Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Can They Be More Than Friends? -

Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Can They Be More Than Friends?

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Aries and Virgo aren't peas in a pod. They don't go perfectly well, like peas and carrots. They have more contradicting features than similar ones. Though, that doesn't mean that the couple is hopeless.

While Aries and Virgo are not ideal for each other, a slight adjustment can go a long way. Their personalities won't fit immediately, but given time; they will slowly find their place.

Why is it so? What features does each of them hold that allow them to work together given the right circumstances?

Here, you can get a grasp of what their general traits are. And why they can mix quite well when the two do their best. Know their compatibilities and what can separate them from each other.

Aris and Virgo General Characteristics

General Characteristics of Aries

Positivity and Braveness

Rams symbolize Aries. They are brave, strong, and tenacious. When it comes to new challenges and reaching new heights, they are fast to step forward. They are not afraid of anything that comes in their way. What they do instead is tilt their head down a little and charge.

Taking significant risks is the middle name of Aries. Whether it may be trying new experiences or pursuing a challenging goal, Aries knows only to go forward and never back.

It is their braveness that allows them to be full of energy, passion, and creativity. Their first step in life will always be looking for solutions and coming up with ideas. They never consider failure or stepping down as an option.

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Full of optimism and hope, Aries are natural-born leaders with hearts full of kindness and generosity. Anyone would want to be close to an Aries as they will take the lead and think of other people over themselves, even when things get tough.

Recklessness and Temperamental

When everything goes right, Aries is going to be your best friend. But with the dawn of challenges and hurdles, it is when things get problematic.

Sometimes, Aries can get too blinded with their positivity and braveness that they become too reckless. They fail to understand the consequences of their actions and always charge head-on no matter how great the risks.

It is because of their incredible bravery that Aries always end up being battle-ready. As they don't back down from a challenge, they never say no from a fight as well. Even if the chances of winning are small, Aries doesn't think twice to hurdle and pounce with all their might. In the end, they get left with nothing but failure.

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Sometimes, the over-competitive personality of the ram gets the best of the Aries. Everything for them is a challenge or competition. It prevents them from thinking straight and approaching a situation the best way possible.

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General Characteristics of Virgos

Perfectionists and Hard Working

When it comes to reaching goals, Virgos are gold medalists. With their perfectionism and meticulousness, they always get the job perfectly done.

Virgos are constantly striving for improvement. They don't take any breaks. Every single second of their lives is always about how to be better and more successful. If they have a middle name, it would be dedication.

Naturally, Virgos have a strong attitude towards professionalism. It's what makes them reliable and hard-working. As they constantly strive to be better versions of themselves, they are always patient and kind.

Stubborn and Over Critical

However, it is also their strong sense of perfectionism that makes them stubborn. They are not always open to new ideas. Virgos think that they know best, so they stick to their routine and never change their ways.

Remember, Virgos are meticulous and that sometimes gets the best of them. It makes Virgos overthink the slightest things. They keep on thinking about what to do next and what they have done wrong. So, it takes a lot of reassurance to level with them.

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As Virgos can't stop themselves from thinking, they are also over-critical regarding other people. They can sometimes think of others as inferior and judge them for practices that don't align with theirs.

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Aries and Virgo as Lovers

Aries Man and Virgo Woman Relationship

The personality of an Aries man and Virgo woman are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. At first, they will feel compelled to be attracted to one another. Unfortunately, the closer they get, the more apparent their differences become, and they start acting as hurdles for their compatibility.

Being an Aries and a man doesn't mix too well. The dominant nature of a man and the brave and challenging nature of an Aries comes together to create a typical alpha male.

On the other hand, a Virgo woman will always approach every situation with rationality and create the best solutions. However, a woman tends to be more stubborn than a man. Pair that with the already stubborn nature of a Virgo, and you have a self-righteous woman.

The two don't mix. An alpha male will always see a self-righteous woman as a challenge that needs winning. It will be a constant tug of war on who is right.

There is little chance for the partnership to work out. The Aries man needs to be more compassionate and tolerant to appeal to the Virgo woman. He must set aside his prejudices to change his partner's emotionless nature to something that he can love and respect.

It is a long journey for an Aries man and Virgo woman to work together. It involves a lot of trial and error. There will be many fights throughout the journey before reaching a middle ground between the two.

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Virgo Man and Aries Woman Relationship

The Virgo man and Aries woman relationship will be riddled with constant tension. Their characteristics don't necessarily fit well with each other, and that means frequent disagreements.

