Can Agate Go in Water?: Receive the Abundance -

Can Agate Go in Water?: Receive the Abundance

An Agate came from the quartz family that can be found in different shades and colors. As an owner, you may want to know if it is safe with water as water is the efficient method to use.

Scoring at seven in the Mohs Scale of hardness, the Agate is safe and can go in the water. It can withstand the water without compromising its texture.

Since agate got a high rank on the Mohs hardness scale, the agate can be cleansed with water. 

Even if it can withstand the water, you cannot put it in water for an extended period. Aside from that, it would help if you considered the condition of the agate.

If you want to cleanse your agate using water, the best way is to wipe the agate with a damp cloth.

After that, rinse it in water for about ten seconds. You can also use a soft brush instead of a damp cloth, in that way, you can remove dirt and dust from agate.

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Also, when cleansing with water, you need to use average water temperature as extreme water temperature can cause thermal shock.

If the agate shows some cracks and damage, it is best to avoid the water as it can severely damage the crystal.

And take note that not all agate is not good in the water, some are more resistant, and some are not. So, make sure to do your research first.

In using water as a cleansing tool to keep your agate away from negative energies, you need to take note of precautions.

Can Agate Go in Salt Water?

Salt has refining properties that can be used as a technique to purify your crystals as it contains exceptional power to keep away negative energy.

However, saltwater as a cleansing method may not be applicable for agate. Saltwater can cause damage and can wear down the agate.

If you accidentally put your agate in salt water, rinse it off with fresh water and let it dry.

Can Agate Go in Moon Water?

Moon can provide powerful healing properties to crystals as it can re-establish a solid power to agate.

It also gives undesirable abundance that can help the agate get rid of the negative energy.

Since the hardness of the agate is enough to withstand the water, then it is safe to put the agate in moon water.

To perform the moon water ritual, fill a bowl with fresh water, and let the agate soak in there overnight. It is ideal to do this cleansing under a full moon.

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Can you Drink Agate-infused Water?

Considering its texture and hardness, it is safe to drink agate-infuse water. 

To prepare the agate-infused water, you may need a jar, freshwater, and a clean and newly recharged agate.

It is advisable to make sure that the agate is clean and newly recharged to avoid the negative energy in the agate-infuse water you will consume.

Fill the clean jar with fresh water, put the agate crystal in there, and let it sit overnight. It is also better to let it sit under the moonlight.

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After that, strain the water from the jar and transfer it into another container. 

However, not all crystals are safe with water. Better to do your research first before creating crystal-infused water.

Here are some of the advantages you may get if you drink agate-infused water:

Agate–infused water contains several medical advantages and physical strength. It also helps us calm our minds and assists us with feeling relaxed.

However, different types of crystals can give different types of benefits. It depends on what crystal you want to use.

Drinking agate-infuse water can also help to flush out negative and unwanted energies that you may have in your body. 

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Can Agate Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with a crystal in your bathtub or even in the corners of the bathroom can give an exceptional environment.

If you include your agate in your bathing routine, you may get benefits such as a calm environment. 

In preparing bathwater with agate, you need to ensure that the products you are using are crystal safe. Some chemicals may cause harmful effects in your agate.

Let your agate soak in your bathtub and enjoy your bathing time. You can also try to put it in a corner together with other crystals that are not safe with water.

Either way, you need to rinse off your agate after taking a bath. And make sure to wipe it off and keep it dry.

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What are other methods that can be used in cleansing agate?

In cleansing agate, there are many methods that you can use. This section will talk about the other ways of cleansing it.

Cleansing Agate under the Full Moon

Aside from using moon water, you can also charge your agate using the moonlight in a full moon. 

There is something about the energy of the full moon, so much that a lot of people are performing their rituals around the full moon.

Using the full moon to charge your agate will be the most potent yet delicate type of cleansing and charging your crystal.

It is easy and simple to charge and cleanse your agate under the full moon.

Place your agate or any crystal where the light of the full moon is visible, you can put them in other places such as above the roof or in trees.

Leave them under the full moon’s light overnight, avoid letting your agate sit in the sunlight. 

If it happens that you left your agate to charge overnight, you need to get it back before the sunrise. Sunlight may cause damages to your agate.

Cleansing the agate crystal using Sage

Another way to cleanse the crystal is to use sage. Sage is known as a superior plant within the spiritual realm. 

It contains powerful cleansing properties over people, spaces, and physical objects.

Cleansing the agate using the Palo Santo

It is another way of smudging crystals that involves wood. Palo santo is a native tree only to Venezuela and Peru.

This palo santo can be used in healing rituals and getting rid of negative energies.

Cleansing Agate using an Incense

A convenient way to cleanse the agate is to perform incense. Any incense can be used for cleansing.

To perform incense cleansing, choose incense and burn it. Let the stone absorb the smoke from the incense.

It is better to rotate the stone once in a while to let the other side of the stone be cleansed.

Cleansing Agate using Sound

Cleansing your agate using Sound can be the easiest and safest way to cleanse. It can also be applied to all crystals.

This sound method is recommended if you own a large number of crystals.

In cleansing using the Sound, you need to use an object that emits resonating vibrations that can hold its tone for a long second.

Allow your crystal to absorb the sound waves for as long as possible. The longer the time, the better the cleansing will be.

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