Aries Sun Aries Moon: Rough But Fragile -

Aries Sun Aries Moon: Rough But Fragile

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The sun and the moon are the luminaries that represent the duality of light and dark. In astrology, the sun sign is your zodiac personality which is your core individuality. The moon sign represents your mood and emotions, which is the second most influential next to the sun.


When both your sun and moon are in Aries, you get the double dose of Aries influence. You tend to show the world the strength of your ego, and you symbolize new beginnings with no fear of risks.

Although your moon and sun are in the same sign, you still have occasional conflicts between your mind and soul. Aries Sun forming in the first disposition with Aries Moon makes it temporary enemies at your birth chart, which is the opposite for Taurus Sun in Aries Moon disposition. You create ideas that conflict with your soul or emotions.

With this combination, you are both intuitively and mentally guided towards initiation and actions accordingly. You are intelligent with strong intuition. Your mind is constantly leading you in a specific direction. However, your intuition gives you signals towards another path. 

Even though it leads you in various directions, you rarely give up your goals. It helps you reach success, prosperity, and abundance. You have the determination to attain many achievements as long as you remain focused.

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You are dynamic and very active. You react quickly to specific situations, particularly emotional matters. You can speak your feelings openly, and you most likely want things to be straightforward. You enjoy confrontation instead of beating around the bush.

You are fresh and charming—your positive attitude with your charm magnet other people. Nevertheless, your negative side is your insensitivity. You find it difficult to listen to others or spend time with your friends or family.

With your high energy, you are interested in many things, and you have many hobbies. Physical exercise and outdoor activities excite you. You want your endorphins to kick in and boost your mood. You are also into indoor activities and keep your mind busy. You can be active talking, reading, or working inside your home. You can multi-task, and others can expect a lot from you.

You want to avoid anything routine. You can even show rejection to some traditions because it seems dull to you. So you always try to break any repetitive pattern in your system. Variation motivates you, and since you love challenges, stiff competition brings out the best in you.

You want challenges, and you quickly get bored. So when boredom strikes, you try your best to do something new that is stimulating enough. The higher the difficulty you are trying to solve, the happier you are. As a student, you would like to progress and welcome any changes as possible. You are interested in subjects like science, social studies, and medicine. However, you want to discover things and learn as well.

One of the common traits of Aries is being reckless. When both sun and moon in Aries, you respond to any provocation. It will help if you think things over before acting on them. Have a little more patience before you do something. You are always ready for action, and you want to get things done quickly. You invest your energy in what you are interested in and doing at the moment. You strive to experience life in full.

It is usual for Aries people to forget things which could result in repetitive mistakes. However, experience is the best teacher, and finding the proper outlet to express your energy is perfect. In every thought your Aries Sun can think of, your Aries Moon intensifies it. So what your Sun in Aries stands for, your moon increases its influence.

On the other hand, your moon sign still contradicts your sun sign in some way. For example, your moon sign wants security and stability while your sun is blaring for adventure.

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Love And Relationship

You have a personality that you want to set hardly attainable goals for yourself. You like to chase, and you require challenging situations. Your partner must keep you guessing or spice things a little bit once in a while. You would not want someone who is too conventional.

Passion is your motivation. You like to seduce and conquer, which you can do effectively and swiftly.

Your lover must know how to keep you interested. You tend to be so independent that you have difficulty in making your romantic relationships work. It can significantly affect your relations with others due to your impulsiveness.

It could be problematic if you have a long-distance relationship. It is because it might not work for you in the distant future. You tend to want things to happen at present. You focus on what is going on in front of you and your personal goals.

Your ideal partner is someone who can tame you. But, unfortunately, you become impatient and insensitive with others. In addition, you are intolerant sometimes. You cannot listen or understand other people or your partner’s wants or needs. However, all you want is attention.

It gives a wrong impression when it comes to love. You seek satisfaction primarily with your needs without worrying about your partner's wishes. You must learn to be more sensitive to your lover and listen with your heart. It would be best if you set aside your selfishness. Instead, work on giving significance to your partner's needs, desires, and emotions as crucial as yours.

You also tend to be inconsistent. For example, at one point, you love your partner, that you become possessive. Then, you act as if you do not bother or are not thinking about your partner. Another thing is when you express openly, and after a few moments, you can be completely silent.

One thing about being in love is that you only trust when your partner expresses feelings openly. You prefer confrontation and face the problem on-site, then let it pass. You believe that having clashes firsthand is better than hiding them and waiting for them to burst later.

 You need challenges, flattery, and admiration from your partner. As a result, you are sometimes stubborn, daring, and energetic. You keep to yourself your most personal inner thoughts. But you still want to dominate the relationship.

As a parent, your children enjoy your unconventional ways in your home. You have family activities that include adventures like road trips. You like to travel with your loved ones, and you want to take them to unusual places. Since you like challenges, you most likely do not choose comfort or extravagance.

You are competitive, and you want your partner to prioritize you and your needs. You need constant reassurance that you are the only one and the true love of your partner. You like praises and other people or your partner expressing their love to you.

You have trouble making time to listen to your friend’s problems. With that, helping them by giving advice is difficult for you. You become self-centered with your combination. It would be best if you consider others.

Your partner must be ready to understand that you are not into any compromise. You work independently, which challenges you to become a team player in making the relationship lasts. You have to understand the need to cooperate with your partner to have a harmonious bond. It also applies to your life and career.

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Your Aries Sun can see clear goals, and you have the strong willpower and initiative to take action. You realize everything you want because of this. You are proud of your accomplishments, and you still accept defeats at some point.  You have an honorable way of getting out of horrible situations in your life.

Your Aries Moon reveals that you are also temperamental in your personality. And the combination of Aries-Aries, you are courageous. You are impatient for things to happen, so you bravely face them immediately.

You appear to be a rough person, but you are sometimes delicate and fragile when people get to know you better. You tend to be impulsive and daring, which sometimes leads to misfortune, but you would not mind. You see it as an opportunity to experience and learn from it.

You become too eager to improve your business and financial status. As a result, you struggle to achieve a better position in an organization. Your thoughtless personality wants to meet obligations independently. You become nervous and restless when something moves too slowly. You get irritated when things do not go the way you want.

You may also have moments where you stay at home doing nothing. It is because you used up all your energy on other diverse tasks. However, it seldom happens because you always have something in mind, and you want to act on it.

You can get upset and be ill-tempered, but you often are clueless about what to do with the negative energy. You are friendly, but you choose your friends well and treat them with sincerity. You distance yourself from fake friends, and you have no problem keeping your circle small.

You can be brutally honest to your friends, and they can expect that you will not hold back. It is because you do not hide anything even if you are aware that it could hurt them. You want what is best for them, and you want your friends to be happy and prosperous.

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