Can Citrine Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Citrine Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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If you are new to collecting gemstones, you asked yourself, “is it safe with water?”. As we all know that water is the easiest and most convenient way to cleanse and charge gemstones. 

To answer your question, yes! Citrine is safe with water. You can put your Citrine in water but with restrictions to avoid any breakage, damage, cracks and any harmful effects that water can cause.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, and crystal quartz ranked seven on Mohs Scale, which means that Citrine is hard enough not to dissolve in water.

But it would be best if you were careful. Even though Citrine is safe with water, it does not mean that any water variants are safe to use to clean and recharge the Citrine.

When using water as a cleaning method, you need to do it carefully. It may not cause massive damage. But it can cause some cracks that can be a big problem.

And the color may fade if the Citrine is soaked in water for a long time.

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If you want to know what types of water could potentially damage your Citrine, what is safe to use, what can be the effect, as well as the benefits of water to the Citrine, then this article can help you.

Can Citrine Go in Salt/Saline Water?

We know that salt contains purifying properties, and using it as a cleansing method is popular. But salt cleaning can be a bit risky for your Citrine. 

Salt can cause damage to your Citrine, and it is not advisable to put your Citrine in saltwater. 

When you buy your Citrine or any other gemstone, it naturally has gaps and cracks. And with that, the salt particles may go in those gaps, and it will be hard to remove.

If the salt particles went in between those gaps and did not remove quickly, the Citrine will be damaged over time. 

If you want to put your Citrine in saltwater. You can dip it and then wash it thoroughly through running water.

Wipe it with soft cloth and let it dry thoroughly through air.

Can Citrine Go in Warm Water?

Cleaning crystals is necessary to remove unwanted energy and recharge it with positive energy. If you plan to cleanse it with water, warm water is one of the best ways to use it. 

However, you can also use warm soapy water in cleansing. Just make sure that the soap is crystal friendly and does not have any harmful chemicals.

Can Citrine Go in Running Tap Water?

It is recommended to use running water to clean your Citrine. As water is known to remove unwanted energies and restore positive healing energy.

Since Citrine is part of the quartz family, it will not submerge in water.

A quick and safe way to cleanse is to rinse it with running tap water for a minute. Pat dry it with a soft cloth and then let it completely dry with fresh air. 

You can also let it sit in a bowl for 12 hours. You can also consider using natural water resources such as streams rivers near you, or allowing the Citrine to sit under the rainwater.

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Using natural water resources such as streams, rivers, and rain water is also recommended. As it comes from the earth.

It contains energies from the earth that can help to remove unwanted energies from the Citrine.

Can Citrine Sit in Water with other Gemstones?

Citrine cannot be mixed with another gemstone during the cleansing or put in a water bowl. It is ineffective to cleanse and purify it together with other gemstones.

As the quantity of the water volume is not enough to cover all of the negative energy that the gemstones have.

It is also not recommended to use the water that has been used to clean other gemstones. Always use fresh water when cleaning any gemstone.

Can Citrine Go in Moon Water?

Moon water is also effective in cleansing and recharging your Citrine. It is known that Moon water does not only provide cleansing.

It also amplifies the citrines' healing properties. And it neutralizes unwanted energies.

It is recommended to make the moon water when it is a full moon. It is because the moon's power during the full moon is at its peak.

Let the water soak into the moon's vibrations to create moon water.

Fill a bowl with fresh water, and place it where the moonlight could illuminate the bowl with water. Breathe and take some time to set an intention.

Leave it outside overnight.

You can leave the bowl with or without a lid. Either way, you should get the Moon water with Citrine before sunrise, as the heat of the sun may cause damages and cracks on your Citrine.

Can Citrine Go in Bath Water?

Yes, Citrine can go in Bath Water. It is safe and effective to incorporate Citrine with your bathwater.

It can help you remove any dullness and stale energy within your body and infuse motivation and confidence that will attract abundance in your life.

It will also bring crystalline energy that can eliminate unwanted and unwanted energy. And it can power up your solar plexus chakra.

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Allowing you to bring your desires to fruition.

You can place your Citrine in your bathtub together with some relaxing oils. You may also consider placing it in your body or the corner of the bathtub.

In that way, it will allow your atmosphere to infuse with a sense of luxury and serenity.

You can make your bathing experience to the next level. Just by tossing some essential oils with purifying effects such as sage, rosemary, lavender, juniper, or frankincense.

Just be sure that the water you will use is not too hot or too cold. As too much heat or coldness may cause harm to your Citrine.

Also, use products that are friendly to gemstones avoid products that contain salt.

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Is it safe to drink Citrine-Infused Water?

You can drink water with Citrine as it is beneficial for you. Drinking citrine-infused water can flush out any harmful, unwanted energies and toxins.

And it can keep you energized throughout the day.

Drinking Citrine-infused water may also fill you with positive energy. You will be continuously inspired and enthusiastic about bringing happiness to your daily life.

For best results, use freshwater or stream water. Leave it overnight under the moonlight.

You can prepare your citrine-infused water by filling up the jar with fresh or stream water and make sure that your Citrine is clean as we do not want to drink dusty citrine-infused water.

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How long can the Citrine go in Water?

Aside from knowing what variety of water the Citrine can go in, it is also essential to know how long it can sit with water.

If you plan to clean your Citrine, it is recommended that you only rinse it for a minute or two using fresh or filtered water than soaking it in a bowl and leaving it there overnight.

If the Citrine sits with water for a long time, it may develop cracks and damages that can lead to breakage over time, and it may also lose its shine and color. 

How often does Citrine Go with Water?

It is also essential to know how many times you should put your Citrine in water per month or year. 

Because excessive use of water may cause cracks and some wear-and-tear on Citrine as time goes by. It is said that only use water as a cleansing method as little as possible.

You can use water once or twice a month.

If you are concerned about the negative energy that was absorbed by your Citrine. You can try to look up other ways or methods to use in cleaning and charging your Citrine.

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