Aries Moon Sign: The Best and Worst Personality Traits (Are You Passionate?) -

Aries Moon Sign: The Best and Worst Personality Traits (Are You Passionate?)

Your zodiac sun sign represents the position of the sun at the time of your birth. For instance, if you say you're a Virgo that means that the sun was passing through the zodiac Virgo when you were born.

The zodiac sun sign also represents all your characteristics; it is your essence as a person. From the word “Sun” itself, your whole personality revolves around your sun sign. Most horoscopes would begin their premise from their Sun sign because it's the essential aspect of your persona.

However, one may feel that their personality is in contrast with their sun signs. For instance, one person may be born a Virgo but relies more on feelings than logic, or someone can be a Pisces who's very authoritative and enthusiastic. When these complexities in personalities arise, you can look at your complete birth chart.

When you look at your complete birth chart, you'll notice that your zodiac sun sign can't describe your personality alone. It would be best if you also considered your Moon, rising, mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto signs as well. Reviewing your birth chart will reveal a lot about your personality as a whole – your emotions, relationships, family, desires, and even your ambitions.

Among these planetary signs, the moon sign represents the innermost desires of a person. Your moon sign describes your feeling and emotions, how you handle yourself, and what aspects of emotions you look for in a person. It shows how you react to a given situation, how your moods change based on stimulus, and how you feel other people around you. In simple terms, your moon sign describes the “inner” you.

This article will dwell mostly on the Aries moon sign. For lunar Aries, life is a series of adventures and emergencies. From a broader perspective, people born under the Aries moon sign tend to see things full of enthusiasm. They like to act on the spur of the moment, and they love the thrill of it.

Of course, many layers can describe lunar Aries. This article will guide you on how people with the Aries moon sign process their feelings and how their emotions fluctuate as they interact with other people.

Best Characteristics of People with Aries Moon Sign


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Unlike those that were born with the moon in libra , one of the defining characteristics of a person born under an Aries moon sign is that they are highly energetic and enthusiastic. These individuals reward themselves by always being on-the-go and seeking adventures. Lunar Aries possess the determination to do things with grit and passion, which is why they're sometimes called the “boss” when it comes to work or academics.

Aside from their determination, their optimism also helps them when faced with a tough decision. Lunar Aries always look at things in a positive light, and they rarely feel demotivated at all. This outlook in life boosts their motivation and helps those around them to do the same as well.

Even if Lunar Aries feel sad and lonely, they will find a way to cope with these negative emotions. Their optimism and dynamic personality will win over these emotions, and it will set them back into motion.

As the first zodiac, they have the innate capability to lead and initiate others. Despite their adversities, people born with the Aries moon will rise above these conflicts and show other people. They will rise to the occasion, which is why they're often best suited in jobs such as PR, diplomacy, administrative work, and even Marketing.

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Independent and highly self-sufficient, lunar Ariens thrive the most when they can act out of their freedom. Their thinking process can fluctuate, but they'll eventually come up with an exciting idea.

Following their enthusiastic nature and pioneering attitude, lunar Aries have strong self-confidence and a belief in their capabilities. They know that there's more than one way of achieving things, and they're more than willing to try each process to see which of these will give the best results.

Their self-sufficiency helps them craft their own life according to how they want it. Independence is why most lunar Aries will be successful if they're going to run a business independently. They know the in's and out's of a venture, and their optimism and enthusiasm will surely help a lot.

Lively and Friendly

Since the moon sign describes how people process their thoughts and emotions, lunar Aries can be seen as a person who's full of life with a vast network of friends. Their enthusiasm and belief in themselves project outward to become the extroverted Aries Moon people.

Lunar Aries know how to get along well with people, and they also like to initiate a friendly conversation with a stranger. They love the idea of having someone to speak or argue with, be it a sensitive topic or a nonsense idea.

Also, the emotions of a lunar Ariens do not fall in a gray area. Their feelings sit at the extremes of the spectrum. When they're happy, they're outspoken. When they feel sad, they cry their hearts out.

Their genuineness often shows which attracts many people, proving that people born under the Aries moon sign are friendly and pleasant.

Full of Energy

Aries burns the brightest among the three fire signs of the western zodiac. This flame manifests through sudden outbursts of energy and life. This energy describes why even the timidest zodiacs can be a little bit overwhelming. Their sun signs might tell them as emotional or introverted, but if they happen to be an Aries moon sign, their energy can flow and make them burst into life.

Lunar Aries are good at having these wild bursts of energy, but these people also mastered the art of directing these energies into something more productive. They can harness this energy to do work or to pursue things that they haven't done yet.

Their pioneering nature, love of adventure, sociability, and enthusiasm make lunar Aries fun people. They can harness their energy for developing themselves and helping other people along the process.

