Black Moon Lilith In Taurus: The Pleasure Seekers -

Black Moon Lilith In Taurus: The Pleasure Seekers

The foreboding black moon Lilith is hardly a planet or a celestial object, but rather a specific location on the moon. There are three Liliths in astrology, with the Black Moon having the most power. This phenomenon develops when the moon's orbit is at its farthest position from the Earth.

One may conceive of black moon Lilith as the desires we frantically strive to keep hidden from everyone. Ideas, sentiments, and traits that have the potential to humiliate us. Deep within the black moon, Lilith there lies repression and guilt. Things we desire to not be a piece of ourselves. Lilith, in the black moon, represents the “evil wolf” of our complete psyche. Because we feel the most ashamed in this part of our lives, we also feel the weakest and insecure. Another reason to despise this feature. Everyone despises their flaws.

This world is all about perfection. As much as possible, people overtly show only the good sides. The luxurious sides. The one we know others will acknowledge. Nobody wants to be ostracized because of what this world considers as their “flaws”. Nobody’s perfect but people always try to be one.

And the black moon Lilith? She’ll make us embrace our imperfections. She’ll let us freely express what we always try to suppress.

The Mythology Of The Woman Behind This Phenomenon: Lilith

We must first learn the story of the monster behind the moniker. Lilith. To appreciate what the Black Moon Lilith is and how it brings forth certain elements of oneself. Lilith is a biblical heroine who is supposed to have been Adam's first other half. Obviously, the marriage didn't work out since Lilith refused to sexually get below him every time they made love.

Lilith feels Adam and her should be treated equally since they were born in the very same circumstances. Neither should be dominated by the other and  Lilith refused to bow down to Adam. She desired to be treated as an equal to him, and her bravado landed her in getting kicked out of paradise.

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Much to their horror, Lilith did not even plead to return, and she remained firm in her rejection. She's always felt like she's someone on par with Adam, and that no one has the right to take her freedom away from her. Even after she was banished, Lilith was fully aware of the significance she possessed within her.

She wanted to be an independent woman, who has a name for herself. Not just “Adam's wife”. Just like the main villain in the bible, our black moon Lilith is also the dark side of our psyche. It involves the same traits as Lilith, the first woman ever created, exhibited in God and Adam. Sexual liberation, intrinsic strength, and the beauty of our inner maleficence.

How Does The Black Moon Lilith Manifest In My Life?

Your astrological sign will be the predominant “influential aspect” in your Black Moon Lilith's existence. The house Lilith is allocated to will govern the areas of your life this astrological position will dominate.

How Do I Make Things Go Well With My Black Moon Lilith?

The Black Moon Lilith in an individual's birth chart represents the “forgotten” kid inside them. A person's life has a great deal of emotional dysregulation as a result of her presence. As a coping technique, they strive to hide and reject her presence in their lives. As much as possible, they do things opposite of these dark desires so they'll be able to bury it way below the surface they show to others.

When a person learns to embrace the long-forgotten little kid in them, they will realize how powerful they can be. How capable they are as a person. It takes a lot of strength just to exist. They would not be where and who they are now if this lost kid had not existed. Their fortitude shaped who they are. Not the circumstances that made the child suffer, but the inner strength they had that didn’t allow their trauma to take over most of their life.

What the black moon Lilith wants to say to us when we think of it in a positive manner instead of looking at it with fear is that: One must be able to boldly run free of restraint. This is to help you overcome your worries. When done correctly, a person will have no terror of anyone. She'll discover how flawed she is and how it's perfectly fine to become one.

After all, immense and genuine power is derived from understanding and utilizing traits that we commonly refer to as “inadequacies.” Some of the elements we're most powerful at are the work and ideas we bury behind the darkness. The black moon Lilith in your birth chart is like a creature you desperately wish to keep concealed in the deep waters of your personality. As much as possible, they deny its existence.

But, unfortunately, this is not how you make the black moon Lilith go your way, people. Nothing good comes out of hiding something that naturally exists in us. The best way to get past it is to get through it. This may be a hard pill to swallow, but to be capable of controlling the black moon Lilith, one must first let it out and then think of productive coping mechanisms to overcome it.

