Can Celestite Go in Water?: It Can Make It Look Dull -

Can Celestite Go in Water?: It Can Make It Look Dull

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A pale blue crystal that provides gentle and soothing energies, Celestite. As an owner, you may want to know whether it is safe with water.

No, the Celestite is not safe with water. Water can cause damage to this crystal.

Based on its ranking in the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the Celestite only ranks from 3 to 3.5. The crystal should rank at six and above on the Mohs scale to be considered water-safe.

Even though Celestite is only slightly water-soluble, it is not safe to put it in water.

The Celestite should not be put in any water, especially saltwater.

Even if the goal is to cleanse the Celestite, running tap water is not recommended. 

If you accidentally put your Celestite in water, please make sure that you will dry it immediately. Also, avoid using the sun as a cleansing method.

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Please note that not all cleaning methods are suitable for Celestite. It can cause cracks and damage in the Celestite. 

What will happen if the Celestite is put in the water?

Generally, if the crystals get in the water for an extended period, the crystals might have cracks and damage.

Even if the crystals score six and above, it is not recommended to be in the water for an extended period.

Even if you found your crystal in the water, it is still not advisable. 

Before you put any crystals in water, it is best to research what type of water that crystal can go, how long, and how often.

Crystals do not have the same reactions when put in the water.

In this case, the water can cause severe damage to the Celestite, especially the saltwater.

The water can have a significant impact on the surface of the Celestite, and it can make the stone look less attractive.

The water can also make your Celestite fade its color and look dull. No cleaning method can bring back its natural color if this happens.

It can also remove its polish layer of the Celestite, which means that the shiny shimmering in your Celestite will be gone.

What are the alternative ways to cleanse the Celestite?

Cleansing and recharging are essential if you own a crystal. The crystals absorb negative energies that need to be removed by cleansing.

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And water is widely known to be the most convenient and efficient way to cleanse and recharge the crystals.

But since your Celestite cannot go in the water, here are some tips and techniques to use in cleansing and charging your Celestite.

Cleansing using the Sage

Aside from being a versatile cleansing method for crystals, Sage is entirely risk-free and damage-free.

And that being said, your Celestite is safe in Sage as its cleansing method.

When cleansing using Sage, the first thing you need to consider is to be in an open environment. Or, if you plan to do it in your house, make sure to open all windows.

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It is necessary to open the windows because the smoke of the Sage will absorb the negative energies.

And that smoke will vanish through the air and go out of your house through windows.

The Sage will also charge your crystals with the energy of freshness, cleanliness, and tranquility.

While cleansing, envision that the negative energies will be attached to the smoke of sage.

To start the cleansing, light up the tip of the Sage, and then let the smoke surrounds your Celestite for 30 seconds to one minute.

It is also amazing to charge your Celestite with your purest and preferred intentions. 

When the crystals receive your affirmations, they will get back the high vibrational energies. This affirmation will also help raise your vibrations and align with your envisioned intent.

To achieve that, visualize that the smoke from the Sage is generating your Celestite with your chosen intention.

While cleansing, you can also state some self-affirmations: I am calm and at peace, I choose to have a peaceful life, etc.

It is also vital to state these affirmations with an open heart and a strong faith that your intentions will come into reality.

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Cleansing your Celestite using Moonlight

Moonlight can provide powerful healing energies for your Celestite. It is a cleansing stream that is vital and gentle.

Moonlight can remove all the negative, undesired, and unwanted energies from your Celestite. At the same time, it will recharge it with overhealing energies.

To perform moonlight cleansing, just put your Celestite outside where the rays of the Moonlight are visible. 

You can also place it in your windows or anywhere inside that the rays of the Moonlight are visible.

Leave your celestite crystal under the Moonlight overnight. 

Please make sure that you will place your Celestite in a safe place as it is a fragile crystal that can break easily.

Do not forget to get your Celestite before the sun rises, as the sun's rays can cause damage to your crystal.

It is advised to avoid the sun when it comes to cleansing your celestite crystal.

Cleansing Using Big Crystal Geode

Giant crystals such as selenite, amethysts, and calcite can provide filtering and powerful healing energies to cleanse smaller crystals.

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If you own a small celestite crystal, this cleansing method is perfect for you.

You can use different crystals such as quartz, amethyst, calcite, and selenite. You can also try to use them all at once.

Just place the geode crystal in a bowl together with your Celestite and leave it there for a few hours.

Cleansing using Rice

Rice can also be used as a cleansing method for crystals. It can help the crystal to get rid of negative energies.

To perform rice cleansing, fill the bowl with rice and bury your Celestite there. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. 

After the cleansing, make sure that you will not use the rice as it contains negative energy from the crystal. 

Cleansing crystal using a Microfiber cloth

This method is used to clean the surface of the crystal. Your Celestite can absorb dust and dirt so cleaning it with microfiber is essential.

To do this cleansing method, gently wipe the surface of the Celestite using the microfiber cloth, and that cloth will get all the dirt and dust in your Celestite.

As we've mentioned that Celestite is a fragile type of crystal, so it is important to use soft cloths to protect its texture. 

And microfiber cloth can be used in cleansing Celestie without worrying if it can leave scratches on your crystal.

Cleansing the Celestite using the Earth's energy

You can cleanse your Celestite through Earth's energy by leaving it in the ground. In this way, your Celestite can absorb Earth's energy.

You can also try to bury it in soil and leave it for at least 24 hours.

Cleansing using Salt

You can also cleanse your Celestite using salt. Himalayan salt can be the best option.

Salt is known to help the crystals to keep away from negative energies and can provide powerful healing energies.

To perform salt cleansing, fill the bowl with the salt and bury your Celestite there. Leave it for a few hours.

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