Are You a Sirius A Starseed? Here Are Some Things You Should Know! -

Are You a Sirius A Starseed? Here Are Some Things You Should Know!

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Are there times where you find yourself admiring the skies? Do you have a different admiration for the stars, planets, and the universe? If so, you might be a Starseed. There are different kinds of Starseeds on Earth, and among those is the Sirius Starseeds.

If you realize that you’re a Sirius Starseed, you need to test yourself if you are a Sirius A or Sirius B type. In this article, we will discuss more Sirius A Starseeds. We will tackle their traits and characteristics, history, their purpose, and signs you should look into one. By the end of this article, you will know how relevant it will be to your personality.

History of Sirians on Earth

When it comes to dealing with humans, Sirians have the most compassionate and unconditional love for them. They show the utmost care for Terrans, which is a name they call Earthlings. Sirians consider humans as their brothers and sisters. They highly believe they are all connected.

There are plenty of souls from the Sirian star system who came here on Earth. Some of them incarnated to finish a mission. Keep in mind that starseeds have missions that they need to do on this planet. Most Sirius starseeds came to Earth as volunteers. The reason for their voluntary act is to recreate the Sirian paradise they once had in Atlantis.

Sirians who came here on Earth are not the old ones that you might think. Most of them are already evolved beings. They are more knowledgeable when it comes to Atlantis and the Atlantean Temples. Most Sirians also perform magic, and they like to manifest on objects using levitation.

Experts even say Sirians were once Magis. Magi beings are popular beings that have powerful magic powers. They are pure and devoted individuals who work in temples. Most of them are astrologers, scientists, astronomers, and alchemists. They also practice divination and prophecy-telling, so they can see the future clearly compared to other beings.

When the 5th and final fall of the Atlantean experiment, thousands of Sirian souls went here on Earth. They reincarnated in some human beings to continue their mission of finding Atlantis again. As a consolation, Sirian souls would, in return, offer knowledge and help to some tribes on Earth.

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Among these tribes is the group led by High Priest Ra in Egypt. The tribe became the start of the Dynasty of Pharaohs. They started building pyramids and sphinx. Later on, the tribe got their medical reputation back, and renowned for their power and knowledge on the field.

Another historical event was when the High Priest Thoth led his people to South America. During that time, they became very popular for establishing a new empire of Incas. It also gave birth to the Sacsayhuaman building, Machu Picchu, and the Temple of the Sun. Experts also say that the Dogon Tribe of Africa remains close with Sirian souls.

Sirian Homes

According to experts, Sirian homes are simple. They live above the seashore, and their houses look like plant pots as well. The house has arched doors and they somehow reach the upper part of their house. The reason why the structure is that way is that they expand their families from time to time. They will just add an addition whenever their child gets their own family.

Sirian Career

Sirians are very hard-working. They always earn whatever they have the hard way. A Sirian’s career mostly lands on their talents and interests. They also work hard not only for themselves or their family but for the whole community as well.

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Why is there a Sirius A Starseed?

As mentioned, there are two types of Sirius starseeds on Earth: Sirius A and B. Since this article will talk more about Sirius A, we will focus on that type for now. Let’s begin by talking about what is Sirius A.

Sirius A is among the biggest planet humans know. Just like Earth, the planet is also mostly made up of water. 70% of the planet has H2O, and this is the same planet where most Sirians lived. When they were in physical form, Sirius A was the home to most 5th dimensional Sirians.

According to experts, Sirians also have similar physical traits to human beings. But they are taller and have darker tan skin. They are bald, and the back part of their head has an elongated form. Many say that their chakras located at the elongated part of their head as well.

If you imagine it, they somehow look like the ancient Pharaohs in Egypt. They also have small chins, high cheekbones, and their eyes are big and stunning. Thus, Sirius A starseeds most likely has the same physical characteristics as well. Sirius A starseeds’ souls come from the planet Sirius A as well.

Sirius Starseed Traits

There is not much difference in traits between Sirius A and Sirius B. They come from the same planet, and it is likely they share the same characteristics as well. Now that you know their history and where they originated, it’s time to discuss their traits. You can do a self-check of yourself if you have these characteristics and see if you are a Sirius A starseed.

They have a strong fighting spirit.

Sirians are brave fighters. With their utmost love for their community, they are warriors when it comes to battles. Their strong personality and mindset make them one of the bravest beings in the world. It’s as if they don’t know fear, and their souls are not easily crushed.

Sirius A starseeds are also gentle and kind. They are sensitive beings, but it does not excuse them from being fearless. Starseed experts also believe that Sirius A starseeds work along with Archangel Michael, who is also the Warrior Angel. With the angel’s Truth Sword beside him, Sirius A starseeds are always ready to fight.

