Angelite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Everyday Uses -

Angelite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Everyday Uses

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If you’ve been through a cycle of love and heartbreak and you feel that there's no more hope left, then you may want to consider getting an Angelite. From the name itself, Angelite gathers all the angels' blessings to protect you and those you love most. Associated with the wind, Angelite brings all the spiritual energies to guide you through healing, love, and protection.

Angelite can illuminate your life and bring the love that you’ve always dreamt of. This article will provide you with all the meanings and properties that Angelite can bring, which are similar to Malachite. It can range from the physical benefits to patience, forgiveness, and passion that you can offer.

Angelite Meaning

Angelite falls under the anhydrite family of crystals, made up of calcium sulfate. You can recognize Angelite through its beautiful, milky blue color. Together with Stibnite, Angelite is considered one of the best stones in improving spirituality and psychic awareness.

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When exposed to water, Angelite turns into gypsum. You can reverse this process by heating gypsum to 200 degrees Celsius. As such, Angelite occurs in places where there’s a high deposit of gypsum stones previously submerged underwater. Under the right conditions, water will evaporate from these gypsum stones, leaving behind Angelite.

Due to this occurrence, Angelite stands as one of the strongest stones in building your spiritual and psychic strength. This stone can help you manifest your psychic power and establish your connections with the highest powers in the universe. From the name itself, this stone can also help you build connections and communicate with your ‘angels.'

Angelite can help you get in contact with those powers that mediate between humans and the gods of the universe. By establishing a connection with these mediators, you develop your spiritual strength, something that most people often have trouble with within the modern world.

These benefits may not interest everyone since Angelite will not help you achieve your goals on Earth, but Angelite offers much more profound benefits. As mentioned, it builds your spiritual and psychic powers. Angelite will help you build a connection with these forces, be it an ‘Angel' or ‘Forces.'

Once you’ve built a connection with these higher forces, you'll notice that there'll be significant improvements in your mental and psychological health. You’ll feel more relaxed and calmer as the anxieties and fears melt away. As you continue using Angelite, you’ll find yourself able to make the right decisions, engage in difficult situations, and communicate with other people.

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Angelite Healing Properties

As a stone that channels the power of angels, Angelite also has some healing properties that offer similar healing properties to Mookaite. These properties may include preventing the onset of thyroid illnesses and giving you a support system when you most need it. Listed below will be the healing properties of Angelite.

Physical Healing Properties

Associated with the throat chakra, Angelite together with Blue Lace Agate can help heal throat inflammation and any problems with the thyroid gland . It balances the hormones supporting the thyroid gland, helping it get through any infections that may cause illness.

Also, Angelite can help regulate blood circulation, and it opens up the blood vessels for proper blood flow. It repairs the tissues, and it corrects any mineral deficiencies in the blood. Angelite also helps in renewing blood vessels and balances the fluids within the body.

You can also use this stone as a diuretic to regulate the excretion of toxins out of your body. Angelite can also aid in weight loss and proper respiration. You can always bring Angelite if you’re going to the gym for workouts or if you’re jogging in the morning.

Other benefits of Angelite include treatment for headaches, heart functions, circulatory illnesses, and infectious diseases. Angelite balances the body's hormones and keeps it aligned with the forces guiding the body.

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Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

By channeling the healing properties of Angelite, you’ll feel your angels' love and guidance, which is similar to Onyx. You’ll get the feeling that you’re not alone and that even in your darkest hour, you can rely on Angelite for emotional and mental support.

With its ethereal milky blue color, Angelite will remind you that there’ll always be someone to reach out to, be it a person in the physical world or a ‘force' in the invisible world. Regardless of who you seek help from, Angelite will connect you to your support system.

Reminiscent of an angel’s wings, Angelite will help you unite with your breath and open up your lung space. Angelite will help you find the love and support that you’ve always looked for. It will bring you back to yourself, and there, you’ll feel the presence of angels, so you’ll never feel alone again.

Aside from helping you build a connection with your angels, Angelite can also help you cope with the loss of a loved one. Similar to Rose Quartz, this stone will give you the support you need to get through the pain and grief of losing a loved one.

Benefits and Everyday Uses of Angelite

Due to its sensitivity and rarity, you shouldn’t place Angelite in a situation or place where it’ll be in danger. Its sensitivity to water makes it difficult to carry as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and even brooches. You’ll find it even more difficult when it rains!

If you’re determined to wear it as an accessory, you can wear it as a pendant that you can tuck inside your shirt. You can also wear it as a brooch as long as you can take it off right away or put it in your pocket.

You can keep your Angelite in a safe place within your house or inside your bedroom. You can put Angelite in a place where you spend a lot of ‘quiet' time. This way, you’ll feel more connected with the stone, and you can channel the messages that the angels are sending.

You should only keep this stone in a place where you’re ready to receive its psychic powers. You can't always perceive those signals. If you keep it in a place where you’re always busy and out of focus, its effects will be mild, almost imperceptible. So always take time out of your day to spend for quiet meditation. This way, you’ll be more receptive, and the powers of Angelite will peak to their highest.

You can place it by your bedside or on a table where you read. You can place it anywhere that you find the most peace. Angelite will do its job of penetrating your aura and giving you peace of mind and the spirit's calmness, which improves your mental and emotional strength.


Angelite formed from gypsum stones previously submerged underwater. When water evaporates, Angelite stones remain, making it a rare stone that forms only under certain conditions. As such, Angelite channels a particular type of energy that connects you to the spiritual world, strengthening your spiritual energy and psychic awareness. It helps in providing the calm and serenity of the soul that most people struggle to obtain. Due to its sensitivity, you can place this stone in any place that’ll provide you with some quiet time.

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