Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?: Water Can Make it Rusty -

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?: Water Can Make it Rusty

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Water is known to be a great way to cleanse your gemstone. You may wonder, “is it safe with water?”, “can I use water as a cleaning and recharging method for my gemstone?”

Yes, Black Tourmaline can go in the water to answer your question. The black tourmaline will not be damaged if you use water to cleanse and recharge it.

Black Tourmaline ranks at 7 to 7.5 on Mohs Hardness Scale. It simply means that it will not be dissolved in water.

It is not advisable to put the black tourmaline in water for a long time. Black Tourmaline contains iron that can turn into rust if it sits with water for a long time.

However, even if it is safe with water, be careful of what water variants you should use. Some variants of water may cause damage to your black tourmaline if it sits for an extended period.

Here are some of the precautions you should take note of in cleaning and recharging your black tourmaline with water.

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Running Water?

It is safe to wash black tourmaline in running water, as its hardness is enough for it not to be dissolved in water. 

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To clean the black tourmaline, wash the black tourmaline under running water for a minute or two. You can also try to put mild soap on your black tourmaline.

Just make sure to rinse it properly and let it dry well using a soft cloth and fresh air.

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Himalayan Salt Water?

Himalayan salt bath is not advisable for black tourmaline. Any type of stones, crystals, and mineral is not good to be put in saltwater.

It is advised to keep away your black tourmaline from any possible contact with salt water.

The salt particles may go in the tiny gaps and cracks that your black tourmaline has. 

If the salt is not removed, it can cause severe damage, or worst is breakage.

If it happens that you put your black tourmaline accidentally in saltwater, you need to rinse it off immediately using tap water.

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Can Black Tourmaline Go in Moon Water?

Using the moonlight as a cleansing method for your black tourmaline can be good as moonlight provides many powerful energies. 

However, the black tourmaline contains iron that may cause rust if it gets in the water for a long time.

It is not ideal for black tourmaline to be in moon water for an extended period.

But even though Moon water is not advisable, the black tourmaline can still enjoy the moon's energies.

You can still charge the black tourmaline using the moon without the water as their mediator.

Find a place where the rays of the moonlight are visible. You can place it in your windows or outside.

Just be sure that the moonlight is clear. And then, leave your black tourmaline under the moonlight overnight.

It is best to wait for the full moon before charging, as it contains powerful energy that your black tourmaline can absorb.

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Can Black Tourmaline Go in Bath Water?

Even though bath water with crystal can give you lots of benefits, physically and mentally, the black tourmaline is not advised to be put in bathwater.

However, you can still experience having your bathing ritual with your black tourmaline.

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Find a place inside your bathroom that has no contact with water. Please place it in the corners or beside the bathtub.

Just make sure that the black tourmaline will not contact water.

Can you Drink Black Tourmaline-Infused water?

No, it is not safe to drink black tourmaline-infused water. It may cause a lot of harmful effects on you than good.

Any form of black tourmaline-infuse water is not safe to drink, so better avoid drinking it.

However, you can try to drink other crystal-infused water that is safe and contains many healing benefits.

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How to Prepare Black Tourmaline Elixir?

Crystal elixir contains many beneficial healing properties to the consumer, depending on what crystal you will use.

Any type of crystal will provide different types of benefits. 

Just ensure that you will use water-safe crystal when preparing the direct method in creating an elixir.

However, the black tourmaline cannot go in the water for long. Hence it is not safe to use the direct method in making an elixir.

But the good thing is, there is an indirect method that you can use for your black tourmaline.

In this method, you will need a jar that can accommodate the size of the black tourmaline.

You will also need a water vessel and freshwater.

First, you need to ensure that your black tourmaline is clean and newly recharged.

It is essential to cleanse and charge your black tourmaline first before using it to create an elixir. Negative energy may block its healing properties if you do not charge it.

Place your black tourmaline in a clear empty jar.

Next is to fill your water vessel with fresh water and place your jar inside. Let the water vessel under the moonlight overnight. 

Transfer the water from the vessel into a container. And there! You can now enjoy your black tourmaline elixir.

What are the other ways to cleanse and recharge the black tourmaline?

Cleanse and Charge the Black Tourmaline using the sunlight

Aside from moonlight, you can also charge and cleanse your black tourmaline using sunlight.

Charging in sunlight can best be done for a maximum of two hours as it may cause breakage if it sits there for an extended period.

Place your black tourmaline where the rays of the sunlight are visible. It is also recommended to do it early in the morning.

It is safer to use the mild morning sun as the rays are not as intense as what we have in the afternoon.

Charging from natural sources is advised. Their energies are powerful, and they come directly to the earth.

Cleansing and charging the Black Tourmaline using Incense

Incense as a cleansing and charging is excellent and powerful. As it will keep away the negative energies from your black tourmaline.

To perform incense cleansing, you need to light up the sticks. Wait until the sticks are continuously creating smoke.

Place the stick inside the incense holder and carefully wave the black tourmaline in the Incense smoke.

While you are charging the black tourmaline in Incense, it is advised to focus on giving pure intentions and affirmations.

Make sure that the windows are open.

Cleansing and charging Black Tourmaline by burying it under the soil

Burying your black tourmaline underground is also a convenient way to cleanse it.

Burying it underground can allow your crystal to receive the earth's frequencies and let it charge and cleanse using those frequencies.

Just bury your black tourmaline underground and leave it there for forty-eight (48) hours.

Cleansing using the Selenite

Selenite is a crystal that can be used in cleansing and charging other crystals such as black tourmaline.

In cleansing, the black tourmaline and the Selenite must have direct contact.

In order to cleanse your black tourmaline using Selenite, lay the black tourmaline on top of the Selenite.

Leave it like that for twelve hours so that the black tourmaline can absorb the energies of the Selenite.

The Selenite promotes calmness and clarity, making it great for cleansing other crystals.

You can also use clear quartz as a cleansing tool for your black tourmaline.

Clear quartz promotes harmony and balance that can help your black tourmaline recharge.

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