Angel Number 40 Secret Meaning: Practicality, Order, & Reason -

Angel Number 40 Secret Meaning: Practicality, Order, & Reason

Did you know that numbers resonate with a certain vibration that corresponds to a specific meaning? Well, numbers have always been a part of our life. Thus, we have our birthday, life path number, and angel numbers.

The study of Numerology gives light to the meaning behind these numbers. Take, for example, number 40. Perhaps you are seeing this number for a while now? Thus, it led you to search for its meaning. 

Number 40 in Numerology resonates with practicality, order, and reason. People who are under the influence of number 40 bear these qualities. They are the industrial worker with higher reasoning skills that always aims for success.

Number 40 in Numerology bears positive energies. There is more to learn about number 40. Continue reading on to know its deeper meaning. This number didn’t come into your life coincidentally. It was sent to you on purpose to figure out its hidden message for you.

This article is just what you’re looking for. As we move forward, we will guide you in discovering the overall meaning of the number 40. Moreover, we will also cover the different aspects of number 40 and what it brings into your life. 

40 Meaning in Numerology

To fully understand the meaning of the number 40, we must first inspect its numerical components. Number 40 is made up of two cardinal numbers, the number 4 and zero. 

Number 4 resonates with the energy of discipline, order, practicality, and responsibility. The number carries intense energy that brings practical solutions to the person who encountered it. The number reminds us to work hard on our goals and be responsible. 

Number zero, on the other hand, brings limitless possibilities. The number zero enhances the energy of the number it was paired to. Zero is equivalent to unlimited. It is the number that represents the start and end. 

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Combining numbers 4 and 0 brings vital energies to create and succeed in any field you chose. Number 40’s presence in the material world brings creativity and visionary ideas. On the spiritual plane, it seeks more profound spiritual experiences to be close to their spirit and achieve transcendence. 

The essence of the number 40 in Numerology aims to build a strong foundation in their life for the future. Number 40 resonates with practicality, honesty, and excellence. 

People under the influence of number 40 are motivated to achieve their goals. They tactfully take steps towards achieving their goal. Number 40 chooses to see everything from a bigger perspective. This allows them to deliberately consider their choices before making a final decision. 

Number 40 people have the skills and creativity to determine what task needs to finish first with more generous benefits. The wisdom and persistence of number 40 are its strengths that will help him achieve success. 

Number 40 Meaning

Number 40 brings practical and highly spiritual energies. The combined strengths and attributes of numbers 4 and zero make this combination a highly auspicious number. 

The things that the number 40 is capable of are limitless. Number 40 embodies the patience and a fast-paced mind to catch up and absorb new learnings easily. Thus, people with the number 40 in their chart are often successful people.

People with the number 40 see’s a clearer picture of what they truly want. They are organized and works in a systematic fashion. Number 40 people are at peace working in a methodical manner. 

People with the number 40 as their life path number are the ones you can depend on a deadline. They will surely give their best to deliver exceptional results. 

Number 40 people are dedicated in their line of career. They are responsible and loves routine. 

The real purpose of people with the number 40 is to help other people establish a strong foundation in their life the same way they did to theirs. 

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Unique qualities of number 40

The root number of 40 is number 4. Thus, the qualities and attributes of number 4 are more dominant in this numerical combination. 

Number zero is essential also because it magnifies the energy of number 4 ten-fold! Number zero provides unlimited energies to number four. Zero is everywhere, and it can manifest anything you affirm in your life. 

Number 40 is a lucky number making you a very fortunate person if you encounter it. Number 40 helps bring consciousness and common sense to the life of a person who has it.

Number 4 also has a direct relation with our conscious mind. Thus, we have four levels f consciousness. Which you always use in your everyday life without you knowing. 

The four levels of our consciousness

Unconscious Incompetent: 

Being in this stage invokes the feeling of confusion about the things around you. This is because our soul did not yet recognize that it has the information needed to go on. 

This aspect can also be applied in the actual setting. We cannot deny that sometimes we feel that we don’t know where we’re going. The challenge for you is to overcome this stage and continue living with a purpose. To do so, you must look at your life from a different perspective. 

This is the time to think outside the box and think of ways to get out of a bad situation. The moment you realize that you’re working on this level of consciousness, just keep in mind the things mentioned above. 

Unconscious Competent:

This level of consciousness gives a boost of skills and confidence in the life of a person. Your soul on this stage craves success and is set into a mood that won’t allow anything to stop it from attaining. 

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People working under this level of consciousness embody the courage which allows them to plunge through different opportunities. 

This stage makes everything around you go into a fast-forward motion. You may not know it, but you are already on your goal. 

The challenge for you during this stage is to appreciate the journey as you go along chasing success. Knowing nothing about how you got into that situation also speaks that you’re lost. 

Keep in mind that you cannot fully appreciate your success if you don’t look back on how you get there. Remembering the things and people who helped you attain your success brings a more joyous experience in your prosperous life. 

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Conscious Incompetent:

A conscious incompetent person accepts the fact about their flaws and lack of knowledge on a particular topic. This stage hold’s no ego, which allows it to be open to new learnings. 

This is the stage of your consciousness where you try to live up to the things you want to happen in your life. This level is the last step towards achieving the highest level of consciousness.

Conscious Competent:

This is a stage where a person is fully aware of what he or she is doing. You fully take charge of your life and the consequences of your decisions. 

