Aquarius sun Aries moon: Learning to Love Yourself -

Aquarius sun Aries moon: Learning to Love Yourself

Aquarius suns are friendly people who can be very helpful. They're people-oriented and love to be friends with others. They're not the most loyal of friends, but they will listen to your problems and try to help in any way that they can. 

If you have an Aquarius sun, you will be interested in new things and share your knowledge with others. You'll also be known for your original and innovative thinking.

If you have Aquarius sun Aries moon, you tend to be attracted to people who are direct. You enjoy their honesty and sense of humor and appreciate their willingness to reach out and talk with you. You are attracted to their unconventional traits and the ability to say what they mean.

Your relationship will need some work if the two of you are going to spend enough time together to grow into something special. Each one tends to hold a lot back about themselves. Which makes getting close more difficult for both of you.

Aquarius sun Aries moon people have a strong, independent streak that can be hard to contain. They like to steer their course and live life their way.

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Telling them what to do is unlikely to work. The only thing that will motivate them is an opportunity to make a difference or achieve something worthwhile.

Aquarius sun Aries moon people are also highly original thinkers like Scorpio sun Aquarius moon and enjoy solving problems in innovative ways. They love new experiences and quickly get bored with everyday things. This makes it hard for them to stick with anything for very long, which can be a problem when they try to find the motivation to accomplish their goals.

They're also impatient, so they may jump from one project or idea to another before they've finished anything. This may be due to their youthful, energetic spirit.

Still, sometimes it seems more like procrastination. Especially if these people get distracted by more exciting activities along the way.

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Finding your inner peace

Those born with the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Aries have Aries as their Ascendant. This means they share the same sign as their ascendant.

They can be very stubborn, and they dislike familiarity and routine. These people are susceptible and have a hard time hiding their emotions.

Aquarius sun Aries Moon individuals must learn how to control their impulsiveness. They need to develop self-discipline if they want to succeed in life.

These individuals are incredibly creative and intelligent. But that is not enough for them in life.

They always want to achieve more in life, so they never feel satisfied with what they have achieved. These men and women must learn that there is no use in becoming obsessed with material success. It will only lead them towards loneliness and unhappiness.

Aquarius sun Aries moon people enjoy spending time alone. But this does not mean that they despise the company of others.

These individuals love having fun and partying hard. At the same time, they enjoy having quiet moments where they can be utterly alone with themselves.

The Importance of Self-Love

It's hard for Aquarius sun, Aries moon people to learn to love themselves. It's hard for them to allow themselves to become vulnerable. 

Trying to please others and make them happy will be a real challenge. At times you may feel like you are losing yourself in the process of trying to make others happy. You can learn how to set boundaries and say no while still being friendly and polite.

It's not easy, but it is possible if you are willing to try. Learning how to love yourself truly is a significant step towards finding lasting happiness.

During your lifetime, you might come across several people who will try to bring you down. Make you feel less than or unworthy. But if you hang onto these negative feelings, they can take over your life and prevent you from moving forward.

Trying to please everyone can also be a challenge for people with Aquarius sun, Aries moon. You may find yourself continually reaching out for the approval of others. But those closest to you may not always be the ones to give it. 

Sometimes people will envy your fiery energy and may even try to keep you down so that they can feel better about themselves. Or they may try to undermine your successes or bring you down somehow. But if you learn how to love and appreciate yourself, even when others don't, then no one can bring you down for long.

You can light up a room with your natural vitality, but sometimes this carefree approach could cause problems in other areas of your life. You must learn how to harness this drive so that it's working for you rather than against you. Learning how to be gentle and nurturing will help you attract the right partner into your life when it comes to relationships.

Why honoring and valuing your individuality is important?

The Aquarius sun Aries moon combination usually presents as someone passionate and impulsive. This person has no problem speaking their mind and can be pretty rebellious. People with Aquarius sun Aries moon may come off as being strong and self-confident, but they may also have a bit of an ego problem.

They need to learn to honor and value their individuality instead of letting their pride get in the way. Letting go of ego is an important lesson for this combination because if they don't learn it, they could find themselves experiencing many unnecessary conflicts and hardships in life.

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Treat yourself with love, respect, and kindness rather than harshly judging yourself (as you may be prone to do). The key for this person is to become more comfortable with showing vulnerability. 

Being naturally intuitive, they are likely good at reading people's emotions, yet they may not be so good at showing others that they care about them. Once this person learns to show the softer side of their personality, the whole world will open up to them, and life will seem much more fulfilling than it does now.

The Aquarius sun/Aries moon pairing is one of the most unusual and complex in the zodiac. Your challenge is to learn how to honor and value your individuality while being true to your deeply held beliefs and goals. This is not an easy task at times, but you can find a balance that works for you with some effort.

Trying to blend into the crowd by hiding your true self won't work for you because this combination tends to attract attention no matter what it does. Your unique angle on everything makes you stand out even in a crowd. You can think outside the box, which can be a real asset if you channel it correctly.

This is also an extremely independent combination, with a strong self-reliance streak and a healthy dose of ambition. Self-motivation is not an issue for you, and neither are lofty goals—but there's a difference between setting ambitious goals and taking yourself too seriously.

It would help if you learned when to lighten up and take yourself less seriously, even though this is hard for you at times. If you're able to find a healthy balance between independence and playfulness, you'll be able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself without losing.

How to Stand up for yourself?

Aquarius sun, Aries moon is a person who is not afraid to stand up for themselves and fight for their beliefs. To them, life is all about their freedom of expression. They tend to be very stubborn and do not change their mind quickly. 

They can be so fixed on one thing that they forget about all the other things that need to be done. They believe in being themselves and always want to be unique.

Aquarius is a sign of originality, independence, and uniqueness. They are intelligent, witty, and open-minded. They possess vision and foresight, which makes them great leaders.

Others often misunderstand their individuality. Aquarians are usually excellent communicators and very good at relating to others.

Typical characteristics of Aquarians: inventive, intellectual, and eccentric; humanitarian; tolerant; unconventional; independent; unique; innovative and original; ingenious in their thinking; determined and persistent, yet open-minded; dislike rules and regulations.

Aquarians, like to communicate with other people about all kinds of topics, including the latest news or something that happened in the neighborhood yesterday. Aquarius night is often when they are revising their plans for the future or thinking about what they could do next in life. They have often had dreams about traveling to distant places or meeting new people from different cultures.

Aquarian people love freedom, variety, and space. All these are essential factors in their everyday lives. These people can't stand being bored – they always need some new activity or project to work on.

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