Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon: Signs You May Not Even Know -

Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon: Signs You May Not Even Know

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This astrological combo rules the world of high-flying entertainment and glamor. These individuals are always on the move, whether it's from one party to the next or from one country to another.

The best thing about people with this combination is that they're generally charming and easy to like. They don't take themselves too seriously and are always willing to have fun. Life is a big adventure for these folks, who never seem to run out of energy or ideas for how to spend it.

This is a pairing of opposites. With Aquarius ruling the head and Sagittarius ruling the heart. This means that many people with this combo are somewhat scattered and flighty.

But they also have a great deal of passion and optimism. These are two signs that love life, so you'll rarely find them in a bad mood.

These people can be overly optimistic at times. Occasionally, reality has a way of slapping them in the face. When this happens, they'll need someone. Someone who can help them get grounded again quickly lest they lose their way entirely.

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They mustn't become overly pessimistic. Because they have such a sunny disposition most of the time.

Aquarius sun and Sagittarius moon people are dreamers who live in a world of possibilities. These people have a wide variety of interests and appreciate diversity.

They enjoy constant change, so boredom is not a problem for them. They are usually highly independent and prefer to work alone. 

Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon individuals tend to be very charismatic and make excellent leaders. Their ability to see “the big picture” helps them see alternative solutions that others might not consider. Similar to people with the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon, they also have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.

Solar Aquarius desires knowledge, freedom, and originality; lunar Sagittarius seeks adventure, expansion, and growth. Individual places their ideals above all else, but they must be careful not to let these ideals overwhelm them and lead them into delusions of grandeur.

Your mind is forever open to new philosophies and ways of thinking

You're a free spirit, Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon. Your mind is forever open to unique perspectives and ways of thinking. You're always on the lookout for exciting possibilities, and you have a knack for making dreams come true. 

You can be somewhat elusive at times. Your thoughts are constantly changing, like the weather in this sign, and you're often off in another mental realm. This can be both a blessing and a curse; it allows you to be creative and makes it easy for others to misunderstand or even misuse your ideas.

Truly understanding how your mind works are essential to knowing yourself. Understanding these things will help you make sense of your behavior patterns, which will help you take control of them.

You love learning about what makes people tick, which isn't surprising given that you're an air sign (and air signs love communicating). However, there's a difference between being interested in what others think and understanding their point of view.

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This pairing's openness also extends to new experiences of all kinds. Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon's philosophy encourages you to embrace all of life's possibilities and not limit yourself by social convention or tradition same with 

You may find yourself drawn to alternative lifestyles or philosophies that allow you greater freedom than usually is available in society. This isn't necessarily bad; it simply means that your restlessness may have you searching for the space you need to be happy.

The downside of this pairing is that once an issue or situation becomes uninteresting, you quickly move on to something else. Even when faced with negativity from others, your sunny disposition tends to keep you from getting too upset about it.

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Uncovering your best match in a partner

The Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon person is a free spirit. They enjoy the chance to socialize and meet new people.

They are often liberal in their beliefs and tend to be cutting edge of any new trend. They love to talk about themselves and what they think, but they will listen to your point of view as well.

They are known for being blunt, which can turn off some potential partners. They tend to have a lot of friends, but they struggle with intimacy in relationships.

They may put more energy into their friendships than in their romantic relationships. While they do better in long-term relationships than short-term ones, many have a hard time committing to one person for life.

The sun sign is a person's external identity, the face you show to the world. It's not to be confused with your inner self, represented by the moon sign.

The moon takes care of your emotional needs, whereas the sun takes care of your physical needs. The sun is the public persona, and the moon is the private persona.

Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon can be best matched with Leo sun Scorpio moon, Virgo sun Gemini moon, Aquarius sun Pisces moon or Pisces sun Aquarius moon. When both signs are compatible, it makes for a perfect balance in a relationship. However, when they are not compatible, there will be an imbalance in the relationship. 

The Aquarius/Sagittarius combination has a great deal of potential for romance. Still, there is also an element of danger that must be guarded against to work out.

When these two get together, they could be pretty happy because they share so much in common. Both signs love adventure and exploration, and both are natural-born leaders who are full of energy and vitality. 

Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon personality

You tend to be fickle, changing your mind frequently. You have a sharp wit, which is sometimes hard to take, but you're so intelligent that people forgive you for it.

Just like Cancer sun Aquarius moon person, an individual with Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon like you, are very affectionate and giving but independent and self-sufficient. You never like being pushed or told what to do, even if you want the other person's help.

You love adventure and excitement, but you have an unpredictable side that often gets you into trouble. For example, you might decide that it would be fun to try bungee jumping when your friends think it sounds too dangerous. You have quite a knack for getting yourself into difficult situations in general.

Your natural confidence can be very appealing at times, but occasionally people find it annoying that you are always so sure about everything. Sometimes your self-confidence can translate into arrogance — especially when someone proves you wrong — which might make some people want revenge on you.

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Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon interests

Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon people are the kind of people that can easily overlook the fact that you have a lot in common with them. They love to meet new people, and they are always on the go.

They are also very easygoing, independent, and odd. In this way, they also have a likable personality that many find attractive.

The Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon combination can be highly unpredictable, especially youth. Their idealistic views may cause them to be quite erratic at times, as they tend to be easily swayed by what other people say or do. They will often change their minds so quickly that it can leave those around them feeling confused.

As they grow older, Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon natives will become more focused on life's little pleasures. While they enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, there's still a part of them that prefers to work alone or with just a few close companions. They are often very eccentric and unique individuals who aren't afraid to try something different or new, similar to Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon combination.

Their sense of humor is one of their most endearing qualities, as well as their ability to stay calm during any given crisis. They have a wonderful sense of humor, a very positive outlook on life, and they make friends quickly. They have many interests and hobbies which they pursue with enthusiasm, yet they can never stay in one place for too long.

They are honest and direct in their dealings with others, expecting to be treated the same way in return. People born under the Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon combination are liberal thinkers who enjoy variety in their lives.

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