Aries and Pisces Compatibility: Will Their Differences Unite Them? -

Aries and Pisces Compatibility: Will Their Differences Unite Them?

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Looking at the traits of Aries and Pisces, it is apparent that the two are opposites. Aries is strong-willed and extroverted while Pisces is calm and quiet, a typical introvert. Though, their differences don’t push them apart, nor does it make the pair improbable. If anything, it is what brings them closer together.

It is said that opposites attract, in this situation, that is true. It is a partnership that allows one another to learn. Aries balances out Pisces’ extreme traits, and vice versa. They make each other better versions of themselves in teamwork like no other.

Nevertheless, there is still no perfect relationship. There will be things that they won’t agree on. However, it is no ocean to cross. With enough understanding and compromise, the two can make their partnership work for the best.

Read on further to know what those challenges are. Learn what this pair can do to make their relationship work despite the circumstances.

Aries Characteristics

The Good

When it comes to braveness, Aries takes a gold medal. Everything they do revolves around this single trait. They accept everything that life gives, both challenges and opportunities. Aries doesn’t back down from anything, no matter how difficult things get. All thanks to their courageous and tenacious nature.

Because of this, Aries tries new experiences without limitations. They can take huge risks and break new ground. Even when they are alone, they pursue their own path.

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Their lack of fear stems from their optimism and hopefulness. They don’t see things going wrong but instead concentrate on the positive results. It allows them to take the chance, despite the risks and consequences. 

Behind all the passion, strength, and courage, Aries hides a much more prominent trait. It is their kindness and generosity. They look at an opportunity to help as one of the many challenges of life that they need to step up to. For them, it is not a burden but a responsibility to put a smile on every person’s face.

Aries are the people you can expect to have a lot of wisdom brought by their experiences. They are also not boring and capable of reaching their goals. But as much as they pursue their path, they never forget about other people. They let kindness be their standout trait and generosity their primary act. 

The Bad

Aries is not perfect. Despite their great traits, they still have their fair share of downfalls. When they don’t channel their positive characteristics the right way, it can lead to toxicity.

When Aries gets too optimistic, they forget to look at the consequences of their actions. This leads them to continue with their pursuit even if the chances of success are slim. They cannot make sound and well-informed decisions, causing them to fail and fall hard.

Pisces being the last zodiac sign possesses so much wisdom. Use this wisdom in guiding your Aries man with his decisions and express it effectively by using Aries Man Secrets as your guide. 

Even their courageousness can lead to recklessness if they don’t choose their battles. Aries also tends to be overly competitive. It destroys the relationship they have with people around them as they treat everything as a challenge, and every one an opponent.

All of that doesn’t mix well when paired with Aries’ short temper. The slightest inconvenience and they can burst into flames. When they do, it takes a while for them to cool down. In the process, they will lash out and everybody in the ram’s way will get trampled.

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Pisces Characteristics

The Good

Pisces is an emotional zodiac. Everything they do is rooted in extreme emotions. As a result, they can be very empathetic. It is easy for them to connect with other people’s suffering and know what to do to alleviate their struggles. 

For Pisces, it only takes one look and a few words for them to unravel the emotional state of an acquaintance. So, they can provide the best kind of comfort, making Pisces the best shoulder to cry on. 

Pisces also make it their responsibility to put other’s needs before theirs. They find the need to keep other people happy. So, they do their best to reach out and be there for the ones they love. They can even be generous, giving everything they have even at the expense of their happiness.

Also, Pisces is creative and passionate. They have a lot of hobbies and express themselves through different creative mediums. It can be through dancing, writing, or art. They are open to new ideas and looking at life from new perspectives.

The Bad

While it is easy for Pisces to give help, it is difficult for them to receive it. They tend to feel that people are not like them and that no one knows what they are going through. Pisces will shut off other people and close their doors. They tend to keep everything inside and suffer in silence.

Because of how Pisces copes, it takes a while for them to get back on their feet. It will be difficult to approach them during their personal time and it can cause them to be distant from their friends and loved ones. The more Pisces does this, the harder they push people away and the more difficult it is to understand them.

Pisces also tend to lose control of their emotional nature. They get too emotional. During an argument, they can burst into tears. Even the slightest triggers can cause them to shut down. When in a negative mood, it can take a long time until they get back on their feet.

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As an Aries, your strong will-power and emotional strength should be enough to help your Pisces man be more emotionally intelligent.

You have to be careful with your approach and the words you use though, which Pisces Man Secrets can guide you with.

Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

The differences between Aries and Pisces are what brings them together, especially in friendship. They will naturally attract one another as they find comfort in one another’s arms. Aries assumes the role of protecting while Pisces brings comfort and relaxation into Aries’ life. 

They can learn a lot from one another. Aries can influence Pisces to become more daring and extroverted to help in achieving and realizing their dreams. At the same time, Pisces helps Aries expose their softer side and be better emotional beings.

