Can Apatite Go in Water?: Water Can Make It Look Beautiful! -

Can Apatite Go in Water?: Water Can Make It Look Beautiful!

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Apatite is a charming crystal that contains lots of benefits and healing properties. As an owner, you may want to know a thing about your crystal. You may be asking if this is safe in the water.

Apatite can go in the water, but only for a short period.  

Ranking at 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Apatite can withstand water. But putting Apatite in water baths for a long period is not advisable.

For a crystal to be water-safe, it has to have a score of 6 and above on the Mohs scale, but in this case, the Apatite consists of compounds that make it hard.

Apatite is made of different minerals. Calcium and phosphate are the main components of it.

It also consists of different physical property perspectives such as chlorapatite, fluorapatite, and hydroxyapatite.

Those components made the Apatite hard enough not to dissolve in the water. It also does not break when it is exposed to moisture.

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Water can make Apatite more beautiful after soaking water.

But like any other crystal, even the hardest one, Apatite cannot be immersed in water for an extended period.

Crystals contain fissures that can turn into breakage when it gets put into water. Water encourages cracks and breakages.

In this article, you will find out what variants of water you can use for your Apatite.

Can Apatite Go in Running Water?

Cleansing your crystal is necessary to keep the crystal away from negative and unwanted energies.

Water is one of the most used tools that can cleanse and clean your crystal physically. But not all crystals can go into the water.

Not all of them can withstand the water.

But the Apatite is hard enough not to dissolve when it is soaked in water. You can use running tap water as the cleansing method.

You can cleanse your Apatite in a bowl with water and immerse it there for a few hours. For deep cleansing, you can add liquid soap to the bowl.

Ensure that you are using mild soap for your crystal. Not all soap is safe for crystals. Some chemicals can affect the texture of the crystals.

After the cleansing, make sure that you will rinse off the soap and let the Apatite dry thoroughly using a soft cloth.

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Can Apatite Go in Stream Water?

Yes, Apatite can be cleansed in stream water. It is good to use natural water resource for your crystals as it contains energies that come from nature.

In cleansing your Apatite using stream water, submerge the Apatite in stream water for a few minutes. You can also get a bowl, fill it with stream water and soak the Apatite there for a few hours.

Rainwater is also safe to use in cleansing your Apatite. It also came directly from nature.

Washing your crystals using natural water resources contains energies that can cleanse and charge the crystals. 

When cleansing, envision that the negative energies from your Apatite will be dissolved in water. Let it dry using a soft cloth.

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Focus on your intentions while cleansing; make sure that you are aligned in the energy of love, harmony, peacefulness, and purity.

Feel that energy in your heart, and imagine that your Apatite is welcoming all uplifting, positive, and delightful energies.

Can Apatite Go in Hot Water?

Extreme hot water temperature is not for Apatite. It can leave visual marks that will indicate severe damage. 

Noticeable scratches and dents will be on the surface of the Apatite.

However, It is safe to use lukewarm water in cleansing your Apatite, and you can add mild soap while cleansing. Make sure to let it dry after.

Can Apatite Go in Salt Water?

Salt can cause damage to crystals; it is corrosive and destroys the texture and the surface of the crystals. 

It is recommended not to immerse your Apatite in saltwater, even in ocean water.

Even though ocean water is a natural water resource and contains good energies for crystals, some crystals are not recommended to be soaked in it.

The main reason why salt should be avoided is that the saltwater can go through the cracks of the crystals. As the water dissolves, salt particles may be left in the crystals.

Those salt particles can cause damage to your Apatite as time goes by.

If you accidentally put your Apatite in salt water, rinse it thoroughly. Make sure to focus on the fissures, and then let it dry after.

Can Apatite Go in Moon Water?

The moonlight contains healing and purifying power. You can use the power of the moon to cleanse and charge your Apatite under the moonlight.

The moon water will cleanse the Apatite by getting rid of all the negative energies from it. The moon water will also bring restoration to the power of the apatite stone again.

Fill the bowl with fresh air and soak your Apatite there. Leave it outside or on your windowsill through the entire night.

You can also try to soak your Apatite under the moonlight without the water. Place it outside or on your windowsill overnight. 

Place your Apatite in a safe place to avoid breakage and damage.

Also, ensure that you will not let your Apatite soak under the sunlight for the next day. Get your Apatite before the sun rises or before the sunlight gets hotter.

Apatite stone is a fragile and sensitive type of stone, and its color may fade under the sunlight.

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Can Apatite Go in Bath Water?

If you plan to meditate or relax, you can go in the bath with your Apatite.

Apatite can bring you to a deeper level of meditation and intensify your awareness and focus. 

Place your Apatite directly into the bathwater. Just ensure that you are not using products that can harm your crystal.

Also, avoid products that contain salt when you are taking a bath with your Apatite. 

If you do not want to put the Apatite directly into the bathwater, you can still enjoy taking a bath with Apatite.

Place it in the corners of your bathroom or your bathtub. 

Make sure to rinse it off after you take a bath.

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How to prepare Apatite Elixir?

In preparing an elixir, the first thing you need to make sure of is that the Apatite needs to be cleansed first. The negative energies may block the healing powers of the crystal.

Place the Apatite inside the container with fresh water, and leave it under the moonlight for the entire night.

Strain the water from the container after and transfer it to another bottle

There are a few things you can do with your apatite elixir: you can drink it as water, make tea out of it, or even add it to your water bath.

You can also put your apatite elixir in a spray bottle and spray it inside your room or house whenever you feel like you need to boost your creativity.

Not all crystals are safe enough to be used to create an elixir. Please do some research first before making an elixir.

What are other techniques can be used in cleansing Apatite?

If you do not want to use the water techniques in cleansing, here are some ways that you can use them:

Cleansing using Herbs

Using herbs as the cleansing method is a safe way to get rid of negative and unwanted energies.

In cleansing with herbs, place your Apatite in a bowl with herbs such as lavender. Leave it there for a few hours.

Cleansing using Sage

Sage is the safest way to cleanse any crystals. It does cleanse not only your crystal but also the whole living space.

Light up the tip of the sage and let the smoke roam around your Apatite for 30 seconds. While doing the cleansing, envision those negative energies are being removed from the Apatite.

You can cleanse and charge your Apatite while stating affirmations. This can help you more in cleansing the crystals.

Please do this method in an open space or open your windows while cleansing with sage. It is to let the smoke and negative energies disperse in the air.

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