Calcite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Calcite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Calcite is a strong detoxifier crystal that is beneficial because it can help remove stagnant energies from any area of your life. It also clears the body of any adverse or passive powers.

It's a very active crystal that accelerates your personal and spiritual growth.  When it comes to balancing and cleaning all the chakras, this is an excellent stone to use. It's a grounding stone that boosts your trust in your intuition and increases your ability to bounce back from setbacks.

History Of Calcite

Calcite's origins are present from back to ancient Greece. Calcite derives its name from the ancient Greek word Chalix and the Latin word Calx, which means “lime.”  Calcite crystals are a type of crystallized limestone, which is present in the shells of sea creatures. Calcite crystals have a wide range of colors and varieties.

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The absorption properties of the Calcite crystal have transformed it into an intense sponge that absorbs toxic emotions and negativity. The relation of Calcite to lime is a symbol of its crystallized limestone makeup rather than a reference to color. It's mined worldwide, but especially in Eastern Europe, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, the United States, Iceland.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Calcite

  • Physical Healing

Calcite detoxifies and cleanses when it comes to the physical body and maintaining optimal health. It aids in keeping the organs free from unwanted toxins and aids them to function smoothly. It's the attention given to your gall bladder and kidneys. Calcite also promotes excellent blood circulation, a strong immune system, and physical development.

  • Emotional Healing

The gleaming Calcite stone is all about developing your emotional intelligence. It helps you to hone your ability to sort through your highs and lows. Calcite also assists you to deeply understand your feelings without being stuck in a particular way of thinking.

  • Mental Healing

Calcite calms the mind, improves memory, and stimulates new insights into current circumstances on a mental level. The calcite crystal is an excellent stone to have on hand when learning something new because it lets you put your thoughts into action. Calcite crystals will help you expand your mind and increase the flow of energy in your body.

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With Calcite, there will be a change in your outlook and a renewed sense of determination in you, which will allow you to do everything you want. It sharpens your mind while keeping you calm and healthy. It's a grounding stone that encourages you to reconnect with your inner self and figure out what's most relevant to focus your energies on.

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  • Manifesting Prosperity

Calcite is a mineral that represents purity. When you're looking for a significant improvement in your life or need to make a fresh start, this is the crystal to have with you. Calcite crystals will help you to ground, focus, and find inner peace. If you're not sure where you need to go, this crystal will assist you in discovering your life purpose by using your talents and abilities. It will help you develop your insight, wisdom, and spirituality.

Calcite crystals can remove blockages and harmful energies from your body. It will enhance all of your physical and mental functions by transforming sluggish energy into stimulating energy. Calcite will assist you in learning new concepts and completing all your goals. Calcite will assist you in achieving your objectives for you to build a happier life and a financially stable future for yourself.

  • Relationship Healing

Calcite will help you reconcile your life's energies. If you've been with someone for a week or a decade, this can help you fix broken relationships. It can even save relationships that are in rocky moments. Calcite crystal will help you avoid petty fights or arguments by surrounding you with constructive and caring energies. It will help you and your partner live a more harmonious life.

Calcite crystal will assist you in communicating clearly and efficiently so that no one feels confused, undervalued, or excluded. Calcite will assist you in maintaining a healthy relationship equilibrium. It will teach you how to de-escalate stressful situations so that you and your partner do not get into a major fight. Calcite crystal will clear your life from negative energies and everything unhealthy that affects your relationship with your partner.

Different Colors Of Calcite

  • Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a brilliant burst of joy that interacts with your sacral chakra. It brims with vivid and new energy, and it's here to intensify energy and radiate positivity.

  • Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite is an excellent stone for helping you through difficult times in life because it is a reliable solar plexus chakra stone. It boosts self-esteem and encourages a positive outlook, allowing you to shine.

  • Green Calcite

Green Calcite stone clears out the blocks in your heart chakra. It's an incredibly active stone in terms of physical fitness. But it can also help you cope with life's ups and downs.

  • Red Calcite

Red Calcite helps to ground and stabilize your root chakra. Red Calcite is a wonderful stone for increasing your physical endurance levels while also balancing your emotions and keeping you grounded.

  • Blue Calcite

The throat chakra is beautifully connected to deep blues, welcoming you to express your truths. Blue Calcite is a vision stone that will assist you in making certain difficult decisions.

  • White Calcite

White Calcite aims to cleanse the energy and bring pure thoughts to the mind. It's a fantastic crown chakra healer who wants to bind you to the rest of the universe.

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Calcite

Calcite bridges the gap between your physical body and your spirit, resulting in spiritual awareness. It positively affects if you have lost motivation and attracts positive energies to rekindle interest or joy in life. Calcite is an effective energy cleanser as well as an amplifier. It raises the vibration of every crystal it comes into contact with, as well as the human frequencies.

Calcite helps in cleansing the subtle and psychic bodies, leaving the aura bright and energized. Its spectrum of colors eliminates stagnant energy inside the body. Calcite is a sacred crystal that associates with higher levels of consciousness. It aids in past-life lessons and soul journey work by speeding up spiritual growth, learning, and progress.


Calcite crystals have a lot of excellent properties and are still very easy to get and use. Simply holding them in your hands will allow you to feel the incredible flow of energy flowing through your body. It will boost the number of positive vibrations in your life. It will demonstrate how you can gain power or relinquish control. Calcite crystal will assist you in overcoming stagnant circumstances in your life and allowing you to explore new territory without fear.

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