Aside from their bravery, Sirians also know how to sense the truth. They have a strong intuition when it comes to finding out what is real or not. They always trust their inner strength, and they are always ready to fight for it. Aside from that, Sirius A starseeds are well-balanced, calm, and they compose themselves at all times.

With their strong will to fight what is right, a lot of people find it hard to reach them. But if someone is lucky enough to be close with Sirius A starseeds, they feel surprised to see that they are calmer than what they think.

They are simple and pure beings.

Calm as they are, Sirius A starseeds are among the purest and simplest beings on Earth. They believe that simplicity is beauty, and it is the utmost sophistication. They do not aspire to have fancy and luxurious lives. They would rather have a simple and comfortable life instead.

Sirius A starseeds always find the good in everything, even in the smallest things. They love simple pleasures, and they choose to be that way. Their choice of having a simple life also shows in their physical form. They do not own luxurious cars, mansions, and expensive stuff.

They are smart and intellectual.

Sirians are very intellectual people. The way that they guided the high priests in ancient Egyptian times was quite impressive. Leading an entire community requires knowledge and strength, the Sirians have that. Thus, Sirius A starseeds also have the same qualities.

Sirius A starseeds are always hungry for knowledge and they crave it. They always want to learn new things and add them to their stock knowledge. They are also studious people, and they always like to keep their nose close to a book.

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They keep interested in science-related subjects, such as physics. They also love mathematics and problem-solving. Sirius A starseeds tend to have a lot of questions in mind. They won’t stop until they have a reasonable answer to a question. When they study, they are mostly serious and quiet people.

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They are not the social type.

Sirians are introverts. They are not the most sociable beings you will ever meet. Thus, you will know if you are a confirmed Sirius A starseed if you don’t like to go to social gatherings. Meeting new people is not their thing. Instead of socializing, they rather want to make use of their time for other things.

According to experts, Sirius A starseeds are loners. They like being alone and it does not bother them. Being away from people is like their nature as well. Also, it’s not that they're lonely too, but they just like to be alone with themselves and do their own thing.

With that, they spend most of their time alone at home than being outside. It is also difficult to stay close to a Sirian given that they rather be with themselves. If they get into romantic relationships, they always value their personal time and space. When it comes to friendships, they also limit themselves and keep a distance between them at all times.

But, if you are lucky enough to get close to a Sirius A starseed, you will discover they are funny and cute. They don’t always take things seriously, and they also have their own definition of fun that will excite you as well.

They are close to animals and nature.

Sirians always have a soft spot for animals and nature. They always have an interest in dogs, horses, and cats. Aside from that, they also share an admiration for marine animals such as dolphins. According to experts, since Sirius is a planet made up mostly of water, merpeople used to exist in their world. They say that Sirius B beings are a half-human and half mermaid. (You may learn more about this in our guide to Sirius B Starseeds.)

  1. Dolphins

As 5-dimensional beings, dolphins have a special place in a Sirius A starseeds’ heart. Aside from dolphins, they also like water animals. They fancy the beach, ocean, rivers, and other water-related places. Since Sirius is a planet mostly covered with water, it’s a fact that Sirius starseeds have a high interest in water beings.

  1. Dogs

Many say dogs also came from Sirius, and that’s why Sirius starseeds are fond of them. With that, Sirius starseeds—both A and B—can find career paths in animal and wildlife care. They can pursue a career in ecology, biology, and zoology because of their interest in animals.

  1. Cats

Cats, on the other hand, remind them of Lyrians. Lyrians are beings who went away from their Home Planet after its destruction. Many of them were able to settle a new beginning in Sirius. Thus, Sirians and Lyrians always have a strong bond.

Lyrians have cat-like features, which Sirians liked. Their eyes, nose, and face are comparable to cats. Most Lyrians who incarnate here on Earth come in cat bodies. According to starseed experts, incarnated Lyrians in cat bodies often guide incarnated Sirians throughout their life mission.

  1. Horses

Aside from dogs and cats, horse souls also came from Sirius. Horses come back on Earth from time to time, and their souls are mostly Sirian. Most of them come in white horses, but the colors vary as well. in 7-dimensional worlds, many believe they turn into unicorns. Although unicorns are non-existent here on Earth, it could be possible they exist in other worlds.

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They are well-balanced.

As mentioned, Sirians are peaceful beings. They do not like to socialize with other people, and they are calm and patient. With that, they always achieve a perfect balance in their life. In terms of intelligence and knowledge, both the left and right sides of their brains keep a good balance as well.

In short, Sirian A is both intellectual and logical beings. They have the perfect balance of wit and kindness. Sirians also share their love to the entire universe and not just with one person. If you meet a Sirius A starseed, you will feel their soothing and warm personality. And you will surely love them for it.