A Virgo man will always seek to better improve himself, including chasing a brighter and better future. Unfortunately, the brave and tenacious nature of the Aries woman makes her content with what she has. If anything, she has no opinion on what the future holds. She merely takes every challenge that comes in her way like a game.

An organized man and a spontaneous woman aren't the best mixes. The man gets irritated when spontaneity disrupts his perfected routine. The woman gets bored when affixed with rules and routines.

At the end of the day, the two will always find themselves constantly fighting who is right. One will always strive to have their intentions upheld over the other.

While it may be difficult, the chances of a Virgo man and Aries woman relationship to succeed is there. However, it will take a lot of compromises and personal reflection to reach that middle ground.

The woman must learn to strive better and infuse a routine that will better her. At the same time, the man should have more patience in honing the woman's intimate and responsible nature.

While the characteristics of the two are each on the opposite side of the spectrum, they can be used to their advantage. Each can consider one another as a learning experience instead of a challenge that needs winning.

Aries and Virgo in Bed

As complicated as an Aries and Virgo relationship is, it is no different when it comes to the bed. The characteristics of the two don't see eye-to-eye.

When it comes to chastity, Virgo takes a gold medal. No zodiac can surpass the asexuality that Virgo holds. They don't have a strong sexual presence or presentation.

For a Virgo to function on the bed, a lot of stimulation is needed. That includes breaking communication barriers, creating verbal stimulation, and literally, a lot of foreplay. It takes patience to break through a Virgo.

However, that patience is not something that an Aries has. Typically, an Aries' strong and confident nature compels them to lift their partner off their feet and ravage them like an animal. They know what they want, and they want to get down to business immediately.

An Aries is the complete opposite of the abstinent Virgo. They are ready to pounce and don't have the patience for the petty things. They can come out as arrogant, selfish, and mannerless for their Virgo partners. At the same time, Virgos can come out as close-minded and self-absorbed for their Aries partners.

The only way for the relationship to work is for each side to understand their prejudices. When they have done that, it is then that they can lower their barriers and cater to each other's needs. Not just address one another's issue, but a middle ground agreeable to both.

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Aries and Virgo as Friends

The difficulty of an Aries and Virgo relationship is the opposite when it comes to friendship. Apparently, an Aries and a Virgo can come together as long as there is no intimate relationship involved.

While it may be easier, the two still need to take caution. They still have characteristics that can be found on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Unless they practice sensitivity towards each other, it is easy for the friendship to go downhill.

One should not criticize each other's habits and mutual interests. It can be difficult for Aries to do that because they are naturally honest and do not care about other people's feelings. But a Virgo can be an overthinker, and that brutal honesty can destroy their peace.

As much as there are challenges, the benefits of friendship stand out the most. When it comes to loyalty and dependability, the two can be one another's thought banks. They can be each other's go-to through ups and downs.

The two also exhibit strong kindness. So, for every challenge, they can come up with mutual end goals.

It is the significant differences between the two that make them suitable for each other. They are so different that one can extensively learn from the other. They are excellent when working as a team. Not so much when working together.

In the end, an Aries-Virgo relationship still takes time. At the start, it will be more of a mismatch than a partnership. However, as the days go by, it is when the two can get along even more. As a matter of fact, it is a friendship that can last in time.

Aries and Virgo at Work

With Aries' natural leadership skills and the perfectionism nature of the Virgo, the two create a great team at work. Though with their differences, they need to tread lightly, or they can get on each other's nerves.

The Aries wants to be the leader and engages every challenge head-on. They will come up with bizarre and extreme solutions at times, but that enthusiasm is intensely infectious. A Virgo is more rational and could easily spot the flaws in Aries' plans. If the Virgo is not too careful, it can be a fight for power and control between the two.

When they get past the power struggle when the Virgo knows how to keep a step back, and when the Aries doesn't take offense in criticism, the two can make the perfect team.

The tenacious and leadership nature of the Aries can lift the team. At the same time, the Virgo makes sure that all the enthusiasm will have a purposeful ending and not go to waste. One brings quick thinking while the other offers rationality.


The Aries and the Virgo are not the best couples. But they can make for the best friends and best co-workers.

Their opposite characteristics are what make it almost impossible for a relationship to work out. On the other hand, it is what makes it great for a professional relationship.

Being completely opposite allows for each other to learn different things. They have different purposes, and so they can move towards a mutual goal while performing various tasks.

In the end, they still need to be sensitive and cautious with one another. The proper adjustments and compromise can lead to a perfect friendship or make a hard intimate relationship work.

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