Aries Sun Virgo Moon: Contradicting Personality -

Aries Sun Virgo Moon: Contradicting Personality

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When you have a Virgo moon sign, you can be a busy person. You are obsessed with order and neatness. You give importance to cleanliness, whether in your household or personal hygiene. On the contrary, with your Sun in Aries, which is most likely lack a sense of control. With your combination, you get to live in the moment, and you can also set time to relax.

Your creativity radiates when you have peace of mind. It has a way of popping out ideas that are relevant and beautiful. You can expect that your instincts and rational thinking work well together with the practice of proper discipline. But you also have contradicting personalities in which your sun and moon positions. It could signify inflexibility and being not so emotional type.

You like to assess the situation before you take any calculated risks. You are sensible and wise which you can create good plans and execute them. You would analyze any problem from different angles before concluding. You receive rewards for your efforts, but you must understand that life does not come with guarantees.

You appear to be self-assured and confident on the outside, but you are not always poised inside. As a boss, you always come prepared, but few people appreciate you. Because you are tough, most people stay away from you. You are so precise that other people would not want to work with you.

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On the bright note, you do not miss any detail in a problem because of that precision. If you can evaluate, you consider different aspects which could result in a better outcome. You turn out to be judgmental to other people, and you highly see yourself with morals. It would help if you toned down or, better yet, avoid judging people because you are not in their shoes. It can be dangerous, at the same time, it helps you identify easier your problems. As a result, it makes you get to the point of truth quickly.

With your critical and analytical skills, you prefer scientific procedures rather than creativity. You have methods based on facts rather than subjective opinions. Your combination wants a step-by-step process that makes you more organized. You also sort as you go through the process.

Because your sun is in Aries, you do not cease to move and be active. You also would not wait for the right moment to take action, whatever the circumstances. There is too much enthusiasm that makes you impatient. When you want to do something, you throw yourself in and not even bother with the dangers. You have the characteristics of an Aries, which you have the liveliness to do what you want. You dislike being in the same position or situation for an extended time frame.

It would be best if you can direct your energy at one interest at a time. Although Aries people are great at multi-tasking, you can continuously improve in finishing them. You can find a way to lengthen or distribute your enthusiasm from start to end.  

With your Virgo, you have some emotional needs, but you tend to keep them to yourself. It is because you think that emotions are a sign of weakness. You do not want to look vulnerable and susceptible. You want others to look at you as strong and capable of anything.

Although you have many capabilities, there are moments when you are down and feeling disheartened. And then you question your abilities if you can do it. You compel yourself to pursue objectives even in an unyielding manner.

You are an achiever with your Aries Virgo combination because you always put your plans into action. You got your spontaneity from your Aries. It would be best if you stay hopeful for the experience. Your achievements can help you gain more confidence to battle your insecurities. You doubt yourself and your capabilities which is familiar to someone who strives for excellence.

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You are prone to criticizing yourself when the results are not what you expect. You are hard on yourself when it comes to failures and losses. As a result, you suffer from worrying over uncontrollable things. On the other hand, your practical outlook and passion allow you to master what you like to do. It would be great if you can focus on developing your skills rather than on worries. As you learn, you promote self-growth and self-care.

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Love And Relationships

Although you are kind of reserved and quiet, you are capable of making friends. You can be a little pretentious and rigid, but you are still capable of forming relationships. You are a perfectionist, and you are probably challenging to please. It takes perfection to make you happy.

You can be discriminating against the people you meet, which gives them a negative impression of you. You are meticulous about anything, and you are specific with what you desire from people. You find faults in them, and you believe that you have none, or simply, you are flawless.

But you are pretty aware of your shortcomings. You prefer to point out what is wrong around you then looking at yourself and your imperfections. However, you are attentive and considerate to other people, and you want them to be happy. You are intuitive and sensitive that you can guess your dear one's feelings and thoughts.

You tend to express if you are dissatisfied with yourself or the people around you. It seems harsh, and you are prone to anxiety because you pressure yourself too much. You have high demands set for yourself, which are sometimes absurd.

You also tend to hide your true feelings, making it difficult for others to notice your emotions. You appear to be stronger than you are because you are good at pretending. You say that you are fine, but deep inside, you are confused and not okay.

With it, your ideal partner must be someone who can see past your pretends. It could be someone who has powerful intuition who does not need words for them to know. Your partner can detect if you are feeling uncomfortable or uneasy—furthermore, steps in to make you feel better.

You often rationalize your emotions and use logic to silence your insecurities. Because of it, you become depressed if the relationship is not doing well. You have underlying pessimism that exists in every aspect of your life. You incline towards analyzing your emotions than expressing them up front.

You are very keen on choosing your partner. You are extremely selective and prudent because of your perfectionist trait. You are looking for someone efficient, serious, tidy, neat, and most of all, loving. You desire refinement, so it is easy to find reasons not to take it to the next level.

You are hardworking and active as well as organized. It would be best if your partner helps keep the house clean and exert effort to beautify your home. An ideal partner could be someone who makes you feel secured. It could be someone who assures you that you are far better than your anxieties and doubts. It would be fantastic to have someone who cheers you up and support you throughout your journey together.

Someone who has an earth sign can create a good affinity together with the Aries Virgo combination. Earth sign influence can help you keep your feet grounded. A great match is someone who can give you the security and safe haven in your relationship.

If things do not work out the way you want in your relationship, you break off. You are brave enough to accept and call it quits. You give loyalty to your friends, and you dedicate your time to strengthen your bond of friendship. You have a kind heart that sincerely willing to help other people.

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You have a distrusting trait where you do not always believe what other people tell you. You are not gullible, and you want proof before they can convince you.

You tend to be a workaholic, and you are ready to invest efforts in your job. Your engagement is high when you are motivated to achieve great goals. You are exceptional in creating a business or financial plan because you are an outstanding organizer. Your precision can be an asset if it involves figures and systems.

You aspire to obtain perfection following your principles. Your demands create an immense pressure that you set for yourself. As a result, it causes anxiety and tremendous worries. You have a solid fighting spirit, and if combined with perfectionism, you fight over everything. You seek to achieve what you have planned and place them where you want to be.

However, you lose focus and get lost along the way. Since you always want control, it puts you off your momentum. You have so many ideas which you execute appropriately. But some things do not turn out well as you anticipated. You suffer from your self-imposed standards and high expectations.

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