Can Bloodstone Go in Water?: It Has Iron Oxide that May Rust! -

Can Bloodstone Go in Water?: It Has Iron Oxide that May Rust!

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Bloodstone came from chalcedony family. It has a color of deep green almost looking like a black with red sometime orange spots. You may want to know if it is safe with water.

Bloodstone can go in water. You can use water to cleanse and charge your bloodstone without risking the beauty of the crystal.

Bloodstone is a type of chalcedony that is a type of quartz which is a type of mineral. It come from the tiny type of crystal that is usually translucent to opaque.

Since it is related to quartz, bloodstone ranks at 6 to 7 in the Mohs scale of hardness. Hard enough not to dissolve in water.

Water is known in efficiently and effectively cleansing crystals. It is easy and most convenient to use as cleansing tool.

Bloodstone needs to be cleansed daily especially if you are using it often. However, just like other crystals, extended period of soaking the bloodstones in water is not recommended.

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It is also advised to you do not put bloodstone in water on a daily basis, extensive usage of water may cause the bloodstone to react in water.

Not all crystals are safe when it gets put in water, some may react due to their compositions.

And bloodstone is one of them, the red, orange and sometimes brown spots in bloodstone is iron oxide.

Iron oxide may rust if it gets put into the water for a long time. This reaction to water may also cause the crystal to change its color.

Aside from that, water could also form cracks that can turn into breakage overtime. This will happen if you put your bloodstone in water daily.

The cracks could be invisible in the eye, but it can cause breakage to the stone. Even if the stone is a very hard stone.

The shiny polish could also be affected in water. It can make your bloodstone appear rough on the side.

But you can still use water as cleansing method, you just have to be careful when doing so.

And in cleansing use alternative methods sometime to lessen the its exposure to water.

This article will discuss what type of water variants can be used in your bloodstone.

Can Bloodstone Go in Running Water?

Running water is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to cleanse your bloodstone. It can help your bloodstone get rid of negative energies and then give it back to the earth.

It is better to use natural running water as it contains energies from the nature, such as rivers, streams, waterfalls, etc. Ensure to rinse off the bloodstone after cleansing.

You can dip it in the stream or rivers for few minutes or so, you can also submerge it in a bowl with running water and leave it for few hours.

You can also use running tap water in cleansing, as it is easy and convenient to use since almost all people have an access to it.

If you want to wash the surface of the bloodstone, you can use mild soap while cleansing. Make sure that the soap does not have any ingredients that could harm the crystal.

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Can Bloodstone Go in Rain Water?

Yes, the bloodstone can go in under the rain water. Rain water is also a natural water resource, it contains powerful energies.

These energies from the rain will help your crystal to get rid of the negative energies, and will charge it with new positive energies.

You can let the rain water fall to your bloodstone outside. You can also try to hold under the rain water for few minutes.

If you want to immerse it in rain water for few hours, you can fill the container and let your bloodstone be cleansed and charged in the rain water.

Make sure to keep it dry after the cleansing.

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Can Bloodstone Go in Salt Water?

Salt water is known as an effective way to remove negative energies from crystals and it will absorb the collected energies.

It is recommended to use saltwater every once in a while, in cleansing your bloodstone.

In cleansing using the saltwater, fill the bowl with fresh water and then add some salt. Place your bloodstone there for a few hours.

If you live near the ocean or you have an access with the ocean, you can wash your bloodstone there briefly, or you can submerge it in the ocean for few hours.

It is better to wash and rinse your bloodstone thoroughly after cleansing with saltwater. Salt particles may be left in the crystals.

Salt particles can cause the fissures to go wider and can cause severe damage.

Always let the bloodstone dry using a soft cloth.

Can Bloodstone Go in Moon Water?

Cleansing and charging the crystals under the moonlight with water is allowed for bloodstones.

Moonlight contains strong energies that can help the crystals get rid of negative energies, and can give new healing properties to your bloodstone.

It is safe and good to perform moon water baths for your crystal at least once a month.

Fill a bowl with fresh water and then soak there your bloodstones. Leave it there for the entire night and let it dry after.

But since the bloodstone cannot go in water for extensive times, you can use the moonlight to recharge your crystal.

Place your crystal in a safe place that the rays of the moonlight are visible. And leave it there overnight.

In this case your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the power of moon and earth’s energy.

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Can Bloodstone Go in Bath Water?

It is safe to take a bath together with your bloodstone. It can provide lots of benefits for your mind and body.

In taking a bath with bloodstone, you can put your crystal directly to your bath tub. Make sure that the products that you are using are crystal friendly.

Some ingredients from the products can cause severe damages to your bloodstone.

After taking a bath, rinse your bloodstone well, make sure that there will be no soap residue that will be left.

Let it dry after using.

If you wish to take a bath with your bloodstone but you do not want to submerge it in water, you can place it in the bathroom corner.

Ensure that you place it in a safe place, avoid putting it in a place where it can possibly fall.

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Can you drink Bloodstone-infused Water?

Bloodstone is hard enough not to dissolve in water, so it is safe to drink bloodstone-infuse water. Just ensure to strain the water first before drinking it.

Drinking crystal-infuse water can give lots of healing properties. However, not all crystals-infuse water is safe to drink as some of them reacts in water.

How to Prepare Bloodstone Elixir?

Since bloodstone is hard enough to be in water, it is safe to create an elixir out of it. Elixir contains benefits to the consumers.

In preparing bloodstone elixir, you will need to recharge and cleanse your bloodstone. The negativity may block the power of the bloodstone.

Fill the container with fresh water, and let your bloodstone sit in there for few hours. Let it charge under the moon light through the entire night.

After that, dry your bloodstone. Strain the water from the container and transfer it into the jar, or even in spray bottle.

There are lots of things that you can do to your bloodstone elixir.

You can drink it right after, or place it in a mug together with a tea bag. You can also put the bloodstone elixir to your bath water.

If you want, you can also dab it in your body especially on the part where pores and skin are affected.

Spray it in your room or inside your house to refresh yourself.

Please take note that not all crystal can be made as elixir through direct method. Some can be created using indirect method since there is a possibility that they may react in water.

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