Can Aragonite Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Aragonite Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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You may be wondering which crystals can go in the water and which are not. This article will discuss if aragonite can is safe with water.

Aragonite is not safe with water; it is soluble in a particular type of water, and it is not a complex type of crystal.

The hardness of the Aragonite only ranges from 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. It simply means that it is not safe in the water.

The crystal should rank at 6 and above on the Mohs scale to be considered water safe. Since the rank of Aragonite is low, extended exposure to water may cause damage.

Aside from the fact that it is a soft crystal, its component, which is calcium carbonate, is water-soluble. 

That adds up to why you should avoid water for your Aragonite.

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However, there are still variants of water you may use in cleansing your Aragonite. This article will discuss the type of water you can use and what is not.

Can Aragonite Go in Salt Water?

Salt is known as a cleansing method for crystals. It helps them remove the negative energy and replace it with new positive energies.

However, not all crystal is safe with saltwater, especially soft crystals like Aragonite. The Aragonite may experience stress from the salt.

The salt may also cause damage to the Aragonite. Salt particles may be left in the fissures of the Aragonite, which can cause breakage.

Any type of saltwater such as seawater is not allowed to use as a cleansing method.

Can Aragonite Go in Rain Water?

Rainwater is a good cleansing tool as it contains energies that come directly from nature. It contains high vibrations that can be good for the crystals.

However, it should be avoided when you are using Aragonite. 

Rainwater can be slightly acidic, which can cause damage to your Aragonite. 

It is because the water reacts with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that forms carbonic acid before it becomes rain.

Can Aragonite Go in Alkaline Water?

Aragonites go well in alkaline environments. It is safe to cleanse and charge your Aragonite using alkaline water. 

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Can Aragonite Go in Charcoal Filtered Water?

Filtering the water using charcoal could be a good idea to cleanse your Aragonite. Place a charcoal stick in a bowl with water and let it sit for twenty-four hours.

It is best to mist your charcoal filtered water in the Aragonite. 

To do this method, fill the spray bottle with charcoal filtered water. Place your Aragonite in the towel.

With a distance of 1 and a half feet, spray a water mist on the Aragonite. Let the water sit for a few minutes.

And then dry your Aragonite.

Can Aragonite Go in Hot Water?

Using hot water as a cleansing method for your Aragonite is prohibited. Aragonites are sensitive to high water temperatures.

It can cause severe damage to the crystal, especially to soft crystals.

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Also, the Aragonite may experience thermal shock when it gets put in high water temperature.

Can Aragonite Go in Filtered Water?

If your goal is to wash the Aragonite to remove debris and dirt, you can use filtered water.

Fill the spray bottle with filtered water, and spray it to your Aragonite. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, brush the surface of the Aragonite.

And then again, spray some water on the crystal and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Can Aragonite Go in Moon Water?

Moon is known because of energies that cleanse and charge the crystals. It contains powerful energies that are good for crystals.

However, the Aragonite cannot go in a moon water bath since it has the tendency to dissolve in water. It is not advisable to soak Aragonite in water baths.

But Aragonite can still experience the energy that the moonlight can provide. You can charge and cleanse your Aragonite under the moon without the water.

Find a safe place and put your Aragonite there. Make sure that the Aragonite will not fall. 

You can place it outside or on your windowsill, anywhere that the rays of the moon are visible. Leave there the Aragonite through the entire night.

It is best to charge crystals under the light of the full moon, and it is because during a full moon, the moon's energy is at its peak.

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Can Aragonite Go in Bath Water?

Aragonite cannot go in bathwater because the crystal may be dissolved when it gets soaked in water. Aside from that, some bath products may contain chemical ingredients.

Those chemical ingredients can cause harmful effects on your Aragonite. It can severely damage your crystal.

However, there is still a way to enjoy your bathing experience with your Aragonite. In your bathroom, find a place that is out of reach of the water.

Make sure that the Aragonite is safe and free from falling.

How to Prepare Aragonite Elixir?

There are two ways of preparing a crystal elixir; in this case, Aragonite cannot be soaked in water. The method that you need to use is the indirect method.

To prepare an elixir, you must first have to make sure that your Aragonite is cleansed and charged. The negative energy needs to be got rid of first.

The water from the elixir can absorb the negative energy, and it may block the healing benefits of the aragonite crystal.

Fill the bowl with fresh water and put it on the lid. Place your Aragonite above the bowl. 

Leave the bowl with your Aragonite under the moonlight through the entire night. Let the healing benefits of the aragonite charge into the water with the help of the moon.

After the charging, transfer the water into another container. And there, the aragonite elixir is ready to use.

You can use your aragonite elixir as drinking water. It is said to provide good benefits to the consumer. You can also try it with your tea.

The aragonite elixir can also be in water baths; kindly spill the elixir into the bathtub before taking a bath.

You can also place the elixir into a spray bottle and spray it in your room or house.

What are the Alternative Ways to Cleanse and Charge the Aragonite?

Since you cannot use water as a cleansing method for your Aragonite, here are some practical ways to cleanse your crystal.

Cleansing and charging Aragonite using the earth

Cleansing and charging Aragonite using the earth's energy is the best technique to use. It is essential for crystals to be charged with the earth's energy once in a while.

You can directly put it on the ground or in your garden. Make sure that the ground is dry and safe.

Leave your Aragonite there for a few hours or overnight.

Cleansing and charging using the rice

Cleansing and charging with rice is a safe way to do it for Aragonite. Fill the bowl with the suitable rice and bury your crystal there.

Leave it there for a few hours and let the rice absorb the negative energy from the Aragonite.

Some said it is better to use brown rice in cleansing, but any type of rice can be used. 

It is also recommended to throw away the rice after cleansing as it contains negative energies from the crystal.

Cleansing and charging using the sage

Sage cleansing is the safest way to cleanse the crystal. 

To do this method, light up the tip of the sage. Let the smoke roam around your Aragonite.

Let all sides of Aragonite be touched with the smoke.

It is advised to do this method in an open space or open your windows when cleansing. Together with the negative energy, the smoke will be dispersed in the air.

It is best to visualize your intentions and state affirmations when cleansing your Aragonite. This will help the crystal to absorb pure intentions and energies from you.

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