seem too substantial for your day to be considered “normal.”

Humans in the busy world don’t have much time stressing about things like this. The majority will just think of it as coincidences. However, when you assess these experiences, they aren’t as random as they seem.

You may have already learned about vibrations and how matching frequency attracts each other. Using this, we can conclude that the situations happening in your life are rooted in your vibrational frequency.

For example, you have just finished with your manifestation routine. Let’s say, for instance, you manifested or asked for love. The next day, a friend approaches you and tells you about a study group that involves your crush. Well, maybe there’s more to it and that it’s not a coincidence!

Synchronicities are personal events that connect to a different level of yourself. This is why you will be able to identify whether it is random or a message. Again, a critical process is paying attention. Once we pay attention, we’ll figure out a lot of things around us.

Seeing Manifestation Numbers

When you often see repeating numbers, for example, 111, 222, and so, it may be a message. Numbers possess their meaning. They could notify you that your manifestation is aligning. They could also offer you the reassurance that you are on the right track. Often they send a message of transformation.

Numerology is a sacred science that believes in the connection between numbers and coinciding events. By exploring deeper, you will understand and navigate just precisely where you are and your manifestation. 

The most common angel number you would likely see is the number 1111. It usually indicates that your manifestation is on its way. 1111 is also famous for being the 11:11, right? You might have heard of this, and it’s pretty popular among teens. If you ever get connected and experience this number while waiting, then that’s good news!

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Gut Feeling

You must be skeptical about this one. However, our gut feeling can send us messages too. Sometimes, it even keeps us from danger. Have you ever experienced being saved by your gut feeling? Pay more attention to the details within your day and observe whenever you get that gut feeling.

All of us have this sense of intuition. And most of the time, our intuition tells us something. However, some people’s instinct tends to be more inherent. When the universe is about to do something huge in your life, you get a gut feeling.

When you set bigger goals, the gut feeling may increase its effect. It’s hard to put into writing. You can envision it as a feeling you feel when you know for sure that your desires are just around. It can be close and related to the feeling of excitement or that feeling that makes you giddy. You also feel a sense of sureness that your dream will come soon.

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When you feel this feeling, do not worry and let everything fall into their respective places.

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Strong Inclinations

There are days when you could experience having powerful inclinations to do a sure thing. This can be a message from the universe. It can either be a plain message to give you a heads up or a prerequisite to get your goal.

This means there are things you first need to do before you can grasp your dreams. These actions are “inspired by the universe and perceived by your intuition.” As we have talked about, we all have our intuitions.

You can differentiate these actions from the more natural ones, of course, since you know yourself best. Knowing yourself on a deeper level is also essential in manifestation. In times like these, you can use your knowledge and connection.

You can use your knowledge in discerning whether the actions that come from you or not. It may be motivated by yourself and your duties or not so much at all. It can be purely a strong inclination that you are heavily inclined to do.

For example, every day, you would always ride your car to work. But then, one different morning, you feel compelled to commute. And during your commute, you meet a very good person who connects with you. He then turned out to be your husband. It could be things like that.

Feeling a High Vibe

This is when your whole being feels excited and happy! When you wake up in the morning and notice, wow, the positive energy is overwhelming. Well, that’s an excellent sign. There can be times when you feel so sure about achieving your goals.

However, there are people scared of feeling the good things. I met some people who always talked about their fear of being happy because it might get taken away the next day. This is how they justify balance in their life. “When life makes you happy today, then expect yourself to be sad the next day or sooner” This mindset is what they are nurturing.

A solid reminder not to entertain these types of thoughts. When you feel this kind of vibe, embrace it! There’s nothing wrong with being happy. We were not created to be sad and in agony. I firmly believe we were made to experience the good thing and be satisfied.

Don’t rush yourself into healing and shifting too. It’s essential to go through the process thoroughly. If you’re too fast, you might miss some things along the way, and it could disrupt your growth. Just move one step at a time.

Feeling Calm

Have you ever heard of the term “the calm before the storm?” Well, this is the reverse of it. The outside world might be noisy and overwhelming, but still, you feel a sense of peace inside you. If you have this feeling, that’s a sign!

Seeing Your Manifestation Everywhere

If a thing or situation is repeating, it might be a message from the universe. Nothing is pure coincidence in the world; everything is interconnected. I will expand what I meant by this sign further.

For example, you just manifested to have a baby girl. And then suddenly, throughout your days, you keep on seeing and encountering female babies. Or, for example, you manifested a house. You may already have a design, color, and an overall image inside your mind. Then in the course of your week, you keep on seeing houses that match or are similar to your dream house.

Again, nothing is pure coincidence. It must be something a person would want to say. And in other times, the universe speaks to you. You just need to be vigilant and mindful in your everyday life.

Making Room

When you develop a higher frequency mindset and vibration, the unnecessary slowly gets dropped. All the negativities are slowly driven out of your body as you tune in to the good side. And as they took up a lot of your place, you can replace them with the good things once they are released.

Dropping all the unnecessary is a good thing for you. It can be challenging assuming that you got used to those, but better things are coming. It’s only natural that you lose something. This is a way for you to declutter and create space for new items.

Letting Go

As emphasized by many, letting go and trusting is an essential step in manifestation. It’s not wrong to cling to your goals. It’s just that feeling when you know that your goal is close. Knowing this, you would untighten your grasp of that thought you're tightly holding on to.

The feeling of emphasized assurance helps you to be more relaxed. It’s just like when you are in a game. Often, when you have the upper hand, you become more comfortable because you have a higher chance of winning. Assurance gives us confidence.

The feeling of being sure and slowly loosening your grip is a sign that your goal is close to you. The manifestation of your dreams may not be perfect. However, practicing a more relaxed approach will help you see your vision and your path more clearly.

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Meeting New People

They say people come and go. And that when someone leaves, someone better is about to go to your life. The petter people are the ones that help you grow and become a better person.

Manifesting your dream can also require the help of the right people. It could be someone to be your friend and cheer you up whenever you start to lose hope. It could be someone to introduce you or manifest your love interest if you ever asked for one.

It could be a person you will need and stay close to because you guys connect. Or it could be someone that brings you the right opportunities at the right time. In any way, meeting new people adds to your knowledge and, in one way or another, teaches you a lesson.


Our dreams have been quite a storyteller in our lives. To put it shortly, they can also relay messages to us. There are dreams we can tell are from us right away, because you watched a film before sleep, etc. 

More importantly, some make you feel differently. When we dream, we can access all our senses. Our vision, hearing, feeling, tasting, or in some cases, smell. There are exceptional dreams. These dreams are very vivid, and we almost believe that it’s the reality.

Most messages of this caliber could be the universe telling us something about our lives. Sometimes we even have these dreams twice or thrice. If it happens more than once, then that dream must indeed be a message from the universe.

Mysterious Ways

All in all, you cannot generalize or put these signs in a box. The universe and its ways are very flexible. It could deliver your message in many ways you may be aware or unaware of. But indeed, it’s advantageous to be mindful of your surroundings.

You could have a different level of connection with the universe. We are all unique so that we might have our ways of communication. It’s like how humans react or speak differently when they are with different sets of people. The universe, too, has many mysterious ways of communicating with a particular life form.

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