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Black Moon In Lilith In Taurus

Black moon in Lilith is usually a placement in which people try to avoid in fear of having others ostracizing them for such depraved desires. When in truth, it is also the power to overcome the forces that want to trample you.

To push back.

To resist.

To rise.

It is the simmering rage that wants to break free. A call for justice and equality- an untethered vengeance. It is what recoils when people pull the trigger with their aim towards you. Lilith will reveal your suppressed animal impulses as well as areas of shame. She is in charge of sexuality in the deepest, most unconscious way. She'll also show you the areas of your life where you faced rejection, either by yourself or by others.

Lilith, unlike Venus or Mars, is extremely complicated and unique to each individual. Don't worry if something doesn't make sense to you; not everything has to. Just work your way around what you can; don't take things too literally. As a Taurus of this placement, you gravitate towards anything of monetary value- be it in wealth or status. When you set your eyes on something, you don't stop until you get it. Because people deprived you at an earlier stage, you try to have as many possessions as you can.

You think this makes up for your past traumatic issue, that this will cover the neglect and unworthiness you feel. You spoil yourself with luxury, and you detest the idea of sharing. But getting lost in ecstasy doesn't mean you don't take the time to reflect. Whenever you self-indulge, you feel a wave of shame engulf you.

It brings back the times when you would flinch for not carrying the role that others have entrusted upon you. This becomes even more unbearable when you would regard the people around you the same way you treat your possessions.

To own.

To control.

To use as you please.

To discard whenever it no longer serves its purpose.

You spiral down into the path of self-destruction as you project into others the suffering you felt. This is why you need an intervention to remind you that there is more to life than the earthly things you have. Accumulating a mountain of treasure will not equate to your worth as a person.

And you also accept this to be true, so like a pendulum, you swing between hoarding things to completely denouncing them. A person of this placement is an extremist, and regardless of which side you are, you will never be fully sated. The force of Black Moon Lilith can be overwhelming and oppressive that you would try to conceal your mortification of it. But if you were able to wield this energy properly, it could work in your favor.

In contrast with your passion for material possessions, you aren't as enamored when it comes to sex. Your body can be unresponsive or not easily stimulated.

The Black Moon Lilith In Taurus: The Natural-Born “Pleasure Seekers”

People with this astrological placement take a great value of their dark desires to feel good about their pleasures. This does not only apply to sexual pleasures, however. A Taurus pleasure-seeking attitude also applies in all the senses in her body. Feeling good, smelling good, tasting good food, hearing good words. They have this deep inclination in anything that would bring them great satisfaction.

The Lilith in Taurus finds it hard to resist their desire for pleasure. They fancy sensuality and will be willing to go to great lengths just to satisfy their thirst for it. Of course, the great liking in sex is present here. Taurus people, as we have observed, are very passionate lovers. They are very affectionate individuals to a point where sometimes people find them too “suffocating” to have around.

The way they express themselves can be misunderstood by others. So, it is important for people who have the Lilith in Taurus to check in with themselves constantly and try to control their need to express a more than necessary amount of sensuality. Having the Lilith in Taurus can be prone for its people to express their great desire for sex and affection through the things that they find aesthetically pleasing. They attract people by dressing nicely, collecting fancy-looking items, and just by living a dashing life.

They believe in the idea that if they’re satisfied with their material possessions, they can also attract people who can give them a great sense of pleasure in bed. On the other hand, they also attract people because of their great sense of owning material things. Others find these people as pleasing to the eyes because of the aesthetically pleasing material possessions that they have.

Their great desire to have everything around them satisfying to look and feel at is no doubt their biggest charming point. A Taurus who has Lilith in her placement, however, can develop unhealthy habits because of this dark desire. Because of their need to always have satisfactory amounts of material things, they can become “hoarders” or just have a strong sense of fear of “not having enough”.

If you have this astrological placement and you don’t constantly check in with yourself, you might not even notice one day how everything just feels stuffy in your room, and even in your life. The black moon Lilith will bring out this dark side of you by letting your fear out of the surface, so it’s important what aspects of these desires you will put to action and what are the things you need to get rid of. Know your priorities, Taurus!

