Can Carnelian Go in Water?: The Effects! -

Can Carnelian Go in Water?: The Effects!

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Carnelian is a reddish-brown crystal resonating with fire energy known to empower its bearer with courage and determination. A doorway to positive energy and abundant luck in life.

Carnelian is safe and can go in the water. It is made up of silica material that does not react and cannot dissolve water. It is also made of robust stone with solid surface resistance, so it is not prone to breaking with water.

To know if your crystal is safe with water, you need to consider its characteristics. And based on Mohs Scale, Carnelian ranked at seven over ten together with the quartz, Amethyst, etc.

It means that carnelian does not dissolve or become brittle when it is soaked underwater.

Cleansing crystals is vital to remove the unwanted energy they hold and keep them functional and practical.

If you plan to clean and recharge your carnelian with water, you must do it gently. Freshwater would be the best option in cleaning your carnelian.

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Rinse them off under fresh water and dry them using a piece of a soft cloth.

You can also use the old method to wash the carnelian with lukewarm water and mild soap. It is not recommended to soak the carnelian for an extended time.

You should also note if your carnelian has cracks and dents, as it may expand with water.

As carnelian is known to be mystical, you do not need to wash it daily. And unlike with Amethyst, because of its super energetic vibrations, carnelian can help clean and recharge other crystals.

Even though the carnelian is safe with water, there are some things that you need to take note of when using water in cleaning. Below are some of the information that could help you take care of your carnelian stone.

Can Carnelian Go in Salt/Saline Water?

Even though carnelian is safe and can be clean with water, some varieties of water are harmful to carnelian, and saltwater is one of them.

Cleaning and recharging your carnelian in the ocean sound good, but if you want to avoid breakage and cracks to your cornelian, you better avoid cleaning them with saltwater.

There is a higher chance that the salt particles may leave stains on the crystals, and the saltwater can create damage on carnelians. It is best to use other types of water, such as freshwater.

If your carnelian was soaked in salt water, rinse it off immediately with fresh water and let it dry thoroughly.

Can Carnelian Go in Pool Water?

Pool water contains many chemicals that are used to kill germs and bacteria. One of those chemicals is chlorine. 

Aside from chlorine, pool water also contains a lot of bacteria. It may cause damage to your carnelian over time.

It is advisable to keep your carnelian away from pool water. 

If your carnelian touches or soaks in pool water, it is better to rinse them off as soon as possible and let them dry thoroughly before using them again. 

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Can Carnelian Go in Running Water?

It is essential to keep your crystal clean before and after using it. And water is one of the methods that you can use.

It can clean your crystal physically while it can release all absorbed negative and excess energy.

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Since carnelian is safe with water, it is good to cleanse it under running water. Placing your carnelian under water and brush off the dirt. 

You can also use mild soap to get away with the dirt. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry using a piece of cloth. 

Can Carnelian Go in Spring Water?

If you think of cleaning your carnelian using natural resources, spring water should be your first choice. 

Spring water contains nutrients and minerals that nurture the environment. It vibrates with life-giving energies that are best for cleansing and recharging your healing gemstones.

Using spring water as a cleaning method for your carnelian is safe and recommended. You can soak it directly into the spring water.

Get a bowl, fill it up with spring water, dip your carnelian for a few hours, and dry it thoroughly.

Can Carnelian Go in Rain Water?

Aside from spring water, rainwater is also a good choice for cleaning and recharging your carnelian. As rainwater also comes from the earth, it is highly charged with nature's energy.

It can effectively wash away your carnelian's negative, excess, and unwanted energy.

You can clean your carnelian using rainwater by filling up the bowl and then dipping your carnelian for a few hours. You can also try to hold your carnelian and put it under the pouring rain.

In that way, you can charge your carnelian with your intentions while it gives you immerse experience to meditate.

If you want to clean your carnelian using rain water. You are far from the polluted area as it may contain dirt and dust that can harm or damage your carnelian.

Can Carnelian Go in Hot Water?

No, carnelian and other gemstones are not advisable in hot water. It may cause them to expand extract.

And you are putting them in a thermal shock and stressed state.

If you put your carnelian in hot water repetitively and for an extended period, it may create cracks that can lead to breakage over time.

Can Carnelian Go in Moon Water?

Moon is considered to saturate positive energies promote cleansing, manifestations, and spiritual transformation.

And as water contains a high programmable source of storing and transmuting energy, the two will be the best fit as they would complement the moon's energy.

Charging and cleaning with moon water is also recommended and will work well with a carnelian.

You need to prepare a jar and fill it with water. Cover it with a lid, and leave it overnight under the moonlight.

It is best to prepare moon water at the full moon as its energy is peak. Leaving it overnight will help remove its negative and unwanted energy.

And it will be supercharged with energy.

Ensure that the jar and the water you will use are clean and fresh. You need to clean your carnelian if you plan to drink the water.

Therefore, it is safe and recommended to clean and charge your carnelian with moon water.

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Can Carnelian Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with a carnelian is a fantastic way to absorb its healing properties. And it will allow your body to absorb its energies and bring warmth.

Use your carnelian by putting it in the tub letting it soak for 10-20 minutes before you take a bath. And after that, rinse off your carnelian and let it dry.

Make sure that you will use crystal-friendly products. As some products contain salt and other ingredients that can be harmful to your carnelian.

It may damage the surface of your carnelian; its color may face, it may appear rough, and lose its luster.

You can read my article about what other crystals are safe in the water.

Can Carnelian Infuse with Drinking Water?

It is believed that drinking water infused with your carnelian is good to let your body absorb its energy. Carnelian is durable, non-toxic, and does not dissolve.

Therefore, it is safe and recommended to drink carnelian-infused water. 

It can help with negative energies, but it can also help with numerous health issues.

These health issues are arthritis, lower back pain, depression, rheumatism, and fertility issues with women.

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You can use spring water or distilled water when preparing carnelian-infused water. Make sure to use fresh water and clean carnelian.

In creating carnelian-infuse water, fill your jar with water. Immerse your carnelian.

And let it sit for a few hours under the moonlight. It is best to strain out the water first to remove any fragments that may break off. 

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