Angel Number 179 Secret Meaning: Be Happy! -

Angel Number 179 Secret Meaning: Be Happy!

Are you experiencing unusual encounters with the number 179? Do you feel like this number has a strong connection to you and mean something in your life? Since you always see the number 179 more than you would have thought, it is your angel number. The celestial beings have made extensive efforts to show their support and make you feel that you’re not alone.

Life can get extremely challenging to manage at times. But with the guidance of heaven, there is nothing you can’t overcome. To find out about the secret message behind your angel number, you need to understand its meaning in numerology. When you do, you’ll learn what the heavenly beings want you to know.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are the specific order of digits that have a solid connection to their receivers. They will keep showing up in the most common objects to signify that their receivers have to pay attention. These numbers usually do not stop appearing until they have served their purpose to help people find enlightenment.

Your divine guardians want you to stay strong and believe that they have your back. So, you have received an angel number from them that will give you reasons to keep going. Whatever difficulties you are facing, just have faith because heaven cares about you.

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Breakdown of Angel Number 179

Angel number 179 has multiple digits in it that have meaning in numerology which apply to you. You’ll learn about them below.

Number 17

Continue going through your chosen path

Angel number 17 signifies you are on the right path where your heart truly belongs. You have made brave choices that have brought you to your current position in life. For this reason, continue pursuing your passion even if things get tough. The obstacles you will meet are a part of your journey that will make your life adventurous and help you grow.

Each time you get past your problems, you become the better version of yourself that you need to handle more significant opportunities and obligations. Therefore, don’t give up on what you do. All your problems will end if you choose to have the courage and endure any hardships.

Number 79

You’re about to achieve something great

Angel number 79 brings a piece of good news because it means you are about to achieve something great. You might receive something that you haven’t expected to significantly change your life and make it a more positive one. Your desired opportunities and objects might also be given to you to make you happy. Heaven knows how hard you’ve been working to achieve the goals you set in life. Your divine guardians are also aware of your dedication to the things you do. So, you’ll be rewarded for the things you deserve.

All your efforts and endurance will pay off, and you’ll see the rainbow you want after all the difficult times you are going through. Therefore, be excited about it and stay consistent with the efforts you make. The heavenly beings know what they are doing, and they have good plans for you.

Number 1

There are people who are willing to protect you

Angel number 1 implies that you should be grateful to the people who are always there for you. You are blessed because you have people who are willing to put you first in their decisions and support you unconditionally. It’s not easy to find individuals who will stay by your side, especially at your worst. Many people can be with you in the best moments of your life. But not all of them will choose not to go when things get to their disadvantage.

So, appreciate those who genuinely care about you and don’t want you to get harmed. Get strength from those people whenever you have difficulties and don’t forget about their support when you get past your problems.

Number 7

Your angels are proud of your kindness

The appearance of angel number 7 means that your guardian angels are proud of the genuine kindness you express. You tend to stay humble despite your best achievements in life and choose to inspire other people. Instead of bragging about your accomplishments, you use them to motivate others and help bring out their true potential. Aside from that, you usually do not hesitate to offer a helping hand when you know that some individuals truly need support.

The warm heart and compassion you have towards other people surround you with positive energy. This aura makes you magnetize prosperity into your life, giving you more blessings you can share with more people.

Number 9

Balance your emotions when making choices

Emotions are a part of human beings that make us. They allow people to make choices where they consider the goodness of others and have empathy. Although emotions have to be considered, you should not let them overflow and stop you from making a fair and wise decision. You can indeed use your emotions to express your compassion. But your warm feelings can also make you compromise, especially when you are too happy and give promises that might be hard to keep. Aside from that, when your negative emotions overflow, you might tend to make unhealthy choices that you’ll regret in the end.

While your feelings have to be acknowledged, you still have to be responsible for your actions. Balance your practical thinking and emotions, and get yourself together before you do something. Even minor actions can lead you to the wrong path and hurt other people. Thus, always be wise and think to avoid unwanted consequences.

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Angel Number 179 Meaning

Set yourself free from doubts

Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid having doubts, given the disappointments your losses can give you. Even if you do your best to achieve something, there are times when your best is not enough. The reason might also be that it’s not the right time for you to acquire what you desire yet. However, you have to keep in mind that your doubts will only stop you from doing what you can do. It will restrain you from maximizing what you’ve got in you and enhancing your skills further.

Therefore, you need to set yourself from your doubts and start completely believing in yourself. Heaven has blessed you with gifts that grow as you go through your adventurous life. Trust that you have what it takes to do even the riskiest things you desire. Don’t be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and search for what will give meaning to your life.

Value your happiness

Similar with angel number 3663, Angel number 179 means you have to let yourself be happy because that’s crucial to lead a healthy life. If you don’t have a source of happiness, you become targeted by the negative energy present around you. You can easily get consumed by your negative feelings and give up on your dreams. But when things give you happiness, you tend to choose not to lose your spirit, even though your situation is too complex for you to manage. Just like Angel Number 887 said, you deserve to be happy.

For this reason, you have to value what gives you a joyous feeling. If you know you are happy about something, don’t take away your chance to attain it. Grab any opportunity that will bring you to what can keep you inspired to go on in life and do your best to make your dreams come true.

Don’t carry your hatred with you

Angel number 179 means you have to let go of the hatred that burdens you and start to forgive. People make mistakes, and sometimes, their mistakes are intentional, making the pain worse. There are various reasons why they end up hurting others. It can be because of their limited understanding of things, insecurities, unfortunate situation, or greed. But regardless of what they have done to you, you need to learn how to forgive and release the hatred you have. You need to let go of your anger but do not forget about the lessons and be wiser next time.

If you choose to carry the burden any longer, you’ll just allow them to ruin your life even more. You can’t move forward when you are carrying a heavy feeling you shouldn’t bring. It will constantly bother you and affect your decision-making. So, move on with your life and free yourself from your angel. Live in the present and think about how you can secure a warm and bright future.

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Love Meaning of Angel Number 179

Be honest in a relationship

Angel number 179 in a relationship symbolizes honesty, meaning you have to be truthful to your intimate partner if you have one. If you genuinely love each other, you have to be open about your thoughts. Express your emotions, including the negative ones. When there is no communication in a relationship, misunderstandings will grow and can weaken your bond.

Aside from that, don’t keep secrets from each other, especially if they are something your loved one has to know. Secrets can destroy a relationship and waste all the time you have spent maintaining a balance between the two of you. You will not want to lose your partner if your love for him or her is genuine.

Although sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth, you need to be responsible and tell it. Losing your loved ones because of lies will be more complicated than choosing to have the courage, to be honest.

Career Meaning of Angel Number 179

Keep up the flaring determination

Because of your hunger for success and flaring determination, your career life will be most likely to be a successful one. Your angel number signifies you will achieve a career life that will make you financially stable and genuinely happy in life. You’ll live a good life, or even a luxurious one, depending on how you will secure your future and manage your finances.

Thus, you need to maintain your spirit and not lose it no matter how challenging your job gets. Every hardship you have to face is nothing compared to what you will achieve in time. Just be consistent with your efforts, and they will lead you to beautiful career life.

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