Angel Number 39 Meaning: By Any Chance, Are You Lost? -

Angel Number 39 Meaning: By Any Chance, Are You Lost?

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There are times that we notice that certain numbers appear to us all the time. There's a reason for these weird coincidences. It is our angels that are trying to communicate to us using these numbers. 

Number 39 is one of the two-digit angel numbers in numerology. Angel number 39 brings a guiding message that will help us in our current situation and benefit us in our journey. 

Each number in numerology has its unique meaning. The same goes for angel number 39. This number was sent to you on purpose. Your angels are giving you the assurance that you're guided in all phases of your life. This only means that you are not alone, and your angels are always with you by your side, ready to help. 

However, angels are bound by God's law not to interfere with our choices unless we ask for their help. Angels respect our free will as a human and only give their help if you ask for it. Once your angels heard your prayer, they will manifest their help through different methods, and one of these is through numbers. 

Whenever you encounter the same number repeatedly, it is vital that you stay conscious of your thoughts and circumstances the moment you see an angel number. 

As you have started seeing angel numbers, you definitely need to pay attention to this.

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If you're looking for more in-depth answers about angel number 39, then this article is just perfect for you. We will guide you in discovering the true meaning of angel number 39. Moreover, we will discuss the different aspects of this angel number and what it brings into your life. 

Angel Number 39 Meaning

There are many instances where you can encounter angel number 39. You may see this auspicious number while driving home or in your receipts. This angel number can also manifest in your dream, so be aware of the scenario in your dream when you see angel number 39. 

Angel number 39 is a two-digit number, meaning it comprises the combined energies of numbers 3 and 9. 

These two cardinal numbers have their unique meaning, traits, and characteristics. To fully understand the meaning behind angel number 39 and where its energy came from, we need first to look at its major components. 

Angel number 3

Number 3 carries a positive and energetic vibe along with it. Angel number 3 is a number of communications, creativity, enthusiasm, and progress.

Number 3 brings strong and optimistic energy that allows the person to harness its creative talents and abilities. The number also has the power to push and motivate the person to grow and expand towards achieving goals. 

Number 3 is interconnected with the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are healers and advocates in teaching love and spiritual awareness to people. Some of the Ascended Masters that the whole world knows are Jesus and Buddha. They advocated their life towards their mission and chose to serve others. 

Number 3 is connected to ascended masters because these highly spiritual beings will be your guide towards your awakening journey. They will also help you find out your soul purpose and live life according to your life's mission. Having angel number 3 in any numerical combination of angel number affirms the presence of Ascended Masters. 

Angel number 9

Number 9 possesses the highest vibrational frequency among single-digit numbers in numerology. This number resonates under the energy of wisdom, generosity, truth, and unity. 

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Angel Number 9 works under the Universal Spiritual Law. This means that the number follows the rule of cause and effect, also known as karma. This number is so powerful that it can attract things and events into your life according to what level of energy you vibe.

Number 9 also gives out a strong pull of energy that draws the person towards the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It promotes consciousness, love, inner-strength, selflessness, responsibility, and intuition. 

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Angel Number 39

Now that we know what energy and message the numbers 3 and 9 bring. Therefore, we can say that angel number 39 is a reminder from your angels regarding your soul purpose and divine mission. 

Have you been more interested in spiritual topics lately? Or are you looking for deeper meaning and direction in life? Being in these situations means that your spirit is calling your attention to focus on what it is trying to tell you. This means that you are already embarking on a spiritual journey.

Having angel number 39 around you means that your angels and the Ascended Masters are with you, guiding you in your spiritual journey. They are also reminding you to be conscious of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. These aspects emit energy and vibration that attracts the same level of energy frequency back into your life. 

Hence, if you embody a positive and optimistic mindset, good things and promising opportunities also come to you. But if you are in constant worry and being pessimistic about things, negative outcomes will also be the result. 

Your angels are sending you a motivating message and encouragement through angel number 39. Sometimes in life, we face problems and difficulties, which adds up the constant worry about the future. These roadblocks and negativities are all temporary, and your angels wanted to remind you that through angel number 39.

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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The ascended masters and your angels want you to grow and become the best version of yourself. That is the reason why they sent you angel number 39 to reassure you that everything will turn out fine. Be consistent with what you're doing and be optimistic.

Angel Number 39 Spiritual Meaning

The major components that make up angel number 39 are all highly spiritual numbers. They are connected in a way that both numbers relate to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

Angel number 39 often appears to us when we feel lost and don't know which path in life to take. This number signifies that your angels are sending you their guidance to help you along your journey. Just like angel number 309, through angel number 39, your angels are assisting you in discovering your most significant purpose in life. 

Angel number 39 tells you to tune in with your intuition and make use of the wisdom that resides deep in your heart. 

The root number of angel number 39 is number 3. We simply add numbers 3 and 9. Thus we get a sum of 12 and further add numbers 1 and 2; therefore, we got number 3.

As mentioned above, number 3 is deeply connected with the Ascended Masters. This means that this number has the power to manifest your deepest heart's desire and live the life you wanted. 

Having angel number 39 in your journey means that the ascended masters and your angels are lighting up the path that the universe has set for you. 

This is the path towards finding out your real purpose and achieving the highest spiritual attainment you can as a person. 

In order to fulfill the things mentioned above. You need to attune yourself with your spirit and clear your mind to understand where it leads you. Practicing daily meditation and having a personal mantra will allow you to comprehend your angels' message and the ascended masters. 

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Angel Number 39 Symbolism

The symbolism of angel number 39 is still dependent on its major components. Angel number 39 is a symbol of guidance and support from your angels and the ascended masters. 

Seeing angel number 39 also symbolizes the start of your spiritual journey. Doors of opportunities are opening to you, and your angels wanted you to face them with optimism and positivity. 

Angel number 39 is also a symbol of cleansing. This means that your angels wanted you to remove the negativities in your life and silence the negative chatter in your mind. Your angels also wanted you to let go of the burdens and heartaches from the past. 

Make room for the new possibilities and opportunities that are coming into your life. The first thing you need to do is strip yourself from all the negativity surrounding you, including toxic relationships and people.

Angel Number 39 in Love

Similar to angel number 939, angel number 39 in the aspect of love brings positive and optimistic energy. Your angels have sensed your pain and trauma from your past relationships. Hence, they sent you out angel number 39 to send you their nurturing love to make you feel lighter and happier. 

Your angels tell you not to give up on love. You will soon find someone who is a perfect match for you. Just because you failed in your past relationships does not mean you won't try again. Your angels tell you that you are a great person, and you also deserved to be loved and taken care of by someone. 

Angel number 39 is sent to you on purpose to tell you to learn from your mistakes in your past relationship. You've been to rock bottom, and you know how it feels to be hurt, taken for granted, and left alone. Your angels tell you never to do these things to your new love and take care of your current relationship. 

The world may be harsh and cold but do not let it dim the fire within you. Be optimistic in love, for it can give you the joy no money could buy on this earth. Your angels sent you angel number 39 to assure you that the perfect one for you is just around the corner. Open your heart to the possibility of new love, the same as the angel number 450.


Having angel number 39 in your life means that you are truly blessed. The ascended masters and your guardian angels are with you, guiding you in your journey. 

To summarize, angel number 39 is a reminder from your angels to be optimistic to attract the things that you want to happen in your life. Lastly, seeing angel number 39 is a sign that you are on the path towards a spiritual journey, and your angels are guiding you to discover your soul purpose.

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