Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Ace of cups is part of the minor arcana, and this is the ace in the suit of cups. The card depicts a hand emerging from mighty clouds. 

Ace of cups represents the flowing divine love and compassion in you. You are a vessel of love and compassion. 

This card tells you of your overflowing love to give to the world. 

You are capable of giving and receiving love.

The Ace of Cups card starts with a cup that represents your subconscious mind. The five streams of water that are overflowing represent the five senses. 

The streams of clear water are also representations of your pure emotions. In general, these streams are symbols of intuition, feelings, and the senses that work inside us.

Above the cup is a dove holding a piece of bread in its beak. The dove seems to be flying straight to the cup’s mouth. It is peaceful and unrelenting, and it looks so sure of where it’s going. 

In the background, we can see a clear sky, and clouds are absent. Under the cup is a body of water that’s covered with lotus flowers.

Ace of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Love
  • New relationships
  • New beginning
  • Creativity
  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment
  • Emotional awakening
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Intuition
  • Celebrations
  • Conception
  • Compassion

Ace of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Sadness
  • Pain
  • Unrequited love
  • Self-love
  • Repressed emotions
  • Anguish
  • End of relationships
  • Bad news
  • Coldness
  • Emotional loss
  • Creative and artistic blocks
  • Feeling unloved
  • Gloominess
  • Infertility
  • Canceled celebrations
  • Emptiness

Ace of Cups General Meaning

The mighty hand, along with the powerful cloud, represents your spiritual energy and influence. 

These elements are also reminiscent of yourself as a whole. How you bring your cup and how you use the different aspects of your life.

Ace of Cups (Upright) Meaning

This card invites you to open your heart and allow yourself to experience these emotions present in you. You are creative, and you are ready to show it to the world. 

You are now in a place where you value your existence and are comfortable with it.

Similar to the Ten of Wands tarot, Ace of cups advises you to let go of all emotional baggage that may be interfering with your growth. It’s the time to live your life to the fullest.

 This is an excellent time to make friends and create connections with people. This card speaks of new beginnings that will open limitless possibilities and a fresh start.

Ace of Cups (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Ace of Wands is an essential card in a love reading. If you’re restricting yourself from feeling something, your walls will soon tear down. 

You’re someone who is starting to have new and intense feelings. But you’re scared to take the risk because of past events.

If you are single, this card tells you that you are close to meeting a love interest. This may be the time to go out and meet new people. 

As these cups represent new relationships, you might meet someone and be in a relationship soon.

Learn more about Ace of Cups as feelings. This separate article will tell you a lot about love.

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Ace of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

This card speaks about new relationships. In the aspect of your career, this may tell of a new opportunity. If you have been waiting for a call from a job you applied for, good news can be in store for you. 

Ace of cards brings a message of a new start in terms of your work life.

If you already have a job and are happy about it, this card brings even more excellent news for you. This can signify that you are up for a promotion. 

This will allow you to show more of your skills. Your hard work will be recognized, and you feel more inspired to do better.

In the financial aspect, the good qualities you possess will affect your finances positively. 

People around you will be open to give you support in your endeavors. You are blessed to have people around that are willing to help.

The same as the Two of Wands tarot, this card also speaks of creative ways of making money. This is a season for new ideas, and often, these ideas are helpful in your financial growth. 

Ace of cups speaks about financial stability and the good things that come with it.

Ace of Cups (Upright) in Health

Ace of cups bring a good message in terms of your health. You are in good condition, and more good things are to come your way. 

You may see significant improvements in your health and an increase in positive energy.

This card can also bring the news of new life. Ace of Cups can indicate fertility and pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive, this card is a bringer of good news.

Ace of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

The ace of cups in the aspect of spirituality indicates your welcoming nature. You are an open door to the love the universe is sending you. 

This card also speaks of your spiritual growth. You may encounter new spiritual gifts during your journey of change.

Ace of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Ace of cups in reverse can symbolize self-love or repressing your emotions. The reversed card brings a message of giving love for yourself as well. 

Before you give out your overflowing love to others, you must have the same amount of compassion for yourself as well.

Be careful about shutting out your emotions. Shutting them down might create blockages in the flow of emotions and may take its toll on you. 

