Lilith in Sagittarius: Embodying the Wild, Untamed Spirit! -

Lilith in Sagittarius: Embodying the Wild, Untamed Spirit!

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Lilith is a demonic figure that originated in Jewish folklore. God created Lilith from the same dust like Adam, and that God placed her in the garden to go with him. 

Lilith in Sagittarius shows that you advocate for different causes. You make a firm stance and rally with others so the world can hear the voice of the oppressed. 

A lot of things will stand in your way, especially criticisms. Even people you know would disagree with your beliefs.

Furious at the idea of Adam oppressing her, she fled the garden to liberate herself. Adam reported to God what transpired, and God sent three angels to repossess Lilith. 

The three angels found her in the cave, conceiving children but she resisted going back. The angels threatened that they would kill 100 of her children for every day of her refusal.

Furious at what they did, Lilith sought vengeance by murdering children that were not her own. When the angels left, Lilith returned to the garden only to find Adam with a mate. 

Furious because Adam replaced her, she slept with him and took away his precious seeds. The seeds turned into demons, and Lilith saw them as her dead children's substitute.

Lilith In Everyone’s Birth Chart

The Lilith in us tarnishes the image we project for others to like us. An image we want so much to become our real selves. It is the voice that whispers our ill-will for others and our desire to covet what is not ours. 

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The part of us that refuses to let things be but to seek vengeance instead.

Lilith was, after all, the serpent that tempted Eve to disobey Adam and God. Locking these feelings but being aware that it is still there makes us feel oppressed as we grow up. 

We don't have an opportunity to learn how to deal with it until we reach a particular age in maturity. Until then, we're stuck in a never-ending cycle of internal struggle.

Why Lilith Matters In Today's Society?

Like her refusal to succumb to Adam's ego, women, even in modern society, are being shunned for saying no. The world makes up a rigid system that women must follow. 

Whether we conform or fight it, society ridicules a woman for her choices and the choices made for her. But no woman should let that be her finishing line because we are more than the words thrown at us.

In a patriarchal society, it is a threat when a woman thinks and makes up space for herself. Culture over the years bred so many misogynistic ways, and to swallow it is what is being taught to women. 

But even from time immemorial, Lilith knew her place- and that definitely was not located under a man. So she rose, stumbled, and got back up to use her enemies as stepping stones of her empire.

As a woman I say:

I am a woman of strength and persistence! The world may try to put me in shackles, but they will not stop me! 

Should they think of undermining me, I will overwhelm them with my power. The limits they have labeled me with, are untrue and only I know what I am capable of.

I am a queen worthy of being on top, and no man should look down upon me, for we are equals. The fight in me grows with every slight against my person.

Lilith In Sagittarius

Others will call you too sensitive or hopping on the bandwagon for no good reason. They will doubt your intentions as those problems are beyond you. 

But you are calm and open to discourse because you know your heart is in the right place. You must be patient in explaining your side so as not to come off as arrogant.

Your bravery in using your voice will attract those with the same vision as yours. Your strength lies not with keeping silent but in fighting back. 

You wish to challenge the norm instead of conforming to a culture that discriminates. This path is the road less taken by most, but you will stand by your truth.

Your Lilith mantra: The large number of people doing it does not equate to the rightness of the action. 

I trust in the intricacy of the creation of the universe and that some things are beyond my control. I will use the power bestowed upon me by the celestial beings to carry out my truth. 

Knowing that no truth is absolute, I will listen to what others have to say and try to be as impartial as possible.

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How This Astrological Placement Affects Your Friendship?

Your sense of social responsibility is very high. While it is good that you look after everyone's well-being, be mindful that you do not become too pushy. 

Not everyone has the same pacing of processing new information as you. The people around you might not be open to changing their opinions.

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It's hard to realize that what you've believed for years is actually wrong. Knowing the truth could cause a section of your friend's life to shatter. In some cases, while your intentions are good, your approach is too harsh and blunt. 

Due to your tone, this leads to a misinterpretation of your message.

You can bring the issue to their awareness but not to the extent where you are pushing it in their faces. There will be people who will listen, and there will be those who will turn their backs on you. 

Either way, you must not push yourself to someone who is not receptive to your advice.

Sagittarians At Work

Sagittarians have a solid work ethic, and they manage their time well. They hate submitting on the day of the deadline in fear of compromising the quality of their input. 

