Archangel Muriel: Learn More About The "Perfume Of God" -

Archangel Muriel: Learn More About The “Perfume Of God”

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When you have no one to talk to, and your emotions are so vital to handle, call upon Archangel Muriel. She is the angel of emotional harmony and intuition.

This angel handles carrying peace on Earth. Her name means “Perfume of God.” People can connect to her through a sense of smell.

Archangel Muriel: Who Is This Archangel?

Archangel Muriel is an angel of unconditional love, harmony, and selflessness. She is sweet and gentle. This archangel connects with people who are having emotional distress. She will help you heal when you worry, has anxiety, or upset.

This archangel believes that the world needs kindness, and she is ready to give a hand to those who need it.

Her name Muriel reflects the word myrrh. It is a substance for calming fragrant scents. Her name also comes from the Greeks.

This archangel is famous in June. She connects with the astrological sign of cancer and evokes from the South.

This archangel pictures as a female angel that wears a flowered crown, and she is always in the river of life. So, when this angel is near you, you can always smell the scent of flowers.

Those people who have strong intuition can connect faster to Archangel Muriel. Archangel Muriel is part of the second angelic sphere and recognizes as Lords and Lordships. She belongs to the dominions.

It seems that this kind of archangel has a strong connection between God and the real world.

This archangel works through the people's intuition. Archangel Muriel and the pure love of people in their hearts can have a direct connection to God's mercy.

Archangel Muriel works through people's intuition. Archangel Muriel and the pure love of people in their hearts can have a direct connection to God's mercy.

Archangel Muriel is the patron of empaths. Along with the empaths, Muriel is also the patron of those who is incredibly intuitive. Those who develop a unique relationship with Archangel Muriel are sure to acquire healthy powers of presentiment.

They associate Archangel Muriel with the element of water. She's often connected with Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Gabriel. They work in a spectrum that mixes light. She is also associated with the color white and pink. This archangel is a cousin of Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Gabriel in a lot of spiritual ways.

This archangel will help you trust your heart's wisdom and guide you all the time. She will make a way to help you by increasing your passion in your heart. She will be confident in moving your dreams into reality because she knows you have a good purpose.

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Archangel Muriel also helps your sick pets, your garden, and will give you healing energy. She will help your life to develop unconditional love, peace, and harmony.

This archangel makes sure that we must develop kindness and love in our hearts all the time.

Even though this archangel is for giving kindness, she will also help you if you lost someone you loved. She will make you feel that everything is fine. She will aid you and give you positive energy.

This archangel is for people who are sensitive, upset, and always worry.

When you pray to this angel, make sure that your intentions in your heart are good for her to help you. When you pray to her that someone will encounter hardships in life, this archangel will not help you.

If you want this archangel to help you, you should be kind all the time to other people. You also need to appreciate the beauty of life.

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Archangel Muriel's Pink Ray

Archangel Muriel represents water and light, but she has an ultra tone of pink and extra light pink. These rays reflect energy and healing at the same time.

She connects friendship and love. She heals the brokenhearted, have anxiety issues, and brings manifestations with their life.

Archangel Muriel often appears in large rays of pink light whenever you are hopeless.

With her pink and light pink rays, she can also see as a lady with red hair with long curls. She has sky blue eyes and dressed in a robe that has a gold sash in the waist of her pink robe.

How to Connect with Archangel Muriel?

Archangel Muriel can bring calmness and harmony to your life. She is always helping people who call for her. This archangel will always provide you with light, love, and healing. She is responsible for your emotions. So whenever your intuitions in leading you, this archangel is the one who is doing it to you.

Archangel Muriel has the following abilities: 

  • This archangel will help you have inner peace when you are struggling with your thoughts.
  • This archangel will heal your sick pets.
  • This archangel will help you in making your flowers more beautiful. She will always help you to make them bloom all the time.
  • Most of all, this archangel will help you to develop a loving and caring heart for others.

Whenever you seek the help of Archangel Muriel, gather your favorite flowers. Make a bouquet and face the South. Pray with all your heart. 

How Do We Know When Archangel Muriel Is with Us?

When we have pure intentions, and we wish goodness to other people, this archangel will help us right away. But how can we know that she is with us? It is when we smell the fragrant scent of roses or any flowers. That means that Archangel Muriel can awake our intuition and can connect us with God.

This archangel handles our olfactory sense. Archangel Muriel is guiding your intentions when you smell fragrant flowers. You are always guided by this archangel when you have good intentions.

You may smell flowers, but that does not make you feel strange. Archangel Muriel is floral in nature most of the time. She will always come to you in the form of a clear and fragrant scent of flowers.

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Archangel Muriel may respond to us with the following energy: 

  • When we see colors of light pink and white, these colors determined our true selves.
  • When we have a feeling of a good sensation.
  • When we are feeling pressure in the third eye.
  • When we are ready to accept our sensitivity and when we started to care for ourselves.
  • When we smell the scents of flowers.
  • When we have the drive to take care of plants and animals.
  • When we want to help others even though we do not have enough resources.
  • When we always trust ourselves.

Connecting with Archangel Muriel Through Prayer

Archangel Muriel is a soft and kind archangel; she comes to the service of everyone who calls upon her.

Whenever you are ready to ask for this archangel's help, repeat the name Muriel many times. It would be best if you repeated it many times for you to feel the calmness and wisdom. The moment you feel calm, say this prayer:

With the use of your intuitions and the strong desires of your heart, Archangel Muriel will come your way. Always trust the servant of God with purely good intentions, and you will overcome your stress.

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