If you are embarrassed and not yet ready to show them to anyone, you can release them in other ways like journaling and creative projects.

This card in reverse can also signify trouble. This can bring you the bad news that can fuel adverse reactions and energy. As the cup is reversed, you might feel emptiness, disrupting your growth as a person. 

This card in reverse can indicate a loss. Perhaps something that means a lot to you.

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Ace of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Ace of Cups, in reverse, shows that you're preventing yourself. Perhaps this is in relation to entering into commitment in relationships.

You choose to guard your heart because all you want is peace. But this also refrains you from accepting the love you deserve.

You continue to push people away, afraid that they might still leave you, which is why you aren't ready to engage in commitment at this time.

If you are single, this card can tell you that you are having difficulties maintaining relationships. You may be shutting up your emotions and are unwilling to open up your heart to welcome people and new relationships

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Ace of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

In reverse, in the context of your career, this card can tell you that you might feel empty and unfulfilled in what you are doing. 

You may be experiencing creative and artistic blocks that are disrupting your work progress. This card speaks of your lack of inspiration in the field you are in right now.

If you are applying for a job and are expecting to receive an answer, it would be best to brace yourself for any possible outcomes. 

You may not receive the news you want to receive. If you are struggling in the relationships you have at your workplace, try to approach it reasonably and do what you can to solve the issue.

Ace of Cups (Reversed) in Health

Your emotional issues may have taken a toll on you, and you seem to be mindlessly destroying yourself. This card can also speak of fertility issues and having a hard time conceiving.

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Ace of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

This card in reverse in the case of your spirituality may mean blocking your intuitions and inner voice. You may feel disconnected and have a sense of losing faith. 

If this card appears on your deck, do not give up. Instead, slowly shift your mind and spirit. 

Ask for help from people you trust. You can ask assistance from the spiritually mature and those that act as a brother or sister spiritually.

Ace of Cups: YES or NO?

Ace of cups is a card of happiness, victory, and new beginnings. Your heart is full, and you are growing fruitfully in the aspects of life. In general, your life’s weather is sunny and bright. 

For these reasons, the answer to your yes or no question is YES. This has another level of truth, especially when the question or decision involves venturing on a new path or starting afresh.

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Ace of Cups Advice

The Ace of Cups, as advice, wants you to know that you can conquer the struggles you face. You’re a human being that’s capable of change and inflicting change. 

 It’s never too late to cross out the plans on your bucket list. This is also a sign that you’ll continue to be generous to others. 

 So give love and love well.

Ace of Cups Reversed Advice

The Ace of Cups card in reverse wants you to step back or retreat. This may not be the right time for you to take the risk. 

Things may be a little too overwhelming at the moment. It’s important that you step back and reevaluate the situation for a while. 

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Ace of Cups as a Person

The Ace of Cups as a person is someone who radiates positive energy. Unfortunately, you may be someone who chooses to see the silver lining. 

You can’t wait to turn your dreams into reality. You’re currently working hard in order to accomplish your daily activities. 

You’re someone who continues to crave new insights. And you also apply these insights to your practical experiences.

Ace of Cups Reversed as a Person

The Ace of Cups, in reverse, may show that you continue to juggle your responsibilities. If you overwork too much, you’ll come to the point wherein you’ll feel burned out. 

It’s okay to take a rest whenever you have a busy schedule. You’re not obligated to constantly work without stopping because you’re only human. 

Ace of Cups Present

In the present, you're being trained to handle things well in a situation. This card wants you to remain calm instead of choosing to panic. 

You're currently opening yourself to an abundance of new learnings. You believe this will help you to bolster your growth and self-confidence.

Ace of Cups Past

In the past, you experienced a lot of challenges and received a handful of blessings. Take this as an opportunity to look back on the progress you’ve made.

Perhaps you used to be uncertain of what you wanted and what your skills were. You used to think that you’ll never reach the progress you’ve always wanted. 

Ace of Cups Future

In the future, prepare yourself for an endless set of struggles. It’s inevitable to encounter situations wherein you’ll feel overwhelmed again.

But remember, you got this, and you’ll succeed in everything you face. Take this as an opportunity to find and practice your weakness to shift to your strength. 

