Amethyst Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Amethyst Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Amethyst has a notoriety for its breathtaking elegance appearance. People claim that it has legendary abilities to enhance and nourish your mind and heart.  Amethyst is a stone that holds the qualities of divine security and purification. It helps you in removing harmful energies and attachments from your energy field.

Amethyst surrounds your body with a higher resonance shield of divine light. It also protects you against negative energies caused by psychic and geopathic tension. It will also ensure that you will go past any toxic conditions. Amethyst will serve as a powerful shield if you are working on enhancing your intuition or psychic abilities. In relevance to Ametrine, it will ensure your healing by providing you a safe circle of optimism anywhere you are in life right now.

History Of Amethyst

The present name of Amethyst came from the Greek word “ametusthos,” which means “not drunk.” With that definition, Amethyst aid in preventing intoxication that commonly happens on overdrinking. That is the reason why the Ancient Greeks carve and place it on their drinking vessels. Due to its strong and defensive properties.

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Warriors use Amethyst as an amulet during ancient wars to energize them during combat. It protected them from harm and helped them defeat their foes.  Amethyst also helps them in the identification of the source of their gut feelings and temperament.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Amethyst

  • Physical Healing

Many people claim that Amethyst can cleanse your organs and circulatory system of your body. It's also advertised to purify your blood from any toxicity as it helps to reduce blood pressure and clear blockages. This crystal can provide relief to people who suffer from headaches caused by stress. Amethyst will also help you to relieve any tension in your body. 

This stone can also cure insomnia by providing you a calming vibration every night to get rid of any unwanted thoughts before you sleep. It will help you heal if you have any brain conditions, hearing problems, and psychological stress. It also prevents intoxication that you might acquire from drug medication, food, and especially by drinking. Amethyst is also good for the skin since it cures scars and sunburn. 

Amethyst improves your hormone production that will be beneficial to women who are working on being fertile. It also strengthens your immune system by decreases bruising and injuries. Amethyst will also treat any lung and respiratory infections, as well as digestive tract obstructions. 

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  • Emotional Healing

Amethyst is particularly beneficial to the emotional body. It is in charge of restoring balance to overworked, overstressed, or exhausted individuals. It releases a calming vibration if you are prone to being hot-headed and easily angered even on the slightest thing. Amethyst will ease your mental exhaustion that contributes to physical stress and headaches.

Amethyst is a powerful emotional healer, particularly for mourning a loss of a loved one. Amethyst, also known as “the soul stone,” aids you in comprehending how the souls will achieve everlasting life. It is suitable to meditate on during the death of someone. It will allow the temporal physical body to release a greater relief of eternal peace. Amethyst will also serve as an ideal stone to give to someone who is dying.

Amethyst crystal will encourage you to acknowledge traumatic memories in life. It provides you the strength to be emotionally stable. Amethyst will help you discover the root causes of ay unhealthy attitudes, habits, and emotional patterns. If you failed to address these, it might lead to illness and imbalance.

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  • Mental Healing

Amethyst strengthens your intuitive abilities. It activates your divine consciousness, opening insight and increasing your spiritual awareness. Similar to Seraphenite crystals, amethyst has powerful mental healing and purifying properties whenever you fill your mind with negative thoughts. Amethyst encourages you to be sober for those who have overindulged in alcohol, narcotics, or other addictions.

It relaxes and stimulates the mind, allowing you to become more attentive, improve your memory, and increase your energy. Amethyst will also help you recall and understand your dreams. It helps to encourage spiritual insight and a higher understanding of your true self. It also aids in better decision-making by helping you know the consequence of your actions.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Amethyst helps you increase your intellectual ideas on making concepts and strategies for you to be more business-savvy. Wearing Amethyst as a charm is beneficial to keep you away from betrayal and deception. Your ventures will be more convenient if you have Amethyst at hand if you are a negotiator and a business person. 

It soothes enraged emotions whenever you face arguments in your collaborations. You can wear Amethyst for you to receive spiritual insights and rational thinking. Amethyst is good luck and fortune crystal for reducing the capacity to overspend, gambling addictions, and risky investments.

  • Relationship Healing

Amethyst will assist you in forming positive relationships with others and giving you a healthy mind. You will also maintain your composure in the face of disagreements and debates with your partner. Amethyst is a suitable stone to wear to remind you to be faithful at all times. This stone assists you in dealing with heated arguments while staying rational in the face of uncertainty. 

This stone can also help you if you are suffering from anxiety and overthinking that affected the relationship. When used in connection with meditation, this crystal will aid in developing a deeper understanding of things and the attainment of peace. It would also be easier to solve problems because it will help you in decision-making and provide better solutions to your relationship.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Amethyst

Amethyst has a strong mystical resonance, making it an excellent stone for spiritual consciousness and awakening of the soul's eternity. You will realize that you can receive much more intense energies than what you think the physical body allows. Amethyst will help you locate your angels and spirit guides during your journey in seeking your higher self. It can obstruct negative energies from your surroundings during meditative awareness.

You can also use Amethyst in your spiritual bath. This Spiritual Bath guide might help you.

As a sacred stone, it encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom while promoting divine love. Amethyst contributes to the improvement of intuition and the discovery of psychic abilities. It will trigger the third eye chakra, which is the seat of insight and foresight.  It may also activate the throat and crown chakras, besides the third eye chakra.


Amethyst carries a strong spiritual vibration of sincerity in seeking your true self.  It is ideal for instilling your thoughts with optimism during meditation and surrendering your worries to something greater than yourself. It also encourages the higher consciousness to manifest spiritual strength as you are a divine creation. Amethyst can help bring spiritual, mental, and physical facets of the body into harmony.

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