It is a friendship that balances out one another. As a result, Aries and Pisces become better versions of themselves. They turn their weaknesses into strengths, something that they couldn’t have done alone. However, their influence should only go so far.

If the two are not careful, the fiery Aries can burn Pisces. At the same time, Pisces can dampen Aries and take out everything up to the very last spark. They need to understand their goal is to control each other’s extremes, and not turn each other into an image of their own.

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Aries and Pisces at Work

As great as Aries and Pisces are as friends, the same applies when it comes to working. Their differences are what make them come together. They don’t tend to compete under the same spotlight because of their different goals, so they don’t push each other away. 

Aries and Pisces complement one another. Aries is the muscle and strength of the pair, while Pisces is brains and charisma. The ram steps up to the challenge while in the shadows is Pisces giving suggestions. 

It is Aries who loves taking the lead and Pisces is more than happy to be the devoted servant. Pisces will never challenge Aries in what they do. In turn, it allows the ram to give it its all and expose its true potential. With the privilege they receive, they protect and take care of Pisces.

The two work in total accord towards a common goal. So, they will reach it faster as opposed to doing it alone. The best part is that they will learn from one another in the process. Aries teaches Pisces how to make dreams into reality and Pisces imparts calmness in failures and disappointments.

Do Aries and Pisces Make a Good Couple?


Trust is a sensitive topic for Aries and Pisces. Because while Aries is confident, Pisces is sensitive and closed off. They will interpret one another’s actions differently and for the worst.

Aries will see Pisces as unclear with their intentions and have a phony façade. That makes it hard for them to give trust. At the same time, Pisces feel insecure around Aries. They see their excessive energy as a means to seek the attention of other people.

It is difficult for the two to understand one another’s actions. It takes time for them to get used to everything, but once they do. There is no challenge that they cannot surpass.


Aries and Pisces have a lot to talk about. They can open up to one another and provide the support each other needs. Though, they can find themselves interested in different things most of the time. Nevertheless, they will find themselves connected and see one another as someone to lean on.

The pair will concentrate on the things that they can grow. Aries will help push Pisces out of its comfort zone and Pisces becomes the mentor of the ram that has problems controlling their energy. It is their nature to give one another a higher purpose. 


This relationship is full of love and emotion. Aries is as passionate as Pisces, but Pisces can be too emotional for Aries. 

Aries lacks the emotional fortitude to connect with Pisces who naturally closes themselves. As a result, they are not able to reach a common ground and will find a sense of detachment. 

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Aries Man and Pisces Woman

When Aries man and Pisces woman have a relationship, it is full of love. So much that they can overcome any differences. It is not to say that they will not have any arguments, but ones that will not hurt their relationship long-term.

They know how to be romantic. Both can offer compassion and security to one another. It is an equal and fair relationship wherein the two pull their weight. They will do what they can to make things easier for each other. 

The two feel calm around one another with the assurance that they provide. However, they still need to find a common ground when comes to authority. Aries man is aggressive and dominating. If he is not careful, Pisces woman will forget about herself and it can lead her to chase something else.

It is not a perfect relationship, but it is close. The challenges are no bigger than puddles. With their love for one another, it is easy for them to overcome the small differences they will face.

Aries Woman and Pisces Man

A strong couple, this relationship is a great match. They will support one another through thick and thin, and there is nothing that can come in their way of a successful alliance.

Though, one of the hurdles they need to overcome is arguments. Pisces will always show resistance against Aries. He will bring up logic and sense to the table which Aries will find annoying. When Pisces doesn’t get what he wants, he tends to walk away and leave a fight without any resolution. A Pisces man starts ignoring an Aries woman.

Pisces values peace too much. Aries demands confrontation. The two do not mix well together and it can make for the worst kind of fight. 

For the relationship to work, each of them must understand one another. When they fill the gap of their shortcomings only will they be able to create a bridge to better approach arguments.

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Aries and Pisces in Bed

In the bed is where Aries and Pisces struggle the most. Aries is instinctively sexual. They know what they want and can ravage like an animal. On the other hand, Pisces is closed and reserved. They care about sex, but more on reaching orgasm rather than the act itself.

Aries can come as insensitive to Pisces. Pisces will make Aries feel unvalued. They will keep on hating one another as they cannot understand what each other wants. Both will be waiting to get their desires quenched, but none will come. It will be torture and the more it goes on, the more unstable their sexual relationship becomes.

What they need to do is open up. Pisces needs to be more vocal with their needs and Aries must be understanding. It is a struggle and they need to find a compromise that will satisfy both of them. It will not be the best sexual experience, but at least they will stop hurting one another.


Differences come together in a relationship like Aries and Pisces. They teach each other and balance out their imperfections. Both will learn in their relationship and they will better themselves in the process. They will be full of love, but they will also disagree on a lot of things. So, there needs to compromise on a lot of fronts. 

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