Aries man eye contact: What does it mean?  -

Aries man eye contact: What does it mean? 

The eyes are the window to the soul. And when you make eye contact with the Aries man, you feel like staring into his whole being.

Looking into the depths of the Aries man’s eyes can leave you breathless and disoriented. You feel your heart race, and your cheeks blush.

You put it down as an accident the first time, but it keeps happening.  You start to wonder, what does he mean by staring into my eyes like that?

Keep reading to know my answer to that question.

The Aries man and his eyes

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign and ruled by the planet Mars. Cardinal signs are the heralds of the seasons; in this case, Aries signals the beginning of spring.

Cardinal signs like the Aries have excellent leadership abilities and can influence the other signs, and thus other people around him. Aries being a Fire sign also means that people born under this sign are aggressive, competitive, and excellent at setting things in motion.

The Aries man is full of energy and very active. He is very confident and not shy to show his abilities to the world.

But there is something inside him that the Aries man is always shy to show, which is the childlike, silly, and emotional version of himself. But no matter how he hides it, this private persona is a part of him, just waiting for the right time to come out.

You can catch a glimpse of the Aries man’s private persona in his eyes. It will make you see an otherworldly mix of raw energy, hidden desires, and devilish thoughts.

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Why does the Aries man make eye contact?  

I’ll give you the answer right away, shall I? The Aries man makes eye contact to initiate a connection. His private persona is both consciously and subconsciously yearning to connect with you.

The Aries man’s reason for wanting this connection can be anything, and it’s your job to find it out for yourself. If you need more clues to uncover the mystery of the Aries man’s eye contact, I listed some of these reasons below.

He wants to be friends

You have caught the interest of the Aries man, but he is unsure how to approach you. He keeps staring at you to see how open you are to being friends with him.

The Aries man is usually confident and outgoing, but he will get shy around people that intimidate him. It is possible that your personality or the way you present yourself brings out the shy person in him.

He wants to flirt with you

The Aries man’s fiery stares and meaningful glances can be his way of flirting with you. He wants to catch your eye to see how you’ll react; he’s testing the waters, so to speak.

The Aries man will approach you if he likes your reaction but will wait longer if he’s not sure. He has to be cautious because as confident and aggressive as he is, he still hates rejection as much as the next guy. 

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He is attracted to you

Making eye contact is always the first step to the dating game plan of the Aries man. He believes that you can know more about a person through a moment of eye contact than through years of being with them.

If he is attracted to you and wants more than just friendship or flirting, the Aries man will want to catch your eye and try to gaze into your soul. He may not even be aware of it, but his eyes will naturally find yours if his body feels a natural tendency to connect and be closer to you. 

What do you do?   

So you know that your Aries man is trying to connect with you through eye contact. Now what?

Your Aries man has initiated the connection so the ball is on your court. He will wait for you to react, so don’t dismiss this sign and miss your chance with him.

Hold the eye contact

The best way to react to the Aries man making eye contact is to meet his gaze. Show him that you are a woman with a strong will and confidence to meet his challenging stares head-on.

Holding the Aries man’s gaze will also show him that you have nothing to hide and can meet his eye with honesty. He knows that liars and players hide their true deceptive natures and thus won’t be able to meet his eyes and hold them for long.

Whatever reasons the Aries man may have for looking at you in the eye, meet it and reassure him that you have no problem with it. Match his friendly smile or sultry gaze and let him know that it’s ok for him to approach you and connect with you.

If your Aries man’s stares become intense, hold onto it and whatever you do, don’t back down. Doing this will intrigue him more, and he’ll want to get to know you as soon as he can.

Highlight your eyes

Making your eyes the highlight of your face will further attract your Aries man to stare at them. Learn makeup tricks to accentuate your eyes and make them pop, but make it subtle, or he’ll think you’re trying to hide your eyes under makeup.

You can further highlight your eyes by wearing dangling earrings that match your eye color. The Aries man will see brighter and more colorful eyes, and your eye color will unconsciously remain in his mind for longer.

Having clear skin will also help keep the Aries man’s focus on your eyes. Good skin is a sign of good hygiene while also giving the boost of confidence you need to meet his gaze.  

You can further make your eyes pop by choosing the right clothes and hairstyle. Choose clothes that complement your eye color, and go for a hair color and style that best frames your eyes. 

Go beyond the eyes

Eye contact is just the start, and for your relationship with your Aries man to advance, you need to start using more than your eyes. Begin by smiling at him the next time your eyes meet, and wait for him to react.

If your Aries man is having a secret crush on you or hiding his feelings, he will be encouraged with a smile or friendly look from you. Don’t be afraid to say Hi to him next time.

Use your body language and let him know it’s alright to be himself around you. If you see him starting to flirt, match his actions and give him subtle but seductive movements like looking at his lips and whole body or twirling with a strand of your hair and flipping it to reveal a part of your neck.

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The Aries man is obviously a visual kind of guy and would not talk for some time but let his eyes speak for him. So it’s on you to use your eyes and body to keep the conversation going, and if he likes what he sees, expect him to take your relationship to the next level very soon.

React in time

Timing is everything when dealing with the Aries man. If you react too early, you might spook him, but the moment will pass you by if you wait too long.

The Aries man will always initiate the first eye contact, and it will surprise you because it will be out of the blue. The best reaction you can give is a slight smile that means, Hey there!

If you like the Aries man who made eye contact with you, he will see it in your eyes and will do it again. Try to act unconcerned but not dismissive, or he’ll be discouraged.

Wait for his next move and be patient. Approaching him first will abruptly end the chase, which he is still trying to prolong and enjoy.

Get texting

If the Aries man likes your eye-to-eye conversations, he will likely approach you through text. So be sure that your texting game is on point.

The Aries man will find an excuse to send you messages, and if you play it right, he will be texting you regularly after that. Be sure to have a friendly tone and not make him feel pressured to keep the conversation going.

Don’t overshare, and don’t pepper him with messages, or you’ll appear too eager. But do respond to his messages right away, or he’ll think you’re playing him.

Play with his competitive nature by casually mentioning that some guy is interested in you. This will make him think that you will not be available for long if he doesn’t act swiftly. 

Build the bond

You can’t keep your Aries man just by catching his eye. Now that you’ve formed a connection with him, it’s time to work hard to build that bond.

The Aries man values honesty, so show him the real you without pretense. Worrying about what he’ll think about you will not make you at ease to be with him.

Building the bond can also be through developing mutual respect with your Aries man. Be that someone he can depend on, but don’t be clingy and demand too much attention, or he’ll get suffocated.

Be sure not to take your relationship with your Aries man too seriously and keep the fun going. Enjoy your time together, and don’t forget to take some time to look into his mysterious eyes that brought you together.

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