Aquarius sun Virgo moon: What Kind Of Person Will You Be   -

Aquarius sun Virgo moon: What Kind Of Person Will You Be  

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Aquarius sun Virgo moon people are all about new things. They're always on the lookout for new experiences. 

The Aquarius sun Virgo moon will look at every situation and try to do things differently than the norm. They don't enjoy doing what everyone else does, and being different is essential to them. 

The Aquarius sun Virgo moon love match is one of the best for long-term relationships. These two earth signs are both practical and rational.

These individuals are also very analytical. This means that they like to gather information before making decisions. 

They are very independent and have a hard time depending on others.

This makes them have a stable and mature relationship. Tenderness and romance are not lacking in this relationship. 

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Both partners prefer to be cautious when opening their hearts to one another. They will be loyal partners who stay together for a long time. 

They share a strong bond of friendship with others that will last a lifetime.

The Virgo is an earth sign, which means they value stability in their lives above all else. This doesn't mean that they don't enjoy fun and adventure.

Virgos are pretty tricky when it comes to avoiding unnecessary risks. They are very hard workers who can find great satisfaction in their careers and home life with their partners.

Your way to success

There's a straightforward way to describe an Aquarius sun Virgo moon. That is, they try and fail their way to success. 

This is not a sign that they're afraid of failure, but they're not scared of taking risks.

The Aquarians with a Virgo moon tend to be very high achievers in life. 

They are intelligent and capable and often have many talents. They have a fantastic ability to pick up an area of study or interest and master it. 

The Aquarius-Virgo wants to learn as much about their chosen area as possible. 

Even though they are intelligent and quick to master things, the problem is that they may not always stay with a project long enough to become good at it.

They love new challenges and hate being bored, making these folks seem somewhat flighty at times.

It doesn't matter what the reason is. The result is still the same: they are always looking for something new, even if it isn't exactly what everyone else would choose.

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Don't let others define your self-worth

Aquarius sun and Virgo moon are a unique combination. You are a person who needs to be surrounded by other people, but you need lots of alone time too. 

Take time for yourself, don't neglect your own needs. 

If you do, you will end up losing yourself in the process. This can lead to problems in your relationships because you could start to resent others for “always needing things.” 

Your love is not dependent on others. You do not place conditions on your love or your relationships. 

Love and relationships are, for you, a means to an end, and you are willing to give and receive love unconditionally. 

Aquarius sun Virgo moon people like you may have experienced a great deal of betrayal from those closest to you, which has caused you to close off your heart.

This has damaged your self-esteem, and now you feel unworthy of receiving love. Your fear of being hurt again causes you to distrust others and their motives, causing you to be cynical regarding the possibility of true love.

The truth is that while they may never leave or hurt you physically, they will cause significant damage emotionally. You need to learn how to open up your heart without allowing yourself to be used or emotionally abused by others.

Your Aquarius sun Virgo moon combination makes you a true original — an independent thinker with a fresh perspective and unique ideas. You're also a hard worker who can accomplish amazing things when you set your mind to something.

You may find that the “rules” imposed upon you by those around you — from family members to society in general — don't always fit with your own beliefs and desires. And although it's tempting to rebel against these rules, the truth is that by doing so, you're only hurting yourself and isolating yourself from others.

The challenge with your Aquarius sun Virgo moon combination is learning to please yourself while not being selfish or self-centered. The key here is finding the right balance between standing up for yourself and being open-minded towards others' points of view. 

The positive side of this influence is that it makes it easier for you to accept people as they are without judging them harshly.

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You can't change anything until you choose to do so

Every moment of your life is a choice, and every choice leads to consequences. 

If you want something better for yourself, you have to go out and get it. You can't wait for it to fall into your lap.

With your practical, systematic approach to life and work, you're a natural for the role of supervisor. You have excellent skills for analyzing and organizing information.

However, some of you can be overly critical of others' work. This may be due to a fear of failure or being unprepared or outclassed by others.

In this position, you are more concerned with what is practical and what works than the ideological or theoretical. 

You want solutions more than inspiration. It's not that you don't have visions; it's just that their actualization is less important to you than making progress in tangible ways.

You are very good at getting people organized and working as a group toward a common goal. You also have an eye for detail that helps you eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

Your greatest strength is your ability to plan so that projects proceed smoothly and effectively from start to finish. 

You need order and structure in your life, but sometimes you take this need too far — especially if you're involved in a creative enterprise like art or music — and become overly rigid about how things should be done.

Don't be afraid to start something new—move in a positive direction on your terms

It's understandable to be hesitant about change when you feel comfortable in your current situation. Aquarius sun Virgo moon people are often the ones who say, “I'm just not the type for change,” when it's a matter of familiarity and comfort holding them back from something better.

As an individual with the Aquarius sun Virgo moon, you are happiest when helping others and making a positive difference in your community. You need to understand that you don't have to wait around for other people to ask for your help before you can take action. 

This does not shy away from expressing their opinions and feelings. They want to understand everything around them to contribute in a meaningful way.

While they might come across as cold or detached from time to time, this is simply because they're tuned into their inner worlds more than anything else. At the same time, an Aquarius sun Virgo moon person needs solitude and independence that others may find odd or difficult to understand.

They are complicated people who are hard on themselves and others at times. They can be critical thinkers who analyze every situation down to the last detail.

This is someone who appreciates facts, logic, knowledge, and science. They have a strong sense of morality and ethics and a need for order in their lives.

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