Aquarius sun Aquarius moon: Moon Phase Reveals How You Work -

Aquarius sun Aquarius moon: Moon Phase Reveals How You Work

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon is a combination of someone who is very intellectual, free-thinking, and wants to be part of the world. The Aquarius sun Aquarius moon combination loves to travel loves to learn and loves adventure. That can lead them into all sorts of situations, and as a result, they have many friends.

The sun sign represents the mask they show the world, while the moon represents the true self underneath the cover. One of the first differences to notice between those with an Aquarius sun Aquarius moon combination is how open or closed off they are to love and relationships. The sincere ones are usually very social, warm, and loving people who love sharing their thoughts and opinions, often in long-winded explanations. You can also read this Sun in Aquarius article to fully understand your sun sign.

They want everything to be perfect in a relationship which can cause problems because often it's not possible for things to always be perfect. Although this relationship is full of excitement, it does not necessarily mean that it will last forever. This is because they can quickly get bored with each other and start looking for new adventures with others outside of their relationship.

Don't take failure as a cause to quit

The Aquarius sun Aquarius moon individuals can sometimes be too idealistic. This should be addressed and worked on to avoid a multitude of problems. They have to learn how to roll with the punches to avoid any disappointments.

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The ability to adapt is something they must learn early on in life. Failure should never become an excuse for them to give up, but rather a lesson that will help them succeed in the future.

For example, if they cannot get their desired job, they could apply for another one that has more benefits or financial stability and attract wealth. When they are faced with adversity, they need to remember that it is never too late to turn things around.

Aquarius sun Aquarius moon people should also work on their self-esteem to not depend on others' opinions about them. If someone does not like them, then it does not mean that they are not worthy of being selected by anybody else. They might want to think about being more confident when dealing with others to prevent unnecessary rejection.

This is the time in their life when they are most prone to feeling disappointed, and it can be easy to conclude that a negative result means their efforts have been wasted. But remember this is not a time for giving up. Failure is just one of many steps on the road to success.

If you have this sign combination and are experiencing failure, it is best to seek professional or expert advice and follow it. If you've tried hard at school or work, then don't be upset if you didn't get the results you wanted – it can still be a valuable experience as long as you're learning and growing in your chosen field.

Even if others seem critical of what you're doing, remember that criticism can be a sign that you're getting somewhere – even if it looks like no one else has noticed. And if someone does prove to support your current efforts, then you should take that as a positive sign that things might get better for you in the future.

Remember that some feelings of disappointment are perfectly normal right now – but they don't mean there's any reason to stop trying new things. The only way to fail at something is to give up entirely. So keep focused on what matters most to you, and don't let anyone else discourage you from following your dreams.

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Practice makes perfect

Aquarius sun Aquarius moon people are often accused of being cold, overly analytical, and detached. These individuals are indeed knowledgeable and can express themselves with fluency and eloquence. They are inventive and progressive because they progress to higher levels of understanding with time.

They do not commit themselves completely whenever they start a new project or endeavor. Instead, they like to pick up threads here and there, which they can combine later into an impressive piece of work.

Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Moon natives are the most free-spirited, eccentric, and original zodiac signs. Aquarians are the ultimate nonconformists who march to the beat of their drum. They are also the most rational and level-headed and deeply appreciate knowledge and science.

Truly independent and aloof, they don't like to be told what to do or how to think. While they enjoy helping others, they can also be quite self-absorbed and can only be won over by someone with a great sense of humor and a lot of patience. Their ideal partner is an intellectual soul mate who shares their love of knowledge and learning.

They might not be a morning person, but they're going to have to get up earlier if they want to get in the groove of things. That's because Aquarius rules the 7th House of Partnerships, including all the people they share close relationships with — their partners, colleagues, and best friends. They try to go against nature and force themselves out of bed early to fit into someone else's routine, it's going to be evident that they're not comfortable with it. 

They may even find themselves resenting anyone who tries to make them do it. When trying to connect with others in the world around them, they need to be authentic to themselves first.

It can be tempting to compromise to make others like them become more successful. The Sun signs are an excellent guide to personality and behavior, but that's not all there is to astrology.

The Moon sign has just as much influence on their lives and character, and in some ways, it can be even more revealing. The Moon represents their emotional nature and is connected to their body, which means that it also reveals physical health. And because of its association with the mother, the Moon can reveal family connections and past lives.

Aquarius sun Aquarius moon individuals can see what others cannot see. They have an intuitive insight and can foresee the future. They are good communicators and have a knack for understanding how people feel, enabling them to be a good counselor or therapist. 

They are also a very clever person, able to outwit anyone who stands in their way. Their biggest challenge is that they sometimes can't make up their mind as they tend to analyze each situation. This can lead to procrastination.

Being indecisive is not one of their strong points, and they need to learn the art of making decisions. Otherwise, the stress will take its toll on their health.

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Positive traits and characteristics

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon individual's positive traits include being thoughtful, independent, rebellious, progressive, inventive, and ingenious. They are born visionary, interested in science and the future. These individuals are creative, developed, and innovative individuals who can think outside of the box and bring about change for the better. 

They have an aptitude for technology, science, and engineering and often turn their hand to inventions. They are usually very thoughtful and inventive and have a great need to make things better for themselves, their friends, and their family.

They can be pretty argumentative children who love to debate with their peers. They enjoy being original same as Scorpio sun Aquarius moon and often prefer to stand out from the crowd rather than follow the group.

Aquarius sun in Aquarius moon people love new experiences and try to live life to the fullest. It's hard for them to get bored because they're always trying new hobbies, activities, or traveling.

They can be highly independent, and they don't like asking for help. When someone tries to help an Aquarius sun Aquarius moon person, they can be left alone because most of the time, they will refuse to accept help even if they need it.

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Negative traits and characteristics

Aquarius sun Aquarius moon people are the idealists of the zodiac. They have a vision of a better world where individuals can work together to make the world a better place. It is this vision that gives them so much energy and zeal. 

They have great faith in human nature and the power of the mind to conquer all obstacles. They believe that there will be no problems in this world if we all think positively, love each other, and hate no one.

There are many Aquarius sun Aquarius moon people who have the following negative traits and characteristics:

  1. They can be cold, distant, and insensitive to other people's feelings.
  2. They can be blunt and tactless.
  3. They can be aggressive with others and even cruel at times.
  4. They are stubborn, opinionated, and set in their ways.
  5. They can be selfish and self-absorbed at times.
  6. They can be hypercritical of others, especially if they think that they are superior to them in some way or another (which is often the case).
  7. They can get very moody sometimes, and they don't want to listen to others when they are in this kind of mood.
  8. They tend to be over-confident about themselves a lot of the time because they feel that they know everything there is to know about pretty much every subject under the sun (i.e., no one has more knowledge than they do on any given topic).
  9. They may become intolerant of other people if they decide not to agree with them on specific issues or subjects they consider essential (i.e., things like politics, religion, etc.).
  10. They may lack specific social skills that most other people have.

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