They're not very good at group projects, as they tend to speak their mind, which adds extra work for everybody. The rest of the members may not be as vigorous as you and would slack on occasions, and this causes frustration.

How You Handle Your Finances?

You're at a time where you always have money on your mind, which is why you're busy most of these days. You're still looking for your niche and branching out. 

You don't mind doing extra labor for a meager amount since you're only starting. When you set your mind to it, you can save up for something you want.

Black Moon Lilith: The Wild Woman In Bed

Lilith in Sagittarius woman, when it comes to carnal desire, wants everything in plenty. Her arousal is sensitive, and she wouldn't say no to a quick rendezvous in the woods or some other obscure places. 

She has a fiery spirit that moves her, not only for herself but for everyone who comes into contact with her. She compels others into committing sinful acts together with her.

But, sensual as she is, she can be overwhelming for the wrong person. Others might not get what she needs, and she is far too complex for simple-minded people to decipher. 

But, because she belongs in the spotlight, she can move on to the next thing that excites her with ease.

You must watch how you proceed when you are at an emotional high. You might say or act in an impactful manner which means nothing to you. 

But this might not be the same for the other party and would create a lasting impression for him.

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How You Are In A Relationship?

Once in a relationship, she does not revolve her life around her partner. She wants to keep her individualism and would aim for her and her partner's personal growth. 

But so much independence can result in a lack of intimacy and emotional bonds. Communication will be ineffective because of her unconventional ways.

Lilith in Sagittarius needs to be independent to be in her element. But now and then, she must meet her lover halfway. She can be very opinionated so it is ideal that her partner knows when to back down in an argument. 

Her partner must learn to accept her quirkiness and the fact that she always has a say in almost everything.

If you are a woman of this sign and house, it wouldn't be the best idea to end up with a man whose ego is the size of a boulder. 

He would have tantrums whenever you outsmart him or get your way, which you always will. A man child would want to keep you to himself, but you have too much love for the world, so you would remain free.

You're suited to a life of being single, as you have so many aspirations, places you want to go to, and people you want to meet. A partner could preoccupy you, but it would not be enough to fill your senses.

Traits Of A Black Moon Lilith In Sagittarius:

You Have Your Way With People

The way you speak will influence people. Because you believe in what you say, your beliefs resonate well with others. 

The way you carry yourself and speak your truth will draw other people to you, like a moth to a flame. Your charisma and purpose help you bring your message across in a distinct manner.

Because your power of influence is strong, your words must always be genuine and truthful. Do not allow yourself to spiral down into a world of deceit after gaining an audience.

Your Unquenchable Desire For Freedom

With Lilith in the 9th house, he prioritizes his freedom. He finds it inconvenient to follow the rules at all times. He is a wild individual who enjoys wandering without a specific goal in mind. 

His energy is uncontainable so he leaves pieces of himself wherever he goes. Because people of this sign are free-spirited, he does not let emotions tie him to one place or a person. 

From the start, you already establish the lines that others should not cross. They are not known to be enthusiastic when someone breaches their personal space.

Not only does he want freedom for himself but others as well, and he shows this by engaging in different causes. If you have a buddy who wears this sign, you must've heard the phrase: “Your fight is my fight!”

You're Not A People Pleaser

Your end goal is for others to understand the message you convey, and this does not mean they need to like you. Self-righteous as you are, you don't put energy into correcting yourself in the eyes of others. 

You're wholly convinced people will come around, and if not, it would be better to discard them.

This could become a negative trait when you start living in a tower of ivory and start looking down on others. You would find it hard to address that you are wrong and it would be arduous for you to apologize. 

A remedy for this is to listen and meet them at eye level.

Not everyone comes from a place of privilege where people can learn. You must remind yourself, that you too, reeked of ignorance at one point. 

While not everyone will love you, you must try to be civil and avoid being condescending. 

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What A Black Moon In Sagittarius Asks Of You?

A Black Moon in Sagittarius is in an eternal pursuit of Happiness. It does not have to be grand or one where everyone you know will take notice. The person in this placement will value substance over form when it comes to happiness. 

You do not look for one aspect of your life to skyrocket to success, but that you feel content with every facet.

You might waver sometimes because your idea of success differs from others. 

You would question yourself: Am I on the right path?

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