Aries Sun Capricorn Moon: A Battle Of Ice And Fire -

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon: A Battle Of Ice And Fire

Identifying your natal charts helps you choose the right path of your destiny. The universe gives hints to serve as your guide. The Sun and Moon, also called Luminaries and your Zodiac Sign, manifests the personality and compatibility of yourself.

Learning more about the luminary position on each sign could establish clarity. It can explain your emotions and reactions to certain situations. It can also serve as an enlightenment to your personality and compatibility for a perfect match.

A coin has two sides, just like an individual. Your outer and inner sides are your Sun and Moon. The Sun is what others see and what you expose openly to the world. It is your consciousness and your manifestations. On the other hand, your Moon is your inner side of your subconscious aspect, where you may or may not acknowledge it yet.

Discover more about the combination of your sign, Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon.  It will surely help you realize your characteristics and could lead you to your perfect love.

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You are strong and determined. You are stubborn in your beliefs. You should be more flexible and avoid judging people based on the standards you set. As an Aries, you love your independence. You hate it if you have to follow specific instructions. Because of this, you don't enjoy having a boss. 

You want to be your boss. You live life as you please. Being a business owner is an ideal job for you or a position where you have some autonomy. You like having a leadership role in your career. Management or administrative could be significant positions for your career. As you move up your success ladder, you need to be more understanding and lenient to others.

You are also quite impulsive.  You do not think through in decision-making, and planning is not your most vital point. You know how to handle situations and different people. You identify which conditions need you to be soft or need more force.

You are adventurous and spontaneous. You want to do the things that stir up your curiosity. You are ambitious and goal-driven. You pursue your goals and what you are passionate about. When you want something, there is no one or nothing can stand in your way. You know what you want and how to achieve it.

However, you are great at starting projects but not finishing them. When your ideas spur interest in starting a new task, you are excited. But when you get to the middle of it, you lose your interest and end up abandoning them. You have a lot of energy which is sometimes fluctuating. Most of the time, your high energy encourages you to act now, and eventually, it dies down until you have no power to finish it.

You are straightforward and want to tell things as it is. You avoid beating around the bush. Instead, you spill it straight to the point.  You are also ill-tempered. You are most probably the quickest to get angry but also the fastest one to recover from it, just like your energy.

You are aggressive. You are loyal. You are willing to stand up and defend your loved ones. Sometimes, your aggression or anger is because you want to protect someone you care about. You put yourself first. You can be selfish in a good or bad way, depending on what your intentions are. You can even manipulate others for your interest and benefit.

You are a serious opponent when challenged. You can be merciless in pursuit of a goal. Sometimes, you can be cruel because then the end justifies the means for you. You want to prove yourself. Although you put yourself first as a priority, you also want to see your loved ones succeed. You can be a cheerleader and a great supporter. You want to push people to be a better version of themselves. You treat the people you care about with respect.

When people want to share with you about their problems, your immediate reaction is to fix them. You give pieces of advice because you want to help someone you care about. However, not everyone wants you to fix their problems. Sometimes, all they need is someone with who they can talk about it openly.

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You are honest, and you demand honesty from others. You want to talk about things upfront rather than gossip. You do not hesitate to express your opinion. As you mature, you become more tactful. Having a Capricorn Moon, you are intelligent and ambitious. You are hard-working and sometimes motivated by money or status. You want stability.

With this sign, you want to live comfortably, and you want to be financially prepared. You are most likely to plan your retirement and have investments. Your financial goals dominate you. You are responsible. You desire to go the extra mile to take on responsibilities which do not necessarily need.

The pairing of Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon leans towards jumping into calculated risks. The responsible and ambitious Capricorn balances the energy and temper of Aries. When you sort out these personalities pretty well, you succeed. You are less likely to stay in one place. You move against stagnation, and you move forward with authority.

With the Aries and Capricorn combination, you have to strike a balance to get things done right. You have the energy and interest to start something from Aries. Moreover, with the sense of accountability and commitment from Capricorn to finish what you have created.

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Love And Relationships

You want to attract someone who understands you and allows you to exert control over the things in your relationship. You can be controlling and overbearing. You want to be in charge naturally. Although you are not particularly emotional, you are a listener. You can support and become a pillar of strength for your partner when having an emotional breakdown.

On the other hand, you prefer to deal with your issues alone. You tend to bottle up your feelings to which could result in an emotional outburst. But you are transparent and honest, which displays good character. You would instead act on it than talk about it.

You do not express openly, and you evade showing emotional vulnerability. You are closed and reserved, but deep inside, you have a loving soul that wants to be cared for. You may seem cold and distant, but you have so much more to give, especially in love.

Through time, you open up if you feel comfortable and relaxed. You need a partner who can support and understand you to become more open in life. You want someone who depends on you for your capabilities and resources. You feel important and needed. You are also attracted to someone who contrasts your emotional reservations.

You do not settle down with what you think you deserve. You patiently wait for true love almost your whole life. You a firm believer in commitment, so you are most likely to stick to one partner. You like to move forward with enthusiasm in your relationships because you are spontaneous. You quickly get bored, which might be a challenge for your partner to keep connected with your pace.

But obviously, you prefer long-term relationships that set precise demands for enduring commitment. You have selected a standard that your potential partner must fulfill before you open up your soul for your lover. And you finally expose yourself, your partner will find out that you have many insecurities.

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You are a caring and loving person because you radiate warmth and energy. You not just strong but also gracious. You are ambitious and highly competitive. Your determination and perseverance make you successful. Your financial goals are what makes you a go-getter of the things you want to establish for yourself.

You are a self-starter and have the energy to be initiative. It could be the main reason why you are eager to start new things that motivate you. However, your energy is unsustainable, which could result in unfinished works. You are reserved and self-contained. You tend to keep your emotions and struggles internally. At times, people see you as shy or withdrawn.

There is something about the Aries and Capricorn combined that is stimulating. You have contradictory behavior that could puzzle your environment. For example, you are not in a hurry like other impulsive Aries because your Capricorn helps you become patient. You have a battle of fire and ice with the fiery part of an Aries and a cold aspect from Capricorn.

However, you strive to achieve what you want, and nothing can stop you. With your Ram and Goat signs combined, you will have everything you need to climb the social ladder. 

You always plan for the future because you want to be one step ahead. Preparing for your next moves in life makes you feel good, secure, and at peace. You want your intellectual and creative abilities to utilize effectively. Being recognized for your work gives you satisfaction.

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