Can Black Obsidian Go in Water?: Get its Unmatchable Benefits -

Can Black Obsidian Go in Water?: Get its Unmatchable Benefits

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The persistent question is, “can black Obsidian go in the water?” Black Obsidian is a natural stone, that looks good in color black, is a result of cooled volcanic lava.

Black Obsidian can go in the water. You can use water as a cleansing method without worrying about its texture.

Based on the Mohs scale of hardness, black obsidian scores between 5 and 6, which means you can use water for cleansing and charging.

Aside from its beauty, the black obsidian also contains several healing properties that are beneficial for your spiritual and physical self. 

And for you to continue to receive those benefits, you must cleanse and recharge your black obsidian.

Water being the easiest and most convenient way to charge your crystals, can and is the best way to cleanse your crystal.

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Water can help remove negative energies from your black obsidian and infuse them with pure healing properties.

However, you must be careful when using water as a cleansing method. There are some things that you need to take note of.

Can Black Obsidian Go in Running Water?

Running tap water can be used in cleansing your black obsidian, and it is convenient since most of us have access to running tap water.

To clean your black obsidian, you can hold it under the running water for a few minutes or keep it in a small basin and let the water run through it.

But if you want to perform deep cleaning, you can try to fill a bowl with fresh water and soak your crystal in the bowl for 24 hours.

Either way, you have to wipe off the water from the black obsidian with soft cloth and freshwater.

A simple reminder to not soak your black obsidian in water too often for long hours. Continuous contact in water may cause cracks and damages to your black obsidian.

Please do not use the water that has been used to cleanse other crystals, as it contains negative energy.

Always use clean and fresh water when cleansing.

Can Black Obsidian Go in Extreme Water Temperature?

Now that you know that the water can be used as a cleansing method for black obsidian, you have to note the temperature.

Never use extreme water temperature when cleansing and charging the black obsidian. Either too cold or too hot water is not advisable.

The two water temperatures can cause severe damage to the black obsidian. It can weaken the crystal, which will lead to breakage.

The best method is to use average water temperature to cleanse the black obsidian.

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Can Black Obsidian Go in Water?

Salt is known to provide healing energies and will help to remove the negative energies in your crystal.

And since the black obsidian is somewhat a hard crystal, it does not break easily when it gets put in saltwater. It is safe to put it in water.

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In preparing the saltwater, you need salt, fresh water, a bowl, and your black obsidian. You can use Himalayan salt for cleansing.

Fill the bowl with fresh water sprinkle some Himalayan salt. Immerse your black obsidian in the bowl with salt.

Leave it for a few hours and let the saltwater remove all of the negative energy in your crystal. 

After the cleansing, drain the saltwater from the crystal, rinse it off with fresh water, and let it dry using a soft cloth.

Remember not to use the saltwater again, as it contains lots of negative energies gained from your black obsidian.

If you have access to the sea, it is also good to use seawater. Seawater is a natural water resource.

It may contain good energy from the earth.

Just dip the black obsidian under the seawater for a few minutes and rinse it with fresh water. 

You can also get a bowl, fill it with seawater, and then submerge your black obsidian there. After the cleansing, do not forget to rinse it off and dry it using a soft cloth.

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Can Black Obsidian Go in Moon Water?

Moon provides powerful healing properties, and charging your black obsidian using water is an effective way to keep the healing properties of our crystal.

The potent healing energy of the moonlight transmutes the power of the white rays to the water. That can make it recharged and energetic.

Letting the black obsidian sit in moon water overnight will boost their benefits and renew their metaphysical properties.

To prepare moon water, just get a bowl to fill it with fresh water. And then let your black obsidian sit in a bowl with fresh water.

Leave it under the moonlight overnight. 

It is an excellent technique to perform the Moon water ritual to your black obsidian once every month.

However, you can also try to charge your black obsidian through moonlight without the water as a mediator.

Just put your black obsidian in a place where the moonlight is visible. You can place it in windows.

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Can Black Obsidian Go in Bath Water?

Black obsidian is considered a hard stone that can withstand water. Hence, black obsidian can be soaked in water without worrying that it might break.

Incorporating the black obsidian with your bath water can provide you with newness and freshness.

Because of its dark color, the obsidian will absorb all of the negative energies within your body, and will radiate optimistic energy in return.

Ensure that the water in your bathtub is not too hot and too cold as it may cause damage to your black obsidian. Also, avoid using bath necessities that contain harmful chemicals.

Simply put your black obsidian in your bathtub and enjoy your bathing experience. After taking a bath, please make sure that you will rinse your black obsidian and let it dry.

You can also try to put it in the corners of your bathroom or in the corners of the bathtub to enjoy the incredible benefits from your black obsidian.

Can You Drink Black Obsidian-Infused Water?

Drinking crystal-infused water may give your body and mind lots of benefits.

With a score of 5 to 6 in the Mohs Scale of hardness, the black obsidian is perfect for preparing crystal-infuse water.

In preparing Obsidian-Infuse water, you will need a jar, freshwater or spring water, and your black obsidian. Please make sure that your black obsidian is clean.

Fill the jar with fresh water or spring water, submerging your black obsidian there. Place it under the moonlight overnight, and let the water absorb its mystical energy.

After that, do not forget to strain the water. And there, your black obsidian-infuse water is ready.

How to prepare Black Obsidian Elixir?

Crystal elixir is like magic liquids. It can charge you with cheerfulness and will act as a support in your spiritual journey.

Black obsidian, a protective crystal, will be a perfect ingredient in preparing an elixir.

First, cleanse and charge your black obsidian before preparing an elixir.

Get a bowl, fill it with fresh water, and immerse your black obsidian there. Let it sit under the moonlight overnight for recharging.

If you wish to enhance the power of the black obsidian elixir, mix a few drops of essential oils.

Now remove the black obsidian from the water. Transfer the water to a dropper bottle and enjoy using your black obsidian water.

What are the alternative methods that can be used to cleanse black obsidian?

Here are other cleansing methods that can be used in black obsidian.

  • Use Sage as a cleansing method.
  • Burying in a bowl with rice. Please throw away the rice after the cleansing.
  • Sound can also be a powerful cleanser. It is recommended to perform a sound bath to the black obsidian.

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