Ammonite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses  -

Ammonite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses 

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The name Ammonite comes from the Egyptian god Amun (also as Ammon or Amen) known for his spiraling horn. It is one of the holiest stones in ancient Greece due to its potential to trigger prophetic visions. Ammonite is a “Buffalo Stone” named by the Blackfoot Tribe of North America.

They are famous for using to ward off evil spirits. Ammonite is an extinct mineral that contains the ancient wisdom of Earth. Staring through its spiral feature will take you far beyond Earth's roots and into the nature of the entire universe.

History of Ammonite

The ammonite mollusk had been a shelled cephalopod with a coiled, spiral shape that has become prehistoric. The depletion of the ammonites coincided with the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Ammonites wandered the coasts, so they will most likely attach to marine rock pieces. Ammonite fossils are beneficial for filtering and identifying minerals due to their rapid development. The ancient Greeks even use this during their prehistoric Olympics.

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Ammonite remains in Hindu relates with god Vishnu during religious rites in India. They're found in Nepal, in which the River Gandaki passes through Jurassic sedimentary rocks on its way to the sea. The word “shaligram shila” refers to these fossil remains. Ammonite name came after Ammon, an Egyptian god that formed the shape of a ram. Ammonites resemble ram's horns in nature.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Ammonite

  • Physical Healing

Physically, ammonite is helpful for everything that involves order and clarification. It aids in overcoming childbirth trauma that disrupts energy flow. This stone is excellent for earthly energy restoration. Ammonite can combat depression, labor pains, metabolic processes, osteomyelitis, and tinnitus. Kundalini strength and neuronal awareness are both awakened by Ammolite.

It regulates the heart rate and treats neurological disorders. It protects the skull and inner ear, as well as the respiratory system and legs. Similar to Schalenblende, Ammonites might help you gain physical strength and resilience. Ammonites are beneficial when coping with blood pressure and chronic illnesses.

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  • Emotional Healing

Ammonite encourages better flow, helping you feel more secure, safe, and balanced in your daily life. It would have the same impact on every area where you place this stone. The strengths of ammonite will give you lots of complex balance. Ammolite is a mineral that will turn all your energy into happiness and optimism.

This stone can improve your soothing insight, change your emotions, ease stress, and increase your endurance. Wearing an Ammonite pendant will assist you in achieving harmony in your body, mind, and spirit. It will assist you in achieving a safe and peaceful state of mind. Keep a piece of Ammolite with you or wear it as accessories to bring more good fortune and financial success into your life.

  • Manifestation of Prosperity 

Ammonite is often used in life to provide you balance. It is now a beneficial stone that promotes relief on a stressful day. Ammonite will bring peace and order to your life and encourage divine prosperity. It's useful for jobs that demand precision and critical thinking. 

This crystal is extremely lucky, and healers recommend having one out of your house to bring money, safety, longevity, and satisfaction. It will foster helpful financial dealings if you place it in the business property. Ammonite provides long-term success and prosperity to emerging or high-tech companies at work.

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  • Mental Healing

Ammonite enhances your protective instincts and awareness because it keeps your faith to succeed. Ammonite is a stone that allows you to pursue and find positive control in your life. Ammonite is famous that has the seven-color fortune stone by Feng Shui practitioners. It increases the flow of energy or vital energy in the body.

  • Spiritual Healing

Ammonite stimulates metaphysical abilities and interdimensional travel. The soul and body will form in ammonite, making it a valuable resurrecting aid. This stone will bring you deeper within your heart and get you to the point of fulfillment. It stimulates divine willpower and self-transformation. Negative energy will transform into a gently flowing beneficial spiral by ammonite.

This crystal is an efficient Karmic cleanser, releasing behavioral anxieties and previous relationship constraints when put over the third eye. Ammonite will add quality and personality to a newly constructed home. They also help to organize the household and improve family unity. Use ammonite to reflect the earth aspect in ceremonies.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Ammonite

  • It draws away all harmful energies.

Ammonite is a highly effective Earth strengthening fossil. Consider the Ammonite spirals as a filter that draws in heavy energies which are no longer required to be in your life. It reminds you to move forward and attract pure, optimistic and nurturing vibrations. These prehistoric organisms' spiral form represents constant transformation. Through eons of time, ammonites consume divine energy and activate the vital energy (Chi) inside. 

  • It is a great ally for embarking on a new venture or adventure. 

Ammonite will guide you on where to start and how to keep a clear sight. With ammonite's affinity for quality, it is a valuable source for individuals who aspire to change. It gave strength to the tasks you undertake and your life as a whole. It is useful for everyone who tries to maintain order in their lives. Ammonite tells you to venture off on the several paths you want to take in the first place and what dreams you are carrying to live. 

  • It activates protective instincts.

It maintains your stability and offers valuable support in all circumstances. It helps you comprehend the conditions for worldly existence and put them into practice in your everyday life.


Ammonite is a protective stone.  It is calming and promotes instincts because it aligns with the Root Chakra. It is a fantastic stress reliever that also aids in meditation. It served to inform you to breathe no matter hard the situation is. It will help you to avoid or treat depression and chronic illnesses. It is advisable that you carry an ammonite in your house to attract the right happiness and wealth.

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