If you choose to give up completely, that means you’ll only fail. So be sure to be certain of what you want to achieve. 

There may be a situation that will push your emotions further to the side. You have to be wise in making decisions that are good for you.

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Ace of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels proud to have you in their life. They probably witnessed all your ups and downs in your constant journey. 

This person is aware that you have countless responsibilities at hand. However, they wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to help you. 

This person feels motivated whenever they’re with you. Perhaps you give them a driving force that will achieve their dreams. 

Ace of Cups as Outcome

The outcome shows that something big and unexpected is about to happen. This will enhance your mindset about life. 

The outcome will lead you to the destination that’s meant for you. Take this as an opportunity that your goals will slowly come into practice. 

Ace of Cups Pregnancy and Fertility

The Ace of Cups can indicate a sign that pregnancy is on its way! So prepare yourself for entering another essential stage in your life.

There is a high probability that the gender of your baby is female since the Ace of Cups has a representation of the womb for girls. 

Ace of Cups Energy

The Ace of Cups has an intense energy that symbolizes optimism. If you have this card, you may be someone who always wants to do better. 

You have the ability to change your mindset and your mind. Nothing will stop you from doing the things you love.

Ace of Cups as Action

The Ace of Cups may signify that you always have to act. This is about making and formulating your decisions and turning them into actions. 

It’s important that you always have a backup whenever you act on something. If emergencies occur, be sure to think of other possible alternatives to achieve something. 

Be resourceful when it comes to acting upon what you desire. You need to broaden your perspective that endless possibilities are in front of you. 

Ace of Cups as Intention

The Ace of Cups can guarantee that it brings pure or genuine intentions. If you receive this card, it means you’re willing to stick with patience.

You apply patience almost every day in your life. Being patient that things will always work out shows a positive mindset that you have. 

Ace of Cups as How Someone Sees You

Someone views you as a person who wants everything to work out. They believe that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. 

This person knows that you’re currently handling countless responsibilities, which is why they want to remind you to take a rest from time to time. 

Ace of Cups Time Frame

The Ace of Cups can have a specific time frame. But it will always depend on the state of your situation and actions. 

The Ace of Cups and its period may form the duration of one week. So expect an important event to appear that will be beneficial for your growth.

Ace of Cups as a Woman

The Ace of Cups as a woman is someone who is currently happy. If you have this card, then congratulations, you arrived at your destination. 

You’re someone who continues to accept an abundance of blessings. You believe you deserve to receive good things because you worked hard for them. 

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Ace of Cups as a Man

The Ace of Cups as a man is someone who prioritizes his career over anything. You’re someone who is willing to learn and grow to achieve what you want. 

You have a fantastic life that’s already approaching its way to you. So you continue to work hard in order to achieve a specific goal. 

 Ace of Cups Communication

The Ace of Cups can be a positive sign for communication. You may be someone who is willing to look at the situation in a brighter light. 

Instead of pushing negativity into your mind, you would choose to think positively. This happens when you receive bad news from a conversation. 

 Ace of Cups Reconciliation

The Ace of Cups shows a positive sign that reconciliation might occur. A past person wants to enter your life to start all over again. 

This person spent several months focusing on self-evaluation. They realized a lot of things that needed to happen in the relationship.

They believe that everybody deserves a second chance. So they’re willing to do everything it takes for you to accept them again.

Ace of Cups Physical Appearance

The Ace of Cups card can have a specific physical appearance. If you have this card, then you may have blonde or golden hair.

You have long hair that represents the “strands” of water on the card. So if you’re related to the water element, you may also have blue eyes. 

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Ace of Cups Reversed Outcome

The outcome will result in another period of delays. Perhaps you’re not preparing yourself for the changes that will enter your life. 

You’ll not receive the confirmation you want from a person or a job. As mentioned earlier, you’ll experience delays because of your uncertainty. 

Take this time to evaluate deeply.

Ace of Cups Reversed Pregnancy

The Ace of Cups, in reverse, is a sign that a pregnancy may not happen. Perhaps you have no plans on waiting and hearing pregnancy news.

