Angel Number 838 Meaning: Careful With Your Decisions -

Angel Number 838 Meaning: Careful With Your Decisions

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Do you see the same number anywhere you go? Do you keep on encountering a specific number that looks like it is stalking you? Perhaps you noticed it start to appear in your grocery receipts or on a sign you passed by on the way home. 

Do not be afraid to see the same number all the time, because this means that it has something to tell you. 

Your angels are the ones who sent these numerical signs. Once angel numbers are presented to you, it means that good news is coming. 

Just like seeing the number 838 anywhere, you go—this a special type of angel number that brings a message of encouragement from your angels. 

Your angels are telling you to be confident that you are on the right track. You may feel lost right now, but your angels are assuring you through angel number 838. Just like angel number 422, angel number 838 tells you that you have the power within to make your dreams come true. 

Angel number 838 is a unique combination among angel numbers. Perhaps you’re curious even more about what are the other messages this number brings into your life. 

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If you want to learn more about angel number 838, continue reading on! This article is the best place to find more answers.

What is the meaning behind Angel Number 838?

Numbers are one medium that angels use to communicate to us. Seeing the same number all the time means that your angels are trying to tell you something. 

Angel numbers range from single-digit to five-digit numbers. For angel number 838, we need first to break down its components to fully understand its meaning. 

The elements that make up angel number 838 is from the combined energy of numbers 8 and 3. Having a deeper understanding of these two numbers will give us a bigger perspective of angel number 838.

The first component of angel number 838 is number 8, which appeared twice in this numerical combination.

Number 8 in numerology resonates with the energy of understanding, practicality, and thoughtfulness. These aspects of number 8 are also present in the person who encountered it. 

The appearance of the number 8 appearing twice means that the energy of this number is further magnified. Number 8 invites us to give importance to self-worth to gain confidence, intelligence, and higher wisdom. Number 8 also follows the Universal Law of Cause and Effect; thus, it also symbolizes karma.

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Number 3, on the other hand, is the number that represents communication, social interaction, creativity, and self-expression. The energy of number 8 allows the person to assertively communicate their real emotion and invokes creative ideas. 

Number 3 in numerology is also a strong number, for it symbolizes optimism, joy, and courage. This number has the power to manifest one’s creative ideas with full enthusiasm. 

Combining the energies and attributes of these two cardinal numbers is what makes up angel number 838.

Angel number 838 represents a guiding message from your angels. Your angels are encouraging you to be brave and pursue your dreams. The universe has given you the gift of creativity and communication to allow you to magnificently flaunt your strengths to other people. 

Your angels are also encouraging you to be optimistic and positive about the future. Doing so will increase your energy vibration and magnetize opportunities into your life. 

The amplified energy of number 8 in this angel number combination stresses the importance of positive thinking. Keep in mind that the number 8 is the number of karma. Therefore, you attract what you reverberate. Negative thinking will not benefit you in this process. 

Once you see angel number 838 in your life, this is an affirmation to keep doing what you’re doing. Keep working diligently towards your goals. Remember that seeing angel number 838 means that now is not the time to give up. 

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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If you feel tired, rest, and continue moving forward. If you feel overwhelmed with problems, call upon your angels, and ask for help. They will never hesitate to assist you. 

Angel Number 838 also reminds you to be careful with your decisions in life. Contemplate the things that are important to you. Nurture these aspects and improve yourself to be better. This is the time to let go of your bad habits and avoid negative people that only hinder you in achieving success. 

Keep in mind that your actions have an equitable consequence. If you’re in doubt and you don’t know which way to go, call your angels. Keep your faith strong during these moments because this is the time where your faith will be tested. 

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Angel Number 838 Love & Relationships 

If you’re in a relationship or married when you saw angel number 838, this means that your angels are telling you to give more time to your love life. 

Your angels have sensed that you and your partner lack intimacy in your relationship. It’s easy to miss out on these things and give little attention if you and your partner have been together for a long time. Too much familiarity can sometimes be the cause of not paying too much thought about intimacy.

Intimacy does not only cover matters of physicality and sexual interaction. This also includes how both partners are open to each other about their real thoughts and deep desires. Intimacy can be a light touch that both partners automatically knew the sincerity of it. 

Angel number 838 in the love aspect reminds both partners to engage not only on a physical aspect but also on a mental and spiritual level. This is important in order for your relationship to grow and make it a more satisfying experience. 

We get too focused on our career and other matters that we sometimes neglect that our partners need us also – emotionally. Your partner needs your whole, not only on a physical level. And this is what angel number 838 is trying to tell you. 

Act now and start making up for all your shortcomings to your partner before it’s too late. As long as you keep the fire burning in your relationship, instill intimacy and openness. You can be confident that your relationship will last.

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Angel Number 838 Careers

If you’re in a situation wherein you don’t know which career path to choose; Then encountering number 838 during these moments means that your angels are sending you their guidance. 

Suppose you haven’t figured out which career suited you most or if you’re contemplating on whether to venture into business or not. Then seeing angel number 838 could be the answer to your confusion. 

Our angels can sense what we feel through the energy we vibrate. Thus, if they feel that we are in the sense of doubt and confusion, they will try their best to help us. 

Angel number 838 tells you to spend alone time with yourself and contemplate the things you are happy doing the most. Fulfillment and success are some of the aspects of angel number 13. Thus, your angels tell you to pursue your passion and follow the path where your heart will be settled.

Perhaps you’re still a starting entrepreneur or a sales agent struggling to make a mark in the enterprise world. Encountering angel number 838 tells you that now is not the time to give up. Your angels are encouraging you to keep going and continue to make progress. Your success in your career is just starting to unfold. 

Work hard and do your job with enthusiasm and optimism. These traits are the secret to success. You may not know it; you have already climbed up the ladder and is already on top of your career. 

Similar to the message of angel number 611, angel number 838 tells you to believe in yourself and trust in your abilities . Keep in mind that you can achieve anything as long as you put your heart and mind into it. 


Angel number 838 gives the person a boost of self-confidence and personal power to the person who encountered it. The number also represents dedication, accomplishment, and success. 

If you encounter this number, expect that opportunities and fulfillment in both career and relationship are on the way. This angel number may not be popular as other angel numbers, but it’s still has a beautiful and promising message behind it.

Keep working hard towards your goals. Partner this with optimism and enthusiasm to further magnetize opportunities and blessings into your life. 

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