The person in this stage accepts and sees the fact that we build what we want to happen. Hence, the realization comes that what we think, we attract. 

To attain and be present on this level, first, you must examine your strengths and weaknesses. Determine the things you need to improve in your life and the habits you need to let go of. Moreover, be honest with yourself on what are things you are capable of and what you can only accomplish. 

Therefore, it concludes that you need to set attainable and realistic goals. 

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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Significance of number 40

Number 4 signifies perseverance and success. The number also resonates with hard work, dependability, reason, and practicality. 

The significance of the number 40 in our lives depicts the natural order and process of life. Each of us is motivated to achieve success. Thus, it pushes us to persevere and work hard to attain it. 

We set goals to give a sense of direction into our lives. When we don’t have this, we live our life wastefully. Having a sense of purpose in life gives you a more meaningful experience.

We worked hard towards success because we love the feeling of reward. You can now enjoy and take advantage of the pay-off of your hard work.

Venturing forward to attain success, we are faced with setbacks and hardships. Thus, number 40 presents you the message not to easily give up and focus on what you want to achieve. 

The amount of work needed to be done to get to your goal is unknown. However, don’t let this stop you from being optimistic about your future. The universe supports you with all your endeavors. 

Why do I keep seeing the number 40?

The exact message of the number 40 into your life is determined by the timing of when and where it was presented to you. 

Perhaps you’ve been praying for guidance and direction from your angels? Or are you experiencing hardships the moment you saw number 40?

Whatever is it that you’re undertaking, keep in mind that number 40 is sent to you as a sign of encouragement from your angels. 

The positive attributes of number 40 are presented in your life to help you with your current situation. Seeing number 40 means that your angels are watching and guiding you. 

Another reason why you see the number 40 everywhere is that you are called to be awakened. The Ascended Masters are calling you to tend to the needs of your soul. The number is calling you to nurture your spirit and keep a close relationship with God. 

Align your body into your mind, and your mind into your spirit. Let your intuition guide you and show you the way towards your real purpose. Allow your consciousness to influence you to make important decisions in life. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Number 40

Number 40 brings a positive and optimistic message into your life. The number is a sign that the Divine has heard your call for help. Thus, they sent you number 40 to offer some assistance. Number 40 is an assurance from your angels that your prayers are about to be answered. 

Have you’ve been working diligently towards your goals? Do you invest time and giving your best in everything you do? If yes is your answer to these questions, then it means that number 40 is a sign that your hard work will pay off soon. 

Your angels have seen your perseverance and passion towards your job or a project. Thus, they want to bless you with abundance as a reward for your hard work. 

Number 40 tells you to appreciate the learnings and wisdom you attain as you go along your journey toward success. Appreciate the people who are essential to your success. Give appreciation to your loved ones, friends, or family who have been with you from the very start. These are the indispensable people in your life who stood with you through tough times. 

Wonderful opportunities and an abundance of blessings flow with ease into your life if you love what you’re doing. If you are passionate and happy with what you do, you give your best to it. These qualities resonate with success, and this is currently transpiring in your life. 

Expect that challenges and obstacles are present along the way. But what’s important is that you remain strong and focused during this time. 

Keep in mind that the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. The journey to success is not a straight path. You will face many bumps and inconveniences along the way. Never forget to pray and ask for guidance from your angels during these difficult times.

What does it mean to see the number 40 in my dream?

Seeing a specific number in your dream means that it has a message for you that you need to decipher. 

Don’t worry because you can easily interpret the meaning of the number 40. Simply reflect on the things that are happening around you. 

The meaning of a dream often represents the repressed desires and emotions of a person. Perhaps you’ve been hiding your real emotions, and your angels have sensed that feeling of heaviness in your heart. 

The true meaning for the presence of the number 40 in your dream is directly relevant to the things you crave the most. The number reflects your true intentions and the desires of your heart.

Number 40 Meaning in the Bible

Number 40 in the Bible is very significant. Number 40 appears 146 times in some of the most important events in the Bible.

Number 40 in the Bible represents hardships and tells about the stage of life that precedes before success.

This concept is very evident in Moses’s life, who lived in Egypt for 40 years as a prince. However, due to disputes with his brother, he was exiled from the city for 40 years. Little did Moses know that after 40 painstaking years of living outside the pleasures of his old life, he is the one destined to save the Israelites from captivity.

Number 40 also signifies sacrifice and focus. This aspect can be seen during the time where Jesus abstained from food for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus performed the act of fasting as a way to ward off the temptation of Satan.

Angel Number 40

Angel numbers are mediums in which our angels used to send us a message. Having number 40 as your angel number means that your angels are with you at that exact moment. Accept their guidance and blessings into your life.

Similar to angel number 717, angel number 40 is a sign that you are near your goal. Your angels are cheering you and are sending you the encouragement to go on your journey. 

Angel number 40 affirms that everything that is happening in your life will serve for your highest good. Your hard work is about to be paid off, so continue vibrating positively. 


To summarize, number 40 represents practicality and success. People under the influence of number 40 have strong beliefs and opinions. Thus, they have a clear picture of what they want. 

People with the number 40 in their chart are humble, patient, and responsible. If you have number 40 as your life path, then you embody these characteristics. 

Know that seeing number 40 means that your angels are supporting you with the desires of your heart. 

Affirm the things you want to manifest into your life. 

Keep in mind that your energy attracts opportunities and experiences into your life. 

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