Can Clear Quartz Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Clear Quartz Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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If you recently got your clear quartz, you may want to know how to take care of it, the things that you need to consider when you own clear quartz. And I know that one of those questions will be “is it safe with water?”

Yes, Clear Quartz is safe with water. Some owners usually dip their clear quartz in water to charge them with healing properties. You do not have to worry if water can affect its beauty as clear quartz is totally safe with it.

Not all crystals are safe with water as water can cause rustiness, and the crystals may dissolve in water. Fortunately, clear quartz is hard enough not to submerge when doused with water.

The general rule of thumb when estimating crystals if it can be doused with water is to have hardness level of 6 and above. The clear quartz ranked 7/10 in Mohs scale of hardness; it can be submerged with water without worrying if it can affect its beauty.

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If you want to know more about how to properly take care of your clear quartz with water, then this article is for you. We will discuss more about clear quartz in water below.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Salt Water?

Of course, you want to know if it is safe with salt water. As salt is known to be detoxifying clear quartz with negative and unwanted energies.

It is also a practical way to clean and restore the natural healing properties of a clear quartz.

Ranking at 7 on Mohs scale of hardness, clear quartz can technically go with salt water. However, it is not recommended to use salt water as cleansing method as it has the tendency to bite away porous material.

If you really want to clean your clear quartz with salt water, do it gently.

Here are some of the tips that may help you in regards with washing your clear quartz with salt water:

  • You can wash your clear quartz by simply sprinkling salt in a bowl with water. Leave your clear quartz in the bowl with lid and let it sit for a few hours.
  • You can also clean your clear quartz using ocean water, just be aware of the fact that it may cause some damage and it may slowly tear down your clear quartz.

Just always make sure that after you incorporated your clear quartz with salt water, be sure that you will rinse it off with fresh water, and wipe it dry with soft cloth and let it dry completely using the fresh air.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Stream Water?

It is more advisable to cleanse and recharge your clear quartz in stream water and river than in salt water. Stream water is a natural water resources, it can absorb high energy that comes directly from the earth.

Using Stream water as a cleaning method can have a deep connection with the nature, without thinking or worrying if it can affect the beauty and the structure of the clear quartz.

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Can Clear Quartz Go in Hot Water?

Clear Quartz can sit in hot water. You can use it as a cleaning method but hot water does not bring additional benefits to your clear quartz.

It is best to use warm water instead of hot water, as it may hard for you to hold the clear quartz when cleaning it with hot water. After the cleansing rinse it off with tap water and let it dry through the fresh air.

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Can Clear Quartz Go in Rain Water?

Aside from stream water, rain water is also recommended to use as a cleaning and recharging clear quartz. Rain water is safe to use as it does not contain salt that can harm the clear quartz.

You can let your clear quartz sit under the rain water to clean it, soak it in rain water for not more than 2 hours and make sure that you will let it dry thoroughly.

You can also collect rainwater and place it in a jar or container with a lid, so that you can save it for later use.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Running Water?

Yes, clear quartz can go under running water. Using running tap water as a cleaning technique for your clear quartz is highly recommended as it is an efficient and effective cleaning method.

Purifying and cleaning your clear quartz are essential especially if you use it too often, it has been infused with unwanted energies. And water is known as potent cleansing element, it can use to get rid of all the negative energies from your clear quartz.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Moon Water?

Cleaning Clear Quartz using moon water is an excellent way in cleansing and recharging. You should consider cleaning your clear quartz with moon water once a month.

The moon water transmutes its feminine energy in the clear quartz, and it eliminates negative energies and bad vibes.

Moon water is just a fresh water in a jar that is exposed to the moonlight so that it can absorb lunar energy. The best time to perform moon water with clear crystal is during full moon or new moon.

Full moon will help you close all the repeating cycles while new moon is for assisting with new beginnings. However, avoid creating moon water during eclipse it is not the best moon phase to charge and clean your clear quartz.

The water that you used in moon water can be used to water your plants or simply spray it while cleaning your house.

The magical energy from the moon and clear quartz tends to have a positive effect whenever you use them.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Bath Water?

With its refreshing and recharging properties, clear quartz is the best crystal to incorporate with your bath routine. As it does not get dissolve in water, you can soak it in your bath tub and enjoy the benefits that you can get from it.

Including Clear Quartz in bath water can bring harmony to your body, it can ease any medical, spiritual, and emotional condition.

Aside from having those benefits it also has the capability to regulate blood pressure, regenerate cells, and reoxygenate tissues. It is also known to boost metabolism, and strengthen your joint elasticity and connectivity tissues.

You may also consider moon bath ritual every full moon as it can maximize the efficacy of the clear quartz, by placing the clear quartz under the moon light will allow them to absorb powerful and super charging lunar energy.

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You can perform your moon bath ritual once or twice a month. It is best to avoid moon bath ritual during lunar eclipse, as it can be gloomy and can emit negative energy that may transfer to your clear quartz.

In addition, clear quartz contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help you clear blockages from your chakra and re-align your soul with the vibrational rhythm.

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Is it safe to Drink Clear Quartz-Infused Water?

Clear Quartz Contains numerous amounts of benefits physically, emotionally, and spiritually, hence preparing and drinking clear quartz-infused water is an effective way get those benefits.

Just prepare a jar with lid, fill it up with water, let your clear quartz sit in the jar with water, place it under the sunlight or moonlight, strain the water, and there! Your clear quartz-infused water is ready.

Before preparing your clear quartz-infused water, make sure to clean and recharge first your crystal. We do not want to drink with dusty crystals and it can block the benefits and positive energy of our clear quartz.

Even though it is safe and beneficial for your body and mind, you should monitor drinking clear quartz-infused water as it may have potential risks. Anything that is too much can harm you and your body.

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