August 29 Zodiac - Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career, and Health -

August 29 Zodiac – Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career, and Health

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Were you born on August 29? Get some information about your traits, lucky numbers, compatibility, and get the best advice about love, career, and more for people born on August 29.

August 29 Zodiac SignVirgo
August 29 Birthday ElementEarth
August 29 Ruling PlanetMercury
August 29 BirthstonesPeridot, Spinel
August 29 Lucky Number6
August 29 Lucky Metal Platinum
August 29 CompatibilityCompatible with Capricorn

The Personality of the August 29 Zodiac

Being an individual born on August 29, your zodiac sign is Virgo. As a Virgo, you are an extrovert person that likes to be with a lot of people. Staying alone makes you bored, so you are usually with your friends or meeting new persons.

You often initiate a conversation to get to know others. Because of that, you have a big circle of friends, and you’re pretty popular. The outgoing nature that you have makes you seek adventure.

You often do the things that make you happy and go beyond your comfort zone. New experiences give you a lot of thrill and excitement. You are also less likely to say “No,” even if it is about something challenging. Besides that, you are often willing to take risks because it will help you be braver.

You usually love to travel because you’ll be able to explore places. Aside from that, you can discover new things and pieces of knowledge too. So, whenever your friends ask you to go on a vacation, you tend to agree. Even with your busy schedule, you still try to find ways to take a break and relax.

Another trait that you have as a Virgo is your great wisdom. You most likely have a vast knowledge of things. Everything that you learn from your experiences is a significant factor in who you are. Your experiences also help you come up with ideas that you use to adapt to new situations.

Aside from using your intellect to put yourself to advantage, you also use it for others. You tend not to be selfish with your ideas because you have great empathy. Whenever you feel like someone is having a hard time, you are willing to help that person. You are always generous with the things you have because you want to help others ease their difficulties.

Being born on August 29th or September 8th, your zodiac also says that you are a truthful person. You don’t like being lied to, so you are often vigilant and observant of other people. Most of the time, you observe their words and actions to know whether they are lying on not.

When you feel like something doesn’t add up, you often investigate to find out any issue. You do not like people to keep secrets from you even if the truth is hard to accept.

Your truth-seeking personality makes you an honest person. Like how you expect others to stay real with you, you are also true to them. Besides that, you are also true to yourself. You tend to have realistic ambitions and expectations. Despite having a big dream, you still consider the factors that can affect it. So, you base your goals on reality.

Because of being a straightforward person, you sometimes become judgmental. You quickly tell what’s on your mind and say the things that you notice. Most of the time, you pay attention to the mistakes of other people. This trait is a part of your personality that you have to improve. 

You should know your limitations and be sensitive to the words you say. Even if you have no bad intentions, it can still lead to problems. Try to be careful with how you express your thoughts to avoid hurting other people.

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August 29 Zodiac Birthday Element – Earth Sign

Earth, as the Virgo birthday element, makes you a person who is sincere and not boastful. Despite your accomplishments, you still don’t like to boast and intentionally degrade other people. Aside from that, you tend to have stability in life because you strive for it.

The earth element also influences you with the ability to manage your emotions. Your mind tends to be open to feedback. You are always willing to listen to the opinions of others about you.

When they have a basis, you are usually ready to accept them. It’s because you believe that other people can notice the flaws that you ignore. For this reason, you can realize your mistakes and work on them to be a better individual.

Creativity is another trait that you inherit from the earth. It implies that you have a talent for art and crafting. Aside from that, you can usually come up with unique and innovative ideas. This trait will have a significant impact on your career choice.

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August 29 Zodiac Ruling Planet – Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet for August 29th and September 18th birthdates which makes you able to express yourself smoothly. Whenever you have difficulties, you tend to share your problems with other people. You don’t keep everything on yourself because you feel at ease when releasing your anxieties.

Every time you have some thoughts on your mind, you can quickly tell them without being shy. Besides that, you can also persuade someone when you need to convince that person about something. This characteristic makes you influential.

Great spiritual power is another helpful thing that you inherit from your ruler. You tend to have excellent psychic abilities that let you read people’s thoughts. As a result, you can feel if someone is okay or not. Mercury also doubles your love for exploration. Because of your ruler, you get to like traveling even more.

August 29 Zodiac Birthstones

Individuals born on August 29 have two birthstones; Peridot and Spinel. Peridot, being your birthstone, gives you the strength to overcome your fears. In ancient times, priests used the peridot as a tool against evil. Wearing a peridot will provide you with protection from having bad dreams.

Your other birthstone, spinel, is a symbol of healing. It can help its wearer heal the deep scars and egos. In rituals, people use spinel to promote calmness and bring good luck.

Lucky Number for August 29 Zodiac

6 is a number that will bring luck to you as a Virgo. This number symbolizes love and harmony. It will influence you with great affection and expression of love towards others. Aside from that, it will also bring balance to your life.

Lucky Metal for August 29 Zodiac

As an August 29 Virgo, platinum is your symbolic metal. This metal is associated with purity and calmness. If you wear platinum, it will influence you with its characteristics. Besides that, it will help you attract prosperity and promote intelligence. So, if you use platinum as any accessories, it can help you have more room for growth. You’ll be able to absorb more pieces of knowledge and sharpen your vocabulary.

August 29 Zodiac Relationships and Compatibility

People with August 29 birthday are most compatible with the Capricorn zodiac sign. A relationship with a Capricorn has a high tendency of being imperishable. On the other hand, the least compatible for a Virgo is Gemini.

Even with your numerous admirers, you don’t like to settle in a relationship quickly. You prefer to focus on your career and doing adventurous things first. However, when your heart falls for someone, you are willing to commit. One of the traits that you don’t like in a person is being manipulative. Because you have many goals in life, you prefer someone willing to support your choices.

As a lover, you like to spend your time with your loved one doing extraordinary things. You want to create a lot of unforgettable moments that you will remember for a lifetime. So, you usually give your complete effort to make your intimate partner happy. You are often full of surprises which makes your relationship exciting.

August 29 Zodiac Career

As a Virgo, you are usually independent when handling your career. You don’t want to rely on others unless it’s necessary to ask for their help. You are primarily proficient when working on your own. However, you can efficiently work with others as a team when it is needed.

Your friendly nature makes you easy to work with and be a great co-worker. The sharp intelligence that you possess makes you stand out most of the time. You are always dedicated and effortful when it comes to your work. Because of this, more opportunities will come to your career.

August 29 Zodiac Health

Your zodiac says that you are prone to having internal problems because of excessive alcohol. So, try to limit your alcohol intake to avoid such health issues. When it comes to your mental health, your ability to express yourself benefits you a lot. You are most likely able to relax and release your stress because of traveling. As long as you don’t overstress yourself, you will have an excellent mental and emotional condition.

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