Aries In 1st House (Aries Rising): Admired And Hated -

Aries In 1st House (Aries Rising): Admired And Hated

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There are twelve houses in your chart. Each House represents an area in your life, a quest that will be a driving point on specific moments in your life. Your time of birth determines which would be the sign that shall be affecting all the other houses. Ideally, your sign in the 1st House would be the sign that shall lead your natal chart. It is the sign that shall affect the quests you have in your life.

It is almost the same as the Rising or Ascendant sign, which affects how you present yourself to the world, the traits that will allow the world to define you, and how you relate to new experiences. Understanding your First House will allow you a more comprehensive and complex view of yourself together with your Sun sign. You will begin to understand why you act a certain way on certain occasions that may not be available by considering only your Sun sign. 

Having Aries in your First House means that the characteristics of an Arian will dominate your quest for spirituality (12th House) or intimacy (8th house). Being your Rising sign means you will take on new experiences like an Aries, with rigor and excitement. The people around you will generally see you as one filled with passion and energy. And maybe your Sun sign is a bit more subtle than Aries, that will be for a different discussion, and such view will be of a distinct moment as people begin to experience you as you share your world.

Generally speaking, Arians are known for their passion and independence. Being the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries will always lead the way into anything. They take risks as naturally as breathing, and new experiences will always be fun-filled and exciting. Imagine a child about to do something new, and the interest will be at an all-time high. The energy is through the roof, and this will resonate and infect everyone around him.

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Aries is an active force. Having it in your First House means that your quests in life will never be dull as it will lead each one of them. If your Sun sign is a bit more laid back, Aries will make sure to fan the flames that will provide an eventful experience.

Personal Life

You are the most straightforward of all the signs. You deal with experiences directly and intimately. You would often find yourself thinking about what to do next; this is a primary quality of Aries. When you were very young, you won’t just sit and behave. You would be the one trying anything and everything. Your exploration may not always be out of curiosity. Just like a Virgo, most times, it will be just for the fun of it.

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You love to take on challenges, and because of this, you are one to never back down in the face of hardships. You eat problems for breakfast. The more challenging it is, the more interesting it becomes. It fires up your energy and stimulates your sense of adventure. It is why when you are with an Arian, there will never be a dull day.

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On the other hand, your love for challenges comes with a high sense of independence. You prefer to have your own space to the point of isolation. Such an active way of life will tend to intimidate other people. You are fast pace in taking on challenges, and some people find it hard to keep up. And because you are also self-reliant, this won’t bother you too much, and just move forward to your next plan. Learn to be aware of these things, for it will soon tip your social balance.

Nevertheless, you are intimately connected with your inner self, no matter how busy you are. You live inside your head because your outer environment will be all about activities. Having a friendly Sun sign would help you or just present you with another challenge to take on.

Love and Family

You connect with loved ones on a more substantial emotional level. But unlike the Cancer who have a deep sense of feelings, Aries are passionate. And that passion resonates in how you deal with people you love. Your independence may be one you hold dear, but when it comes to helping your family, you will not hesitate, not even for a second.

Extremely helpful and self-sacrificing, you won’t mind spending all your resources and efforts on a loved one. Your family knows you are the first to rely on and the last to give up on them. That is how passion works for you in your intimate relations. Your influence in the decision-making of the family is evident. Anyone close to you knows you are highly capable of difficulties, and so your advice is always one heard and considered.

On the other hand, your family can count on you to spice things up. Your fun-loving nature and adventurous gig make you the initiator of activities that your family and your partner will always love to do. You are into new things all the time; they get a piece of it through you when they join you on your quests.

In intimate relationships, your force will undoubtedly come into play. You love with white-hot flames of passion that will make for an exciting love life. But for your partner, this will be a challenge because you don’t like dull moments. A partner who is not as excited or active as you are would often not work. 


At work, you will be on an all high. You have a take-charge personality that comes naturally to you. You take the initiative in projects in your company, and you don’t shy away from risks.

You are at your best when taking on a new project. Your energy is at its maximum level as you begin a new program at work or initiate a new project. Unlike other employees who prefer to do familiar tasks, you take the plunge into unchartered waters head-on. It makes you a great leader. You will take the lead with guts and glory.

But being an Aries may be a challenge in itself. As much as your independence and self-reliance are great qualities that can take you to high career trajectories, you are not so well-versed with collaborating with others. They are too slow for your fast-paced mind. You would already be beginning a new project when the rest of your team may just be catching up with the previous one. 

People who are highly influenced by Aries find excellent career potential in fields that do not require much collaboration on a day-to-day basis. Your group activity may work if it will entail you paving the way for your team without much dependence on being on the same page right away. You also will work best with highly intellectual people who think on their feet and will not mind you being ahead as they make their way to the general goals.

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Aries is the first zodiac sign. It is a cardinal sign and an influential one. If you can muster all the suitable characteristics of Aries, you are unstoppable. You can take any challenge and is certainly not afraid or intimidated to encounter one. Your passion will fire up any potential adventure, and you would be at your best.

But you must also note that people have different pacing. Your greatest challenge is to maintain patience if at all, to preserve the social connection. Your preferred pacing in areas of your life may render you alone. Prioritize the parts in your life that will be utilizing your full potential, and identify those that you will have to compromise with the rest of the world.

You resonate with ambition and independence, passion and vigor. People are impressed and intimidated by you. You are highly admired and hated at the same time. You impose a standard that not everyone can achieve, so learn to be patient during these moments. It is essential to achieve some sort of balance in other areas of your life, no matter how impressive it already is. After all, you would want to be transcendent and not as temporary as your attention.

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