Acne spiritual meaning: How does it affect your health? -

Acne spiritual meaning: How does it affect your health?

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Are you struggling with acne? Like you have tried all the possible skincare routines, visiting derma to get it treated, but at the end of the day, you're still breaking out?

Well, your acne might have something to tell you, and there could be a spiritual meaning behind it. Moreover, please take note of the location of the acne because its meaning could differ.

Spiritually, your acne is the body's way of expressing itself. It's the way the body communicates with you to alert you of possible internal disorders and issues. For example, acne on the forehead signifies too much stress, or you're either dehydrated or constipated.

Therefore, instead of reacting to a skin problem with a harsh exfoliator or miracle cream, you need to be open to other possibilities or reasons your skin is acting that way.

Take a moment to look your face in the mirror with curiosity and kindness. Every blemish that your body is giving has a hidden note that you need to pay attention to.

What is acne trying to tell you?

Aside from the many causes of acne, such as clogged pores and hormonal imbalances, acnes could also signify underlying health conditions. This treatment is called face mapping, an alternative medicine practice of examining the location of the acne to your face to identify the health issues.

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Although this practice isn't an exact science, knowing why acne occurs in certain areas can help you understand your health.

For instance, breakouts in the forehead are caused by stress and poor digestive issues. Many factors that touch the skin, such as wearing a dirty hat and your hair that sticks on your forehead, can also trigger it.

This type of acne indicates dehydration or constipation since the forehead is linked to the colon and the nervous system.

Hence, your body is telling you to drink lots of water to flush out the body toxins. Dealing with stress is hard, but you need to manage it properly because it can affect your entire hormonal balance, such as digestive issues if you're stressed.

You can open the floodgates to every health condition that can aggravate you.

Acne near the top of the cheek is linked with specific respiratory issues, whereas the lower cheek is associated with poor dental hygiene and bacteria. For example, you sleep without removing your makeup or don't brush your teeth at night.

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For these areas, your body tells you to maintain clean air at home and clean the items that usually come in contact with your cheeks, such as pillowcases, cell phones, and makeup brushes. 

Cystic acne on the jawline, chin, or lower cheek area is significant and sits deep under the skin. This type of acne takes weeks to heal and is painful to touch. 

Cystic acne indicates hormonal imbalances due to hormonal imbalance, such as estrogen or androgen dominance, PCOS, insulin resistance, and fatigue.

The lower part of the face is known as the Kapha region, and the swollen, fluid-retaining characteristics of these pimples reflect the Kapha qualities. If the acne is on the jaw and ears towards the back of the neck, you can find the most prominent cranial lymph nodes here.

Therefore, breaking out in these areas indicates lymphatic stagnancy and congestion related to poor detoxification.

This acne is telling you to adjust your diet and lifestyle. Do your best to get rid of sugar, dairy, and fatty foods. Just take your time adjusting your diet and lifestyle to create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself.

Start by getting enough sleep and exercise because if you're not getting enough sleep, your body won't have enough time to detoxify correctly. Exercise is necessary because cystic acne is related to lymph stagnancy.

So, if you're not moving, the lymph fluid isn't moving too.

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Gastrointestinal imbalances or food allergens trigger acne in the T-zone or the area between the eyebrows, the nose, and chin. The acne on the nose is associated with the liver and kidney, which means flushed acne can indicate high blood pressure or liver dysfunction. 

Hence, your body is telling you to lessen red meat, fast food, and dairy consumption. You need to eat more leafy vegetables to improve your complexion.

Hormonal fluctuations and genetics may cause acne on the back, arms, and thigh. Your clothing can also affect and cause irritation to your skin, leading to breakouts.

Therefore, you need to wear clean, loose clothes. Do not use lotions and soaps that can clog pores.

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What does chest acne mean spiritually?

Aside from the face, you can also get acne on other body parts, such as the chest, neck, shoulders, stomach, thighs, and butt.

Breakouts on the chest indicate an imbalance in your liver, an allergic reaction, or an imbalance in the gut. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, the chest is part of the stomach meridian, so that it can be related to poor diet and food sensitivities. 

Therefore, you need to be careful of what you eat, avoid spicy food, and drink lots of water.

If you see acne on your stomach, it could be from ingrown hair or irritation from tight clothes rubbing your skin. You may consider switching to loose clothes made from breathable materials, such as organic cotton and hemp.

Meanwhile, when you have a breakout on your shoulders, it means that you have clogged pores in this area. Or it could be from hormonal fluctuations. 

This acne tells you to have proper hygiene, like showering after exercising and eating nutritious foods. You can also have a pimple on your genitals, and the breakout could indicate a hygiene issue or underlying disease, such as STD.

Some pimples formed on this area could be from ingrown hairs.

Having a breakout on the butt could be caused by clogged hair follicles. However, some people believe that butt breakouts are associated with digestion problems.

Therefore, make sure to drink some probiotics before going to bed. Also, it could be due to an inactive lifestyle, such as sitting for long hours or lying down.

So, avoid sitting for too long and walk around to improve your blood circulation.

Lastly, break out in the neck area could be related to hormonal imbalance. It could also link to poor diet and lifestyle, especially if neck pimples are around the jawline. 

Check your sugar intake as this can trigger hormonal imbalance. Also, have at least 8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins in the body. 

Spiritual reasons for skin problems

All people are spiritual beings with spiritual experience. People have a soul placed in a shell known to their body, allowing them to experience living life on Earth.

One great way the soul uses the body is by sending messages. They could manifest as physical flaws to indicate an internal flaw.

When any chakras are out of balance, they will show up in the physical body. When the root chakra is out of balance, it can lead to acne and breakout on the face and body.

The root chakra controls the immune system; therefore, it functions the body's biological processes. When you are stressed out, it creates tension in the brain, leading to a headache that causes pain.

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Meanwhile, when the soul is in pain or wounded, it makes the root chakra out of balance. Therefore, it affects the rest of the body, including health.

It can cause weight loss, weight gain, hair thinning, and even break out in the face. It's the result of the internal imbalance in the body.

The internal imbalance could be due to deeply rooted wounds, such as trauma. The root chakra is developed during childhood.

If it's properly developed, it creates a solid and stable foundation for the child to grow emotionally. When the child experiences trauma and pain, it will create a rocky and unstable foundation for the child to grow.

Even though you forget your innermost childhood wounds, they will still cause pain. They stem this pain from the root chakra carrier for security, stability, and power.

If you grew up in an abusive home, it could create an intense wound. You may carry this wound into adulthood. 

The pain from this wound needs to be managed because it has created pollution or blockage in your chakra. A polluted chakra can create a disconnection between the mind, body, and soul, making it more challenging to meet your needs.

Your soul always knows what it needs, so when it needs healing but can't reconnect to the mind, it's no other choice but to show you physically that something is wrong and this wrong needs to be corrected.

So, when you have acne, your body is trying to get your attention because your soul needs something. Your soul does whatever it takes to get the message.

Therefore, if you find yourself struggling with acne and breakouts, especially when you're already past the stage of puberty, then you need to know something. 

Since one of the reasons breakout happens is due to wounded chakra. Managing this wound by filling the void can heal you.

Affection and intimacy could also help the root chakra wound. Other remedies include enough rest, a healthy lifestyle, and drinking lots of water.

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