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Similar to those who are born with the moon in Virgo, one should never mess with a person born under an Aries moon sign. Lunar Aries never back down from a fight, and they have enough courage to engage in an argument or even a personal battle.

That reason doesn't mean that lunar Aries is always looking for war and misunderstanding. Instead, if they find themselves in a proper place to argue or fight for their ideas or properties, they will never surrender.

Their emotional strength gives them enough courage to fight and retaliate when they need to. The lunar Aries moon sign gives them good health and stamina to withstand even a physical fight. Beware!


Being outspoken and direct to the point unites all Aries people, regardless of your sun, Moon, or rising sun. Lunar Aries say whatever is on their mind, and they're not afraid to tell you the things you need to hear.

Since lunar Aries are born to be courageous and never back down from a challenge, they value honest and sincere criticisms from other people. In return, they also provide comments without sugar-coating it, even if other people might see it as harsh.

They also value self-expression and would appreciate it if other people are open to their feelings whenever a lunar Arian is around. Aries Moon people don't hold their opinions for a very long time. They'll say it when you need to hear it.

Together with their enthusiasm and authoritativeness, the need to pioneer makes lunar Aries a right leader material. They'll provide salient points to consider, and they'll recognize a valuable idea once it presents itself.

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You can often see lunar Aries leading the pack and instructing other people on what to do and what not to do. They also encourage and motivate other people to follow on their track, which creates a healthy environment around lunar Aries.

Now, let’s see the flaws of a person born under an Aries moon sign.

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Worst Characteristics of People with Aries Moon Sign


One of the most defining characteristics of a person born under the Aries moon sign is the one-of-a-kind impatience that they possess.

Being the first zodiac, lunar Ariens has the innate quality to pioneer and lead. However, this also makes them think that they should be the first in everything. They don't like to wait, and doing so makes them lose so much of their energy into sudden bursts of anger.

As much as they’re impatient with other people, they’re more impatient with themselves. They won’t wait to take a step or to do things. They often rush to complete a task or a challenge. They also get angry when they realize that they haven't done enough on a specific job, making lunar Ariens a dormant volcano, erupting anytime soon.


People born under the Aries moon sign also exhibit short temperament when faced with a difficult situation. The planet Mars governs the Aries zodiac, characterized by strength and cruelty. On the other hand, Moon is a dominantly female planet characterized by its nurturing and caring personality.

The contrast between the planet Mars and the Moon gives the lunar Aries a spectrum of temperance, ranging from the calmest, most timid ones to the ones who can show God's wrath on people.

Lunar Aries can also show their peak of emotions in a brief time when triggered. When something out of control comes up for the lunar Aries, they'll suddenly burst up with enthusiasm and optimism. If the problem seems difficult to handle, the Aries will get irritated and show the first signs of impatience and short temperament. These emotions will overwhelm them to the point that they will suddenly burst out of anger and disappointment.

After this emotional explosion, the lunar Aries will gather their energy together and steer back on course. They'll become relaxed and calm all of a sudden, ready to solve the problem at hand.

Emotionally Exhausting

Lunar Aries crave other people's attention. They like to show off their skills and capabilities so people around them can notice. If they don't get the attention they crave, the real “drama queen” in them will come out.

They will try everything in their power to get attention, and these include exaggerating things to get feedback and validation. Their constant need for attention creates a toxic environment, not just for them but also for people around them.

Their emotions also tend to get out of control, which often leads to nonsense fights and arguments. Their feelings may fluctuate, and any trigger might shift the balance and cause an outburst on lunar Ariens.

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Due to the fluctuations in their own emotions, people born under the Aries moon sign may get mixed up and become inconsistent with how they do things. Their emotions can cloud their thinking process, which also makes them indecisive.

Lunar Aries need constant emotional checks since their own emotions contrast each other. They need to do a lot of raging and checking before finding the balance in their feelings.


Lunar Aries like to be ahead of everything, and they want to lead other people instead of following them. Their pioneering characteristic comes at a high cost of being restless and stressed-out quickly.

Lunar Aries are restless because they feel that they need to prove something to other people. They also crave attention, so they try to work hard to get the validation they want.

The characteristics that make the lunar Aries strong also makes them weak. When faced with a difficult situation, people under the Aries moon sign will divert their energy into completing the task and achieving their goals.

However, the constant fluctuations of their emotions create instability, which then makes lunar Aries unstable people. They can be happy one second, bursting with anger another second. Aries moon people should do their best to maintain a balance in their own emotions.

Aries Moon Compatibility

In addition to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of people born under the Aries Moon, it is equally important to check other moon signs' compatibility with lunar Aries. This part of the article will show you the best and the worst zodiac signs to be with if you're a lunar Aries.

