Aries and Libra Compatibility: When Opposites Collide -

Aries and Libra Compatibility: When Opposites Collide

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Similarities and differences are abundant between Aries and Libra. They can find traits that will allow them to work together. At the same time, they have features that can collide for the worst.

An Aries and Libra relationship can be described as extremes. If they are good together, then it will be great. However, if they don’t meet eye-to-eye, it can be the worst.

Read on further to understand what those traits are and how they translate when it comes to friendship, work, and relationships. Know what adjustments they should make for the best outcome.

Aries Characteristics

Brave and Optimistic

Aries are all about strength and courage. They never back down on anything, whether it may be challenges or opportunities. Everything that comes their way, Aries puts their foot forward and receives them arms wide open.

It is not like the ram to back down. When they accept something, they do their best to see it through. That is easy for them with their overflowing braveness and optimism. When you can’t see anything going wrong, you tend to push harder forward to reach a fruitful ending.

Because of this, Aries is always up for new tasks and experiences. They are risk takes, no matter how big they are. So, they are full of new experiences and knowledge that can be incomparable to any zodiac. 

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Kind and Helpful

Aries knows how to be there for people in need. They will help with all their might, being generous when it is required. Their motivation is their desire to put a smile on every person’s face. With that said, they don’t consider helping as a burden, but one of the many challenges they are willing to accept.

Temperamental and Reckless

For Aries, their temper can be their greatest weakness. When they get angry, they lose control of themselves and burst. Anyone who is in their way will be trampled and is up for a mouthful. Even people who have nothing to do with Aries’ issues can get something for themselves.

It is also difficult for Aries to calm down. So, their outbursts can take some time before they can regain their sense of mind. Throughout the entire duration, Aries can do and say things that they don’t mean.

Even if they are not angry, Aries can be reckless. They can make decisions that can be their greatest downfall. One of the culprits is their over-optimism. It can be hard for them to see the consequences of a decision, even if the chances of failing are much greater than winning. 

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Their over-competitive nature also plays a role in their reckless nature. They see everything and everyone as a challenge that needs winning. So, they tend to be battle-ready for every situation and trample anyone in their path.

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Libra Characteristics

Fair and Diplomatic

Libras are natural peacekeepers. They value fairness and make sure to bring everyone into an agreement. 

They will do their best to have everybody heard and put the welfare of the bigger group as their priority. So, they tend to bring people together and create a healthy social environment.

Social and Clever

Libras are extroverts and know how to get along with people. They love being around groups, engaging with them, and meeting new acquaintances in the process. It is their nature to surround themselves with interesting people as they thrive on companionship.

What makes them great at socializing is that they are clever. Wits and smarts make up Libras. Their imaginations are quick, so they know what to say and when to say it. When things get tough, they are fast to come up with solutions and everybody likes that. 

Indecisive and Unreliable

In Libra’s pursuit to please everybody, they tend to overthink every choice they have. They will spend hours weighing the pros and cons of each. In reality, there is no right answer, and they are forced to make the best choice. They will pace back and forth in the process, and find it difficult to commit.

Even the smallest decision, Libras can spend hours before making their verdict. Even then, they can change their choice as they continue their evaluation.

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When it comes to responsibilities like invitations, the indecisive nature of Libra can take over. They find it difficult to make a decision and commit to it. Even up to the last minute, their mind can change as they overthink every circumstance.

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Libras may seem rational, but they have one trait that goes against that. They put too much value on their appearance and it results in their judgmental nature. When they consider someone as less attractive, they can be reluctant to engage with them. In turn, they do their best to pamper their appearances, spending lots of time in the process.

Non-Confrontational and Self-Pitying

When it comes to bringing people together, Libras take a gold medal. But they don’t jump into any conflict. They choose their battles and if it is something they know they can’t win, they leave it for another day until it is forgotten.

It’s because Libras are not good with failure. When things are not going the way they planned, they tend to shut down. They start to feel that everything is against them and there is no chance for success. It is easy for them to lose hope. They don’t see the bigger picture and are always focused on themselves.

Aries and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Libra are not the most compatible friendship. Yet, with the right adjustments, things can go well. As long as they concentrate on the traits that allow them to come together, it can be the best there is.

Aries is impulsive and energetic. Libra is peace-loving and prefers a stable environment. With their opposite preferences, they can provide a different perspective into one another’s lives. It is a friendship wherein the two can benefit.

Also, Libras are charming and well-cultured. It balances Aries’s brazen nature. So, while they may be opposite, they keep one another in check. It allows them to be better people by filling in each other’s shortcomings.

It can be the perfect partnership, but if the two are not careful, they can find more differences than similarities. For one, they are two zodiacs with strong personalities. When it comes to being in charge, they both want to give out the commands. They will find themselves in a power struggle.

