How Can You Use Bay Leaf For Manifestation? -

How Can You Use Bay Leaf For Manifestation?

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Are you looking for ways to achieve the manifestations you have sent to the universe? Or maybe you are looking for something that could help you get your desires more and radiate positive energy for your manifestations?

People nowadays look for so many techniques and ways to manifest more effectively their desires and wishes. Many techniques are also available depending on your interests.

If you have been manifesting for a long time already and you are now looking for ways on how to get your manifestations, then here’s some news for you! The answer that might help you with that is just in your kitchen!

One of the ways you can use it for an effective manifestation is by using a bay leaf. Yes, that little leaf that is just sitting at the corner of your kitchen can be used to help you with your wishes and desires!

What Is Manifestation?

Have you ever felt like you wanted something and you’ll do everything that you can just to have it? You now start to believe that you have the capacity to make it real and appear within your grasp, and you start seeing signs that could be the universe telling you it’ll be virtually yours?

That’s manifestations! Whatever you believe in and work hard for, that very same thing will be yours. That’s the law of attraction, and that is how the universe works!

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It is what most successful people do in their lives and the reason why they become successful in everything they do. Not all people who tried manifesting became successful in it, and it’s because they didn’t realize that there are certain things to consider before you can fully manifest something in your life.

Why Use Bay Leaf For Manifesting?

Bay leaf is one of the many plants that have a spiritual power to make your words and intentions real. It can be used for many things such as protection, manifestation, cleansing, prosperity, and many more.

It is also related to the element of fire, the reason why bay leaves are burned when manifesting. By doing this, your manifestations are quick to be released into the universe and into your life.

You should also learn how to set your intentions properly for doing this. For that, here are the ways you can use the bay leaf for manifesting what you want in your life.

How to Manifest Using a Bay Leaf?

As mentioned earlier, using a bay leaf can be used for many things, not just for your cooking! And here are the things you can do with a bay leaf for the various intentions that you have:

Manifestation & Prosperity

For sure, you would want to receive all the abundance and prosperity in your life. This is the nature of humans! That’s why you look for everything that could help you achieve whatever you have in your mind, and it could be that you are trying to manifest love, money, material things, or emotions you want to be emphasized in your life.

Good thing, bay leaf is there to help you with this problem. Here, you can manifest prosperity and abundance in every aspect of your life!

  • Write Your Wishes Directly On The Leaf :

No matter what you want or desire to have in your life, you can manifest it using a bay leaf. To do that, carefully think about what you want to manifest. Do you want to manifest love? Money? Car? House? Or simple and small things? No matter what it is, be specific about it!

Know the reason behind why you want this and why you are manifesting this. You must also be clear with your reason because it won’t be effective if you have no emotion or feeling about what you’re about to manifest.

Once that you already know what you want, go get your pen and bay leaf! Start to write it down on the leaf, don’t limit yourself with this.

  • Focus Your Energy and Channel It to the Leaf

Start focusing on the emotions and feelings that you are currently feeling. Are you happy? Sad? Or do you feel excited and can’t wait to acquire it? Whatever your emotion is, feel it, and don’t resist yourself from feeling it.

Smile if you must, cry if you must, you have to feel the energy as if you are already receiving the manifestations that you have in your life. Once you already focused your attention on the energy that you have, you can now start channeling it to the bay leaf. Do not lose the energy you currently have and feel it flow from you going to the bay leaf.

  • Visualize That You Already Have It

After channeling your energy from you to the bay leaf, visualize that you already have received your manifestations. If you are manifesting about your soulmate, how do you feel about him or her? What are you two currently doing? Do you share the same hobbies?

If it’s a material thing like a house or a car, how are you feeling? Do you feel happy that you already have it? Feel overwhelmed with it? Feel excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone?

No matter what it is, you have to visualize the very thing you’re manifesting.

  • Burn the Leaf

Burn it, light it up! The power of the bay leaf becomes effective when you start to ignite it using fire. Remember, bay leaf is connected to the element of fire that’s why burning it would be the most effective thing to do for your manifestations.

Using Bay Leaf For Protection & Cleansing

There are many things that can happen to you while you are here living on earth, it could be bad or good. But, you cannot really predict what it is or if you can, then you must do something about it. That’s why you also have to ask for protection, and you need help in detoxifying yourself.

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Due to the negative things that are surrounding you, your negative emotions could be triggered. This is where negative emotions like fear, worrying, disgust, and many more start to overpower your life. Because of this, you have a hard time living your life to the fullest.

But, what can you do about it? Luckily, bay leaves can help you with that! Just like manifesting, you can use a bay leaf to remove your fears and other negative emotions and have protection from the negativities of life. Here are the things you can do to the bay leaf to provide cleansing and protection for you.

  • Write Your Fears and Worries on the Leaf

First, you have to know what are the negative emotions that are bothering you. Are these limiting beliefs? Or just emotions that were triggered by some experiences in life? No matter what it is, you need to know and understand where it is coming from.

Feel every emotion, and don’t be scared with it because doing this will help you a lot in processing these negative emotions that you have. So, take your time to acknowledge it.

Once you’ve finally understood and know every negative emotion you wanted to be cleansed, start writing it on the bay leaf.