When it comes to feminine and masculine energy, they also have a perfect balance. Sirius carries a feminine Divinity within them, and that’s where they get their soft and loving trait. On the other hand, their braveness and toughness resemble masculinity. Overall, they are peaceful Warriors who aim to have a well-balanced world.

They are spiritual and uncomplicated beings.

Given that they are intelligent and well-balanced people, they also follow a very spiritual life path. Sirians live a simple life, and what matters to them is their inner peace. They always have a strong spiritual life and they keep it healthy as much as possible.

Since Sirius A starseeds live on Earth and have exposed to its cruel environment, it could be hard for them to keep their spiritual life healthy. However, as Sirians, they will always find a way to keep a simple life. They do so by using their intelligence and deep spiritual habits.

They care for the world most.

Sirius A starseeds aim to have a peaceful world. Thus, they are always one for the world. They are not only limited to their physical body’s capacity, but they always protect the whole universe as well. All their emotions, thoughts, and actions will affect each being in the world and in the galaxy. Thus, they need to be careful too.

Because of their high integrity, they are sometimes not fit to live on Earth and become humans. However, they believe that they can do better things in human form. Thus, they use their kindness and loving hearts to teach lessons to other humans here on Earth.

They are honest and trustworthy.

As mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, Sirians always stand for the truth. Thus, this makes them honest and trustworthy beings. They are not only wise and understanding, but they know what is right and wrong more than average humans. They are also keen on forgiving people.

Sirians give out trust and they also expect others to return it. With that, since they are trustworthy and forgiving beings, they get betrayed thousands of times. Despite getting their trust broken, they still forgive people with or without apology. However, breaking their trust does not also mean they don’t get hurt.

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They find it difficult to express what they feel.

Emotions and feelings are not easy to express for Sirians. If you have a hunch that you are a Sirius A starseed, a good sign would be you don’t know how to express your true feelings. Sirians tend to keep their emotions to themselves and bury it deep within them. The reason for this is they don’t like drama.

Sirians also have a lot of unfixed emotional issues that they carry around with them. Emotional pain is their main baggage, and they don’t show it to anyone. Whether you are a close relative or a friend, it’s hard for Sirius A starseeds to open up. They like to keep it and think they got everything covered. Sirians would rather shut the door and move on, forgetting their own emotional pain.

They are masters of manifesting.

Manifestation is among the underrated talents that Sirians have. They love to claim positive things will happen to them and everyone here on Earth. They always think ahead and they have mastered the Art of Manifestation even before they came here as human beings.

They like to think there is more to life.

Being a part of their positive mindset, they believe there are good things that happen even afterlife. Sirians always get bored thinking about 3-dimensional worlds. They love to daydream, and it’s one of their past times when they don’t have anything to do. Since they love the universe, their heart and mind's fixed to the thought of it.

Sirius A starseeds tend to think beyond the physical state. They always look into the windows of the future and think about it a lot. Sirians have advanced minds, and they expand their thoughts and ideas in boundaries an average human being cannot think of. They crave more than what the materialistic world can offer and look into the spiritual world more.

They are hard-working and task-oriented.

Sirians are hard-workers and they always earn everything they have. They are also particular with how things should be at. Thus, Sirians keep things organized. When it comes to doing tasks, they are also very oriented and detailed. They do not like being idle, and they are not the laid-back type of beings.

When doing tasks, Sirians love to do them in order. Even the littlest detail matters to them. They focus on the entire picture, but they believe the small things matter as well. They also work in precision for them to go the right path.

Another reason why Sirians are task-oriented and hard-working is that their minds are well-balanced. They are both good at synthesis and analysis. They are aware of their two purposes: personal and universal.

Most Sirius A starseeds come from Egypt.

If they do not live in Egypt, it’s possible that their ancestors once did. Most Sirius A starseeds used to live in Egypt. Some are not from the place, but they have a high interest in ancient Egypt history and pyramids.

Purpose of Sirian A Starseeds

Among the most popular Sirian starseeds in the world are Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci. If you observe, the three of them share the same industry, which is math and science. Although it is not compulsory for Sirians to end up like scientists, most of the land to be great experts and professionals in the field of science. Thus, their main purpose lands on helping the world evolve and change humanity through technology and science.

Sirius starseeds are excellent in other things as well including:

  • They have Throat Chakra which makes them great communicators. They instill excellent communication skills that can be an advantage when sharing teachings about spirituality.
  • They are also smart in words, which can make them great artists and writers.
  • Since they have a sharp mind, they can land on career paths that include technology and computers.
  • They are knowledgeable in physics, magic, and divination too.
  • Since they follow their own truth, they can also make great lawyers and judges.

With that, the main mission of Sirius starseeds is to bring new knowledge about science, math, and technology here on Earth.

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