If Libra learns to uphold her fair and compromising nature, the two don’t have to argue. However, Aries needs to learn to compromise as well. Libra’s patience and understanding can only go so far and can tolerate so much.

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Aries and Libra at Work

The two zodiacs can be great friends, and the same applies when it comes to working. They may not be the most similar, but their differences allow them to complement one another. Where one falls short, the other fills in, creating a pair that holds huge potential.

Aries and Libra are two zodiacs that are work-oriented. When starting something, they are both good. They can put up the leg work and push needed to get things in motion. However, each has its approach when dealing with things.

With their courage and spontaneity, Aries is action-oriented. They take the lead and give the push that Libra needs to get on its feet. Everything that is hard and needs willpower is the Aries’ responsibility. On the other hand, Libra is on the intellectual aspect. They think everything through and weigh their options. 

Aries can have problems controlling groups because they use their dominant nature. They can be more of a dictator than a leader. This is where Libra will step in, using charm and charism to get people to obey their decisions. 

Even in the work, Aries and Libra balance each other out. They can achieve things which otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do alone. As long as they use their strengths and never dwell in competition, they are bound to go far.

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Do Aries and Libra Make a Good Couple?


One of the major problems in an Aries and Libra relationship is trust. Most of the blame goes to Libra who has a problem with insecurity. Their Aries partner is not enough to silence their issues. Instead, they go looking for compliments and friendly relationships with different people.

Libra’s hunger for approval can cause Aries to get jealous. Aries would even find Libra’s coping mechanism to be stupid. So, the ram tends not to understand Libra, which leads the two in differing opinions. 

Another result of Libra’s lack of confidence is doubting everything Aries does. Aries is not the most passionate nor the best communicator. They will see this as a lack of love and desire, and it can put the relationship in a tough spot.


It can be a challenge for the two to meet eye-to-eye when communicating. Libra can be outspoken, but their shyness can lead them to crawl back into their shell from time to time. At the same time, Aries cannot communicate and always relies on Libra.

However, when they do get to know each other, they will realize the role they play in one another’s life. Aries should uplift Libra, and Libra should help Aries reach their goals. They will communicate better the more they practice their roles in the relationship.


While Aries and Libra struggle on all other fronts, it is a whole different story in emotions. The two are compatible with one another. No other zodiac understands Aries better than Libra. They can look into their soul and understand what they are feeling. This allows them to cater to their partner who has problems voicing out emotions.

At the same time, Aries can awaken Libra’s trust and openness. Something that Libra struggles to do. So, they can help and uplift one another as they see eye-to-eye even if they don’t speak much.

Aries Man and Libra Woman

This relationship takes a lot of compromises. Aries needs to see that he doesn’t get too authoritative or demanding. When he gets overbearing, it can hurt Libra’s feelings. At the same time, she must learn to step down when arguments get heated. This will only make him more furious.

For the relationship to prosper, Aries must provide freedom and privilege. An opportunity for Libra to voice her opinion without judgment. They should also have a lot of trust in one another and not let their prejudices get in the way. 

When the two learn the language of one another and reciprocate the roles they need to fill. It will result in a relationship that resembles close to perfection.

Aries Woman and Libra Man

In this relationship, the two are set to succeed. But there can be challenges if they are not careful. One that can pop up is Aries’s strong jealous tendencies. Libra will not like this and could approach this with hostility rather than compromise and understanding.

Also, if the Libra man points out mistakes in an impolite manner, Aries’ short temper can get the best of her. She can get irritated and insulted which can lead the two into a big fight. 

For this to work, the relationship should be full of kindness and understanding. Each of them has their love language and they both need to learn that. As soon as they understand the imperfections of one another, the easier it is to make it perfect.

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Aries and Libra in Bed

Even in bed, Aries and Libra need to compromise. They will face problems regarding their libido and sexual expressions. It is not so much that they are not attracted, but it is their passive-aggressive behavior that pushes them apart from one another. 

The primary issue is that there is a lack of emotion and poor boundaries between the couple. They can be animals, so it is easy to offend one another. They need to connect through real emotion first before letting their flesh run loose. At the same time, they should understand what they are allowed to do.

When they learn to be selfless lovers, it is when things start to mix for the best. Their sexual compatibility will be beyond the roof and they can have the best experience they can ever imagine.


When opposites collide, it can spell disaster. Not for Aries and Libra. It is a partnership that is filled with understanding and learning. They balance out each other’s bad traits and build on where they come short. Though it is not perfect, it is centered on compromise, especially when it comes to intimacy. So, while it may not be the best, the two are compatible whether it comes to work, friendship, or relationship. With the right adjustments, it can also be the best.

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