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How Sex Life Is For You?

People of this placement can be very stubborn, especially with the things they want to have. When black moon Lilith empowers a sensual Taurus, it brings out its lustful nature. Same with their desire to get what they want, when it comes to pleasure- they stop at nothing until they're satisfied. They can be extremely greedy and possessive, so they must work on themselves to control these traits.

They don't easily engage in skinship unless there is an established intimacy; it gets uncomfortable for them if it's with a stranger. You may be ruthless in sex, but you make it clear that there is nothing more to it. This can be painful for a partner who has planted the idea of romance in his head.

If you want to establish multiple relationships, as this doesn't weigh heavy on your mind, you must make it known. It doesn't really matter with whom or with how many you do the act with, for so as long as you get what you desire. You're a bit of a troublemaker, though-because you covet what's not yours. Although you don't want it for yourself, you're jealous of what others have that you don't.

You stir chaos, and this habit could create problems even when you're already committed. You must keep yourself in check for when your defense mechanism against your trauma begins to act up again. You satisfy him- he satisfies you. End of the story. At this point, a love confession is the least of your concern.

Black Moon Lilith In Modern Society

Black Moon Lilith may be the part of ourselves that others shun, but it is a power that we must harness. In a society that categorizes people's worth according to meaningless standards, we must defy it.

You can find Lilith almost anywhere.

She is the activist that stands up against the oppressive system.

She is the mother that fights for her bullied children.

She is the partner who did not tolerate mistreatment.

We must continue to receive her energy because she empowers us against any form of subjugation. A lot of people, even today, are being silenced in the face of abuse. To just accept what happened because others would deem it improper if you spoke against it. But Lilith advocates for freedom! for justice! for equality!

Your value does not depend on how others perceive you but on how you see yourself. You’re not satisfied with somebody telling you what place you belong.  YOU get to decide where you want to be. If you know you have it in you to go higher, then climb that ladder. Speak your mind, resist what you feel isn't right. Lilith in modern society continues to fight for her freedom, and that means fighting for others too.

Others would label you as too much but reacting appropriately to what they've done towards you is never too much. You are exactly what you need. The excessiveness they see in you is the manifestation of their fear of what you could become.

Dearest Black Moon Lilith In Taurus,

I know you bow your head in shame for giving in to your wanton needs, but I want you to lift it. To finally know your worth and enjoy what you deserve is not a sin. Others may have condemned you in the past for trying to be self-indulgent, but they were wrong. It is not your duty to fulfill the fantasy they have created for you.

They hold you at a high pedestal, shower you with praises just so they could keep a hold of you. But you do not have to keep up with the cookie-cutter version of yourself that society expects of you. They like how you are now. They like how you fit in their narrative.

And for a while, it did make you feel like you were heading off somewhere with how much validation you got from friends and strangers. But that place wasn't far; You were going in circles and never growing past their limited expectations of you. And when it begins to crack- the perception that you also want what they want for you, you become numb for a while. Realizing that all those years, you've stuffed real pieces of yourself in your pocket whenever you go out. Those things that others viewed as something out of place- those were a part of who you are.

However, there was some truth behind the person you've projected for others to see. At one point, you were happy with how others saw you then and how you saw yourself. But these parts of you were just too good that they began seeing you as something perfect. If you showed anything less than how you have been- they would deem you unworthy.

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Drawing out the rest of you- the dark and deviant part of you- to the surface would create an imbalance. And you've struggled for so long for others to accept you, so would you dare risk it for a chance at liberation? You must.

Bravely cross the imaginary line that you have allowed others to make for you. Live unapologetically and carry out the grand design that the universe has mapped out for you. These wants, these suppressed desires, are what fuels your passion. Whenever you choose to hide and resist them, you also stop yourself from transforming. You will never be complete without accepting all that you are, all that makes up your humanity.

Famous People With The Black Moon Lilith In Taurus

Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Bruce Lee, Will Smith, Bruno Mars

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