You refuse to accept the life of parenthood at this time. But you believe you’re capable of providing for a child.

Ace of Cups Friendship

The Ace of Cups is a good sign that good friends currently surround you. So take this as an opportunity to explore new things.

You and your friends may engage in deep and meaningful conversations. It’s okay to express yourself to people who are willing to listen honestly.

 Always remember that in this journey, you’re not alone. Instead, you’re with people willing to help you boost your confidence.

Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups

This is a sign that you're entering a new beginning. Get ready to enter a new stage wherein romance may appear.

At first, this will take you by surprise, and everything seems foreign. But you'll eventually realize that this romance has an essential purpose.

The Lovers and Ace of Cups are a good combination for love. This can be a sign that you'll interact with a new love interest.

But the decision is up to you, depending on your desire for commitment. This connection will intensify your ability to apply empathy.

Death and Ace of Cups

When you have the Death card, this doesn't necessarily mean negativity. Instead, it gives a massive reminder that transformation is coming.

Perhaps you're currently trying to escape a toxic cycle. This can be about a relationship in which you now choose self-love.

Or this can be related to work matters; maybe you want a new environment. You're exhausted from the feeling that everything feels dull.

The Ace of Cups and Death is a powerful combination to change. They both represent your strong urge to break the barrier.

Temperance and Ace of Cups

Don't move too fast when it comes to your goals. You need to stop for a while and try to see if they're aligned with what you want.

There's no harm in trying to apply your artistic skills to practice. After all, you're trying to show that you can inflict inspirational change.

But make sure that you won't feel overwhelmed. Because juggling too many goals at hand can also be exhausting.

The Temperance and the Ace of Cups want to balance your life. These cards want you to realize that you need to be more moderate.

Strength and Ace of Cups

You're aware that sometimes, you're not in control. So you also understand that it's okay if the time isn't in your favor of you.

It's okay when there are times when things would fall apart. Because in between these fallouts, you can always pick up a lesson.

That's what life's all about, honestly, storage of lessons. With every painful experience, you just need to stay resilient.

This will be done with the help of the Strength card. With every fragment that unexpectedly falls, you'll still continue to make art.

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The Star and Ace of Cups

You have to put a lot of faith in yourself because you have the ability to turn your dreams into reality with your skills.

Don't submerge yourself in negativity and sabotage. Don't let yourself wander through the depths and refuse to see the light.

There are instances when you aren't satisfied with a project. You feel like you have an artist or writer's block because of this.

The Star and the Ace of Cups give you the courage to keep going. In every dark place you enter, you'll see the light.

The World and Ace of Cups

Now isn't the time to take a break; you need to keep going because you're almost close to reaching the finish line.

Now isn't the right time to detach or walk away. The results and progress are already evident; what are you looking for?

You want this to happen in the first place, so remain consistent. Perhaps you're trying to pass certain training for a job.

The World and the Ace of Cups make an excellent combination for success. The result of your efforts is because of your consistency and creativity.

The Fool and Ace of Cups

Maybe you're still stuck in your youthful energy. But keep in mind that this isn't supposed to turn out as a bad thing.

Maybe you just want to intertwine with your inner child because you believe that your inner child has the ability to be creative.

The Fool and the Ace of Cups challenge you to a new adventure. You've been an explorer many times, trying to discover new ideas.

So this new adventure will be a piece of cake for you because you're doing this for the primary purpose of learning.

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The Hierophant and Ace of Cups

You're uncertain of the road you're taking. Perhaps your religious or individual beliefs are holding you back.

But keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with this because you're required to adhere to and stay faithful to your beliefs.

But you're also allowed to choose a path that aligns with growth. You have the free will to create a life that will lead you to success.

The Hierophant and Ace of Cups are a good combination. It may serve as a guide for you to choose the right path.

Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups

This is a sign that you're entering a new beginning. Get ready to enter a new stage wherein romance may appear.

At first, this will take you by surprise, and everything seems foreign. But you'll eventually realize that this romance has an essential purpose.

The Lovers and Ace of Cups are a good combination for love. This can be a sign that you'll interact with a new love interest.

But the decision is up to you, depending on your desire for commitment. This connection will intensify your ability to apply empathy.

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