Match Made in Heaven

Lunar Signs: Leo and Sagittarius

The most compatible signs with lunar Ariens are lunar Leo and Sagittarius. Why? Same with lunar Aries, lunar Leos and Sagittarians strive for freedom and independence. They need complete control over their lives. Anything that might hinder them will get destroyed in their fit of rage.

Also, lunar Leos and Sagittarians often intellectualize feelings and control their own emotions and thought processes. They have this innate need to lead and dominate, making them very compatible with lunar Aries.

You may think that this competition can harm the relationship, but they don't. When a lunar Aries is in a relationship with either a lunar Leo or Sagittarius, they will come to the point of understanding their own needs and wants.

Instead of this competition, they will focus further on the more adventurous side of each other. These signs will travel a lot, and they'll spend quality time with each other.

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Very Compatible

Lunar Signs: Aries

Slightly less compatible with lunar Aries, but can still workout, is another lunar Arian. Lunar Aries tend to dominate their lives with vigorousness, enthusiasm, and optimism. They have the competitive spirit to lead and to guide other people.

This makes a great match with another lunar Arian because both exert the same assertiveness and enthusiasm in a relationship. This competitive nature can help both of you to support each other and grow on your terms.

What makes this less compatible with lunar Leos and Sagittarians is the fact that lunar Ariens are impatient. They're impatient with themselves and more impatient with other people. When one of you becomes emotionally exhausted, the other party may be unsupportive or lack the comfort you need.


Lunar Signs: Gemini and Aquarius

People under the Aries moon sign tend to be compatible with the lunar air signs Gemini and Aquarius. This happens because these signs value the independence and freedom of their partners. Lunar Geminis and Aquarians love to grow independently, and they expect lunar Aries to do the same.

Both these signs also value adventure, and they always like to be on-the-go. They don't enjoy stagnant and dry moments, which is perfect for lunar Aries.

What makes this match compatible but not on the same level as Leo and Sagittarius is the straightforwardness of lunar Aries. They talk their feelings out, and they're always straight to the point. On the other hand, Aquarians and Geminis won't do the same. Instead, they'll play mind games and toy around until their partner notices something is wrong.

Neutral Relationship

Lunar Sign: Libra

Lunar Libras stand on a neutral relationship with lunar Aries. This relationship became neutral since the qualities of both signs cancel out each other.

Libras rely too much on other people for help and are more social. On the other hand, lunar Aries are self-reliant and independent, inconsiderate of other people. Aries will lead and dominate, while Libras will compromise and reconcile.

This relationship “may” work because Libras depend on other people and may go along with Aries in the process. Aries have a strong sense of leadership, while Libras are more of a follower.


Lunar Signs: Taurus Pisces

Lunar Taurus and Pisces lie on the incompatible side of lunar Aries. Both Taurus and Pisces stand on the more receptive, calm, and peaceful nature of the spectrum. In contrast, lunar Aries has an eager, impatient, and domineering attitude.

These signs contrast each other that they may rub each other the wrong way. The straightforwardness of Aries may hurt the sensitive and emotional Pisces. Also, Aries' impatience to resolve conflict contradicts how a Taurus wants to fix a problem by letting it resolve on its own.

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Very Incompatible

Lunar Signs: Virgo and Scorpio

Many compromises and adjustments need to happen to make a lunar Aries work with a lunar Virgo or Scorpio.

Virgos are careful with how they want things to run. As much as possible, they will execute things through proper planning, analyzing, and thinking. On the other hand, Aries will jump into a venture without considering the consequences, only to deal with it later. Their perspectives are so different that they need to adjust to working together.

Much like Virgos, Scorpios will contradict an Aries in all ways possible. Lunar Ariens will exhibit outbursts of emotions and express their feelings more vocally. Scorpios, on the other hand, will keep their feelings with them, making the communication harder than it already is.

Clash of Signs!

Lunar Signs: Cancer and Capricorn

The relationship between a lunar Aries and a lunar Cancer or Capricorn can only be described as a nuclear combination: unstable, explosive, and deadly.

Cancers and Capricorns need constant emotional support from their partners, which the lunar Aries cannot provide. They want to feel needed but lunar Aries value their independence and self-sufficiency. Lunar Cancers and Capricorns may get sentimental and emotional, which the lunar Aries will not tolerate and may view as unimportant.


In summary, the zodiac sun signs do not represent the whole spectrum of a human's personality. One needs the complete natal chart, and the most crucial aspect of a natal chart is the moon sign. Moon signs symbolize the inner processes humans undergo and how their feelings and emotions go.

People under the Aries moon sign may be viewed as optimistic, enthusiastic, self-sufficient, domineering, and outspoken. But they can also exhibit several weaknesses, which include impatience, short temperament, harsh and abrasive words, and inconsistency.

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