Boulder Opal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Boulder Opal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Boulder Opals contain both warm Earth energy and the radiant energy of Fire. The opal seam is usually relatively thin because the structure of Opal is by cutting it with Ironstone. Boulder opal can be very black and lovely in color when there are residues of Ironstone. It helps spiritually minded people flourish in the real world by assisting you in developing your spiritual aspects.

Boulder Opals are excellent for balancing conscious and unconscious thought. It is offering a sense of clarity and emotional security. It is helping if you have difficulty establishing a stable home environment without compromising your adventurous spirit.

History Of Boulder Opal

Around the year 1870, Boulder opal's first discovery happened near Quilpe, Western Australia. Almost all boulder opal available today comes from Western Queensland's opal-rich fields, confined to a 200-300 square-kilometer area. Boulder Opal has created millions of years ago when a solution of silica from disintegrating rocks and water ran into seams, fractures, and cavities in Ironstone.

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Opal comes from the Latin opalus and the Sanskrit Upala, which both mean “valuable stone.” Opals were valuable to the ancient Greeks as a symbol of foresight and prophesied by the Romans to symbolize optimism and purity. In the East, Arabs believed it had fallen from the sky. However, Australia produces 97 percent of the world's Opal. The discovery found that deposits have been present in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and the United States.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Boulder Opal

  • Physical Healing

Boulder opal strengthens the will to live that has a general health-improving impact. Opal has health benefits for your eyes, kidneys, and skin. If you're having trouble with dehydration or water retention, this stone can help. Opal helps with infection dispersal, blood and kidney purification, and insulin production regulation.

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Opal strengthens the resolve to live. It treats Parkinson's disease, as well as infections and fevers. Opal improves memory and cleanses the blood for better circulation. It regulates insulin, makes childbirth more manageable, and relieves PMS symptoms. It is suitable for washing the eyes, especially in the form of crystal water.

  • Emotional Healing

Similar to Green Opal, Boulder Opal soothes the inner spirit by refracting colors that depict the interaction of emotional factors. Personal actualization and self-awareness will benefit this gemstone, which produces one-of-a-kind pieces unlike any other. It's an excellent stone for advancement, expansion, and development. Opal is a beautiful, supportive stone committed to mending and strengthening the emotional body if you are willing to look deeply into your actual selves. 

The tremendous energy of Opal draws feelings and sentiments to the surface, revealing your emotional state in the past or even former lifetimes. This stone also protects you from taking too much of another person's energy, feelings, or thoughts. Allow Opal to manage barriers for you when confronting challenging people, situations, or things that affect your emotions or harm your feelings because Opal develops its colors through interference and diffraction.

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  • Mental Healing

Boulder Opal can assist in connecting the conscious and subconscious elements of the Self, allowing for complete insight. Boulder Opal also fosters communication between the Earth plane and the Spiritual Realm. It can help with dreamwork and vision questing to connect to buried information. 

Boulder Opal can also help clean and brighten your aura, which can help with spiritual and mental healing. It helps you uncover and express your genuine Self by stimulating uniqueness and dynamic creativity. Opal is a material that is both absorbent and reflective. It detects and amplifies thoughts and awareness. 

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Opal brings happiness into your life as it awakens the desire to draw attention to the more colorful aspects of life. Boulder opal aids in the removal of timidity, fear of action, and attitude. It can assist you in becoming more upbeat, socially extroverted, and self-assured in your talents. It infuses your life with a playful and curious vitality to experiment on what to incorporate in your ventures.

Opal brings good fortune and hope that are excellent work gemstones because they promote humanitarian love and service. It boosts the sense of lightness, spontaneity, and dynamic inventiveness. They're ideal if you work in or around water, such as physical therapists who use hydrotherapy. 

Opal tells you to enjoy the journey of following your hopes and ambitions, even if they do not come true. It is a stone of discovery and process rather than rushing on success. It can enable you to enjoy the cycles of life, growth, and experience.

  • Relationship Healing

Opal connects with feelings of love and passion, as well as lust and sexuality. It heightens your emotions while also releasing restraints. Opal can help to balance sensations, but it may also scatter energy. Thus, you should be well-centered before making sentiments or having other stones nearby.

Opal reveals your initial heartfelt condition and teaches you how to accept responsibility for what you are feeling right now. It motivates you to transmit happy sentiments out into the world. It's essential to be humble before utilizing Opal to explore or enhance your true motive with your partner.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Boulder Opal

Opal serves as a prism within the aura, bringing a broad spectrum of Light energy into the system. It purifies the spirit by strengthening the will to live and the joy of your existence in the physical realm. It rekindles optimism, excitement, and inventiveness and allows hindrances to release, resulting in love and desire.

Opal is stone for deep inner meditations as it promotes cosmic consciousness and produces flashes of intuition and insight. It is an excellent stone for attracting divine energy and strengthening communion with the Divine because it is a stone of light. Opal is a delicate stone with a gentle energy. It heightens cosmic awareness and inspires psychic and mystical visions.

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This stone can help you obtain the perspective you need to move from distraction to action. Opal enhances qualities and brings you to the top for transformation. It boosts self-esteem and helps you realize your full potential.

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