Amazonite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Amazonite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Amazonite is inviting you with its appealing blends of turquoise-green. It is providing you heart relief to balance your spirit. It got its name from sacred and deep waters due to its flowing stream of energy. They said that the Amazonite's energies came from a fearless mythical female fighter. Despite its fierce quality, it eliminates hatred, relaxes the mind, and calms your nerves.

Amazonite brings peace and order to the world. It is also the stone for bravery and honesty. It encourages you to look inward and uncover your realities and dignity to step outside the fear of criticism. It will open your heart in letting go of the conflicts in your core to live a life with your principles.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Amazonite

  • Physical Healing 

Amazonite embraces the efforts to maintain a healthy life and a balanced attitude about your body. Similar to the healing benefits of Chalcedony, the lungs, chest, sinus, and throat conditions may all benefit from Amazonite's healing powers. It will correct any calcium deficiency, tooth loss, and osteoporosis.

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Gout patients and those with liver and heart issues will gain from the healing qualities of this stone. It is also beneficial the same way for people with neurological health issues. It will boost up your metabolic processes and help you get a good night's sleep. Amazonite can also aid in the treatment of substance abuse such as alcoholism.

  • Emotional Healing  

Amazonite is an excellent stone to have around since it can help with emotional pain. All damages will cure over time, but a stone-like Amazonite will speed up the emotional healing. It will help you control your frustration so that you do not get easily irritated. When you've been in a long-term relationship with someone, there would be plenty of stuff to argue or get mad about. But the Amazonite will provide you more patience and understanding.

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  • Manifesting Prosperity

The Amazonite is popularly known as a stone of prosperity and wealth. You will be receiving a great set of privileges and blessings if you do have this stone at hand. It was one of the main reasons why gamblers carry this stone with them. Amazonite has the power to draw wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

It is also a stone that encourages you to be realistic. It will reassure you that you can increase your assets by acquiring more money and making wise financial decisions and investments. Amazonite greeny-blue hues will give you a sense of relaxation and calm. When the powers of Amazonite are present, you start to manage your time about significant decisions. 

It will resist any reckless spending and even encourage you to see a long-term outlook on your budget before spending it. Amazonite will teach you how to save when hard times come. Due to its similarity to Jade, Amazonite is a valuable stone that many appreciate. 

Amazonite shines brightest when it comes to matching core and conscience, instinct, and long-term perspective. When it comes to when to invest or when to save will be crucial in a business. Much like understanding when to set negotiations and when to wait is essential for acquiring capital and professional success. 

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  • Relationship Healing

When you want to convey yourself to anyone you care for, Amazonite is an excellent stone to have. Whenever it comes to nonverbal communication, this stone shines. You don't have to struggle to find the right words to express how you feel or think to that person. All you need is one look, one expression, or one smile, and they'll understand what you mean.

Only partners who have a deeper connection would be able to understand this type of thing. Knowing what the others are feeling requires a certain level of intimacy. Don't stress if you've not passed that level yet. Your Amazonite stone will see to it that you will do. It will help you and your partner be more vital and much more in love than ever before.

Amazonite can also help with irritability because they are never healthy for you and your bond. So instead of dwelling on the numerous ways in which your partner irritates or frustrates you, it opens your eye to several factors why you adore them. It will encourage you to feel fortunate to be with them. 

The Metaphysical Benefits of Amazonite

  • Amazonite has a mystical force of self-awareness. 

 It fosters a healthy relationship between the mind and the soul. It is helping you to discover what are the correct values to keep inside. It helps you in expressing those values and ideals to others affectionately. 

  • Similar to the Chrysocolla stone, Amazonite will gradually connect you to your reality .

This stone will help you if you are afraid of facing your problems trying to escape from reality. It encourages you to showcase the world about your talents and wisdom to bring fresh insight to others. 

  • Amazonite will hold the resonance energies visible and bright. 

It will help you draw positive energies more efficiently, which is why amazonite crystal is widely valued. To start with, keeping this calming stone on hand will relieve the stress. It is wonderful to have and what is even more significant is how Amazonite can bring in a feeling of becoming cleansed and healed all over. That is the reason why healers have used Amazonite and other complementary stones to accessorize their holy environments. They also directly apply Amazonite stone to the body of a sick person for healing throughout history.


Amazonite is a valuable stone to carry around because it promotes open and truthful contact. There is no place in your existence for deception and insincerity once you have a genuine partnership. It is a stone that will maintain your dignity and reputation. It has soothing and benevolent energies that will shield you as it nullifies negativity, like harmful spiritual attacks.

Only with the aid of the Amazonite stone will you achieve spiritual insight and genuine love.  If you should ever consider yourself in a position where all seems unbearable, Amazonite will help you overcome your helpless sentiments.

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