Archangel Michael: The Leader Of All Angels -

Archangel Michael: The Leader Of All Angels

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This angel heals, protects, and the leader of the army of God. Archangel Michael is the “chief prince” of heaven.

There are seven (7) archangels, yet none can match Archangel Michael's power and status.

Archangel Michael: Who is this Archangel?

The Old and New Testaments say two (2) archangels, and one of those archangels is Archangel Michael. He is the only Archangel that the Bible calls an archangel.

The name Michael derives from a Hebrew word: Mi-ka-El. His name means “he who is like God.”

Mikhail, Mikhael, Mikail, and Mikael are some other spellings of Archangel Michael's name. People also acknowledge him as Saint Michael.

Archangel Michael's name unfolds his role before us: he represents and acts on behalf of God.

Most consider Archangel Michael as the most powerful of all the archangels known. Archangel Michael is not a saint, but an angel and the leader of all the angels. He is a warrior. A respectful, rescuing guardian angel with exceptional strength and great courage.

Not in the Christian tradition is he honored but also among the Jews and Muslims.

In some traditions, they see Archangel Michael as the greatest of all angels. He brings peace and harmonizes all beings by working against the forces of darkness.

He leads the army of God. Aside from being the judger of souls: he is a protector and a defender of God's people.

Moreover, he treats himself with things that have something to do with truth and justice.

Famous icons see him as a warrior wearing armor while using a sword, banner, or divine justice scales. Often shown in art is Archangel Michael defeating Satan dressed as a dragon.

A blue flame emblazons the sword of Archangel Michael. It symbolizes fire. It recognizes as the blue rays, which signify God's will.

Archangel Michael's armor, sword, and blue flame symbolize protection, strength, and courage.

Archangel Michael: the chief Prince, and the celestial warrior, is a protector and a patron of the swordsmen, mariners, grocers, masters of arms, paratroopers, military personnel, and police officers.

Object and reverence, Archangel Michael is a figure.

The people who love Archangel Michael celebrate his day every 29th of September. He shares the same feast day with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael.

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Archangel Michael's Bible Appearances

Like Archangel Gabriel, both testaments in the Bible mention Archangel Michael. 

One of the testaments, the Old Testament, names Archangel Michael as the holiest spirit. The title is that Archangel Michael is the protector and saver for Israel's chosen people.

The Bible mentions the Archangel five (5) times. Here are his appearances: 

  • Archangel Michael is the angel who holds guard over Israel. He was the one who attended Daniel.
  • In Daniel, they introduce him as the one who will withstand God's people about the end time of the world.
  • In the Epistle of St. Jude, he was the one safeguarding the tombs of Moses and Eve. In this mention, Archangel Michael fights with Satan.
  • In Revelation, Archangel Michael, along with his angels, clashes with a dragon.

Like Archangel Gabriel, some think that Archangel Michael is one of those unnamed angels whom the Bible mentions, for he matches the description given. Those mentions are the following:

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  • He is the one who guards the gateway to Paradise.
  • He is the angel who defends against Balaam.
  • The Archangel is the one who routed and commanded an army of Sennacherib.

The Essential Functions Of Archangel Michael

In the celestial hierarchy, Archangel Michael performs essential functions. These functions are the following:

  • He is to combat all the forces of evil and darkness. He is to defeat Satan and the fallen angels.
  • At a faithful one's hour of death, Archangel Michael is the one to escort them to heaven.
  • Protector of souls. He is to be a champion of all and the church itself.
  • Archangel Michael calls men for their divine judgment. He calls them from life on Earth.

The Angel Of Fire, Archangel Michael

Believers of the Archangel Michael say that he resembles the fire element. According to them, he reaches fire because of his works, and it shows.

Here are some points why Archangel Michael is the angel of fire:

  • Encouragement
  • Protection
  • Truth
  • Sins


In times that you are feeling less thrilled about things, Archangel Michael can put you on fire. He can give you a sudden rush of blazing energy. He can give you a spark of enthusiasm. Hence, fire.


Archangel Michael is the champion and soldier of God's people. He resembles fire because fire can ignite things.

Fire resembles Archangel Michael because of his work. He can give you security from evil and darkness. He can burn down and contend with the forces of evil and darkness.


Fire emits light. When you are not familiar with things, sometimes, you feel like darkness is circling you. Archangel Michael can be a fire. He can shed light where there is darkness. He can enlighten your clarity in spots that need clarity.


Everyone sins. You can ask Archangel Michael for help in winning these wrongdoings. With Michael's supervision, one can overcome things, and we can unify deeper with God.

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Archangel Michael: His Reaching Out

Archangel Michael, the leader of God's angel army, fights evil and darkness with the power of light and goodness.

In times of hardships, truths, and trials: call upon the Archangel Michael, and he will offer you his help. Archangel Michael always speaks to people who need help and guidance.

They say that this Archangel goes straight to the point in times of giving his service. If you hear a voice, a sound, a whisper, a crash, or any other- listen because that is Archangel Michael; he is trying to give you his advice.

Sometimes, God and his angels like to leave visible signs to the naked eye when they are helping you. Physical manifestations.

If you keep seeing the colors blue and purple, Archangel Michael is around you. He is trying to let you know that he is with you.

When you feel a different kind of feeling like you are calm, it means that Archangel Michael is beside you.

Be attentive and watch out for symbols. If you have any questions, ask Archangel Michael, and he will give you things that will make you relax. He will surely help you.

Please take note of these signs and consider them. The more symbols you encounter and experience, this Archangel is trying to reach out to you. Let him in, and he will then guide and protect you.

When To Call Upon Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the head of the order of the archangels. Of all that is good, Archangel Michael is your great defender and mighty protector.

In times of the inevitable, call for Archangel Michael, and he will come to you. Even if he is busy, Archangel Michael can give you his service immediately whenever you need it. Ask him, and he will come to you.

When you need courage, strength, and help: make a connection with the Archangel Michael. He will come to you to let you know that he is there. For help from your harmful enemies, call upon the Archangel Michael to protect you from them.

When you face hurdles and hardships, he will give you strength and courage no matter what type it is.

When you are having trouble in making decisions, call upon this Archangel. He will supply you with the certainty that you need. He will provide you with the motivation that you need.

If you intend to pray to Archangel Michael, make sure to consider the following:

  • Your request should always be for the good and benefit of those involved. It should not harm.
  • You can pray to Archangel Michael for others' well-being but before that, make sure that you ask permission from the person concerned.
  • Ensure that when you call upon the Archangel Michael, make sure that he is the right angel you're invoking.

Pope Leo XIII composed a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel in 1886.

This recitation went on from the years: 1886 up to 1964.

If you would desire to receive a shield from the Archangel Michael, cite the prayer here:

Hope in God in the figure of His trusted chief prince.

Trust Archangel Michael. He will escort you and empower you. He will defend you from evil and the darkness.

He will be your armor and shield. Archangel Michael is your helper against all immorality and all the decoys of the devil.

May the Archangel Michael help you see the truth and help you in seeing your absolute potential.

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