  • Start to Release All These Into the Leaf

Now that you know all these negativities that you feel and where you want to protect yourself from, start channeling them to the leaf.

Feel the energy and focus on it, then feel it flow from you into the bay leaf. Allow yourself to be free from all the negativities that you feel once you started channeling it. You’ll feel that the heaviness of the emotions you feel are slowly being taken away from you, and you start to enjoy the lightness of your feelings.

This is an indication that you are doing the right thing and is finally removing all the worries, anxieties, fears, and all negative feelings that you currently feel.

  • Burn The Bay Leaf

Burn the bay leaf to make it possible for you to be protected from negative things that are making you feel scared and cleanse you from all undesirable feelings that you always feel in your life.

While burning the bay leaf, feel all the negativities escaping you and the place where you are through the smoke from the burning leaf and into the universe. These negativities you have are now being turned into positive ones, and you are being protected from all the unwanted things that might happen to you throughout your life.

Trust the universe that it is now over, and enjoy the positivity coming into your life. Accept it with all your heart and use this positive energy to make the most out of your life.

Bay Leaf for Healing & Cord Cutting

Are you suffering from any physical or emotional sickness, and are you looking for ways to cut or remove it from you? There many other things that a bay leaf can do for you aside from getting the desires of your heart and protecting you from the bad things this life can offer.

You can also use it for healing anything that is bothering you. May it be emotional healing where you need to let go of energy that’s not good for you anymore and finally be removed from it or physical healing from any illnesses or diseases that you want to recover from.

No matter what it is, bay leaf can be used for such things. Here are the ways that you can do to make it effective for you and finally be free from anything that is interrupting you from living your life to the fullest

  • Be specific and clear with What You Want

You need to know what it is that is bothering you. You cannot fix the problem if you have no idea what’s the root of it. You have to understand that and the root of it. What are the emotions that you have that you want to cut with? Is it the emotional energy you have with your ex? Emotional energy from past pains?

What kind of healing do you want? Is it emotional or physical? If physical healing, from what disease or illness? Cancer? Kidney disease? Or something else?

You need to know all these and specific about it. Also, know the reason why you want to heal from these things. It could be that you want to live longer or be with your loved ones and enjoy life more. It could also be that you are trying to do something new in your life but cannot manage to do it because of that illness or disease that is hindering you from it.

No matter what it is, think about it and know the root cause and the reason why you want to be cut and heal from it.

  • Write an Affirmation On the Leaf

Write your affirmations on the leaf. Affirmations are a good thing to help you shift your mindset from negativity to positivity. This will help you a lot in healing and cutting the toxic energies within you because it sets your mindset into focusing on loving yourself.

There are many things that you can say to yourself to affirm yourself and support yourself from doing this.

Words such as:

I am capable of healing myself from these negativities.

I am receiving the abundance that life can give.

I am making a meaningful change in my life.

I am worthy of love and abundance.

I deserve to be free from any illnesses and diseases.

I am strong, and I can do this.

I am enough and what I have now is more than enough for me.

These are just some of the samples of affirmations that you can say to yourself so you will support yourself from healing and cutting negativities in your life. Don’t limit yourself and feel the energy of the positivity flowing through you.

  • Visualize Your Manifestations While Holding the Leaf

Now, it’s time for you to think that you are already free from all of it!

If you’ve been struggling with a disease for a very long time, think that you have already recovered from it! How are you feeling? Do you feel happy? Do you feel like you can do so many things again and start doing more of what you loved doing? Is your family happy for you right now? Think about all these and feel the energy!

If you’ve wanted to free yourself from emotional energy ties, and then think that you’ve already done it! How do you feel right now? Is positivity overpowering your life? Are you starting to love yourself even more?

Visualizing will help you make your manifestations effective, and it will help you absorb more of the positive energy that you want to be in your life. Visualize all of these things and feel the energy within you while holding the leaf.

  • Burn The Bay Leaf and Feel the Energy Being Released

Now, for the last thing to do, burn the leaf that you are currently holding. Again, this is because the bay leaf is connected to the fire element, and burning it will make your manifestations effective! Feel the energy that is being released from you through the smoke and celebrate!

Now, you are free from all the negativities that you want to remove from your life. This is a perfect time for you to be grateful and feel that you can do anything you want because you already don’t have the disease of illness that is stopping you from doing these wonderful things you want.

Don’t involve yourself in the things that you already let go of so you won’t be bothered by them again, and you can finally live your life to the fullest!

Dreams & Psychic Development

If you are trying to enhance your dreams and visions in the spiritual realm, a bay leaf will also be a lot of help. Just put it on your pillow every night you fall asleep. This will promote vivid dreams and visions that can also help you if you are trying to achieve astral travel.

Manifesting Money on the Leaf

Feel like you are getting short in cash already? There are many ways that you can manifest money, and one of them is just in your kitchen!

Bay leaf can also be helpful for manifesting money in your life. May it be you are manifesting through your business, job, investments, or anything where money is involved.

To do this, you just have to take a bay leaf and place it in your wallet or anywhere you put your money. It could be in your bag, purse, pants, envelope, jars, or anything you have! If you own a business, you can put it in your accounting department or cash register to attract more! You can also write money symbols on the leaf and bring it with you anywhere you go!

Doing this will attract a lot of abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your financial life.

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