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Aquarius Man Aloof: Why is He Distant?

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Are you dating an Aquarius man that is acting aloof? An Aquarius man acting this way could be a mystery to you. 

An Aquarius man is acting aloof and distancing from you because his emotions and contradicting characteristics are stirring him. While an Aquarius man is taking his time to sort things, you may start focusing on your well-being. 

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What leads an Aquarius man to distance himself from you? It can be challenging to comprehend how an Aquarius man feels at any one time because he is cold and emotionless.

When an Aquarius man pulls away from you and leaves you wondering what the issue is, it is more challenging to comprehend what he is thinking. However, if you are familiar with an Aquarius man, you will know what makes him suddenly stop paying attention.

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My gym buddy, Eddie, told me some insights on what to do with an Aquarius man being aloof. It’s crucial to give him the space he needs and wait for him to fully open up, even if it can take some time.

Reasons why an Aquarius man being aloof

An Aquarius man fears commitment. 

When everything in your relationship goes perfectly, you may learn that an Aquarius man likes talking and sharing gifts. But after that, all of a sudden, an Aquarius man turns icy and distant.

An Aquarius man believes committing to a love relationship will rob him of his freedom. You must give him more time to determine the best course of action for the two of you.

An Aquarius man is overwhelmed and tense. 

When love progresses too quickly, an Aquarius man starts to distance himself from you. This is because he finds himself under mental strain when faced with intense emotions.

When an Aquarius man feels vulnerable, one of his protection mechanisms is to act coldly and distantly toward you. An Aquarius man will react by withdrawing from a situation under a lot of mental and emotional stress.

You have no emotional reaction towards an Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man may become emotionally distant from you if he is not receiving the emotional support he needs. This can indicate an unhealthy connection.

An Aquarius man should have mutuality in an emotional relationship with a partner. He also wants you to put forth effort since he does not want to be the only one in a relationship to work hard.

An Aquarian man will revert to his subconscious trait, which is chilly by nature if you do not respond to him. He will feel he is no longer required to work to earn your favor.

You are showing too much affection towards an Aquarius man.

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An Aquarius man finds it uncomfortable when you indicate a desire to spend excessive time with him. But, on the other hand, what is important is always great to know. 

An Aquarius man will feel overburdened if you cannot stop making calls, texting, or giving him gifts. He dislikes it when you show him excessive amounts of affection all the time. 

He probably finds pleasure in feeling cherished and appreciated. 

An Aquarius man will distance himself from you if you exhibit excessive devotion to him. All it takes for him to retreat abruptly is likely too much neediness on your behalf. 

He likely feels the public display of adoration is suffocating him. However, an Aquarius man is eager to share his ideas and objectives with others. 

He enjoys being in relationships but dislikes the emotional parts of it. An Aquarius man despises it when someone desires him.

He will naturally pull away from you and get emotionally distant if you start to be overly friendly with him. He will feel he is sacrificing his independence when he commits to you.

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An Aquarius man returns to a regular schedule.

All people, including an Aquarius man, are capable of experiencing emotions. He can enjoy things briefly, but he cannot enjoy them for very long due to his sensitivity. 

An Aquarius man may feel that even positive emotions like love and happiness are too much for him to handle. So, an Aquarius man might be working hard at first to win your heart. 

However, he might not genuinely enjoy the pleasure, and his actions may be on purpose to earn your love. An Aquarius man may decide to take things more slowly in a relationship if, over time, he starts to feel emotions that are too stressful for him. 

If you do not express interest in having an intimate relationship with him, he will believe that he is not wanted. As a result, he has fallen back into his default personality qualities: being aloof and apathetic because there is no romance in his life.

An Aquarius man wishes to have some time alone. 

An Aquarius man typically has an introverted personality. Instead of seeking excitement from the outer world, he focuses more on his own ideas and feelings.

An Aquarius man may simply want to have some alone time without necessarily wanting to leave the relationship. Instead, an Aquarius man just needs some breathing room and a little downtime.

An Aquarius man desires to spend more time alone.

An emotional withdrawal occurs in an Aquarius man when he feels he is not giving enough time to himself. As a result, he will feel like he is losing his sense of self-being with you.

You must show sympathy for his situation and permit him to engage in pleasure-giving activities. This could be completing a task, going out with friends, or just sitting alone and playing video games.

An Aquarius man Wants to Hang Out with Friends.

An Aquarius man is gregarious and outgoing. He is nearly never seen alone and is almost always with lots of their buddies. 

If an Aquarius man cannot socialize with his friends, he could grow cold and aloof. On the other hand, an Aquarius man feels drawn to be among his pals because of his intrinsic need to always have a good time. 

An Aquarius man treasures his friendships. 

He finds friendship more intriguing than a romantic relationship that would prevent him from seeing his other buddies. An Aquarius will disregard you if you put restrictions on him by forbidding him from gathering with his friends. 

An Aquarius man prefers to go at his own pace.

An Aquarius man will take things slowly and steadily in partnerships. An Aquarius man has a propensity to overthink things. 

An Aquarius man does not like the pressure to make quick decisions. Therefore, he can act distant if he thinks you are trying to speed up the procedure. 

He wants to space out significant moments in their relationship. It is believable that he finds the connection satisfactory. 

It is also possible that he is afraid to make critical decisions. Therefore, he will not choose lightly and does not want to make any significant changes in a hurry.

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How to deal with an Aquarius man being aloof?

  1. You should stay positive about your outlook toward your relationship. Most likely, an Aquarius man is pulling away because he feels put upon by his inconsistent traits and complex feelings.
  2. You start trying a new activity. Try something new and forget about an Aquarius man for the time being. 
  3. You start reaching out to your friends. An Aquarius man may value some time apart to appreciate the relationship better.
  4. You start revisiting your favorite hobbies. Engage in a favorite hobby to keep your mind busy and rekindle an old passion.
  5. You start focusing on your own goal. For example, spend time working on yourself and your objectives instead of focusing on your relationship.
  6. Accept your differences. An Aquarius man has a unique perspective on life.
  7. Avoid putting pressure on an Aquarius man. An Aquarius man fears the expectations of others. 
  8. Talk to an Aquarius man. Let an Aquarius man remember how fun it is to talk to you.
  9. You should understand an Aquarius man. Try to comfort him with actions and words and be there for him when he is ready to share.
  10. You should give him space. Giving an Aquarius man space will also allow you to think about your feelings.

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