Can Fluorite Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Fluorite Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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Fluorite is an under-soft mineral, a crystal made of calcium fluorite. You may want to know, “is it safe with water?”

Based on the Study of the hardness of fluorite using the Mohs scale, fluorite is not safe in the water. Fluorite falls in the category of soft minerals in the Mohs scale.

Ranking at number four on the Mohs scale, the crystal is not hard enough to be put in water. The crystal must have a ranking of 6 and above.

Fluorite is water-soluble. Placing it in water for a long time may cause the crystal to dissolve. Though, it is not soluble as Selenite.

Considering how low it is ranking on the Mohs scale, you have to be careful in taking care of fluorite, not only with water but also in other things.

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Ordinary objects like coins and glass can scratch the fluorite.

What will happen if you put fluorite in water?

The crystal will be most likely to be dissolved in water. This crystal is so soft that it cannot be with water for an extended period.

You will notice tiny bits of fluorite floating water when it gets dissolved. It does not change the color of the water, but it will create a little cloudy.

The dissolve particles of the fluorite do not affect water aside from making the waters’ pH level increase.

However, if you still wish to use water as a cleaning material, you can still use it. Here are some tips.

Can Fluorite be cleansed with Water?

Water is widely known as a cleaning and recharging method for crystals. It is also convenient as most people have access to running tap water.

You can still use water as a cleaning method for your fluorite. This water cleansing technique can be used occasionally.

When you use water as a cleaning method, make sure that you use pure and clean water. Also, do not soak your fluorite in water for a long time, as it may dissolve in water.

You can go for the spraying method, spray the water to the crystals and let it dry by dapping it in a soft dry cloth.

You can also wet the soft cloth and gently rub it in your fluorite. However, it is essential to let it dry using a dry cloth.

Can fluorite go in Salt Water?

It is not advisable to use salt water to clean your fluorite. As salt may damage the surface of the fluorite.

As fluorite contains calcium fluoride and the salt’s typical composition is sodium chloride, an irreversible reaction may occur if the two components come in contact.

It may cause deterioration of the fluorite. Fluorite also contains impurities that will react when they contact sodium chloride.

Those reactions from fluorite may lose their power and may damage the outer particle of the crystal.

In addition, high pressure that the saltwater may bring to the crystal, the strength of the crystal may be affected and will cause the formation of pores.

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It is highly advised to avoid saltwater in cleaning your fluorite.

Can Fluorite Go in Moon Water?

Moon water is commonly known as a recharging method, knowing that it can fill your crystals with soft and feminine energy.

There is no problem if you want to charge your fluorite with moon water, but you need to do it in a short period.

Avoid soaking your fluorite in moon water overnight as it can potentially damage your crystal. 

Prepare a jar with fresh water and let your crystal soak in it for a few minutes. After that, let it dry and make sure that the moisture is removed.

And since moon water provides an incredible source of natural light, you can do a moon water ritual once every month.

If the moisture is still visible in some parts of the crystal, it Is best to put it in a low humidity area. Or in a place where direct sunlight is there to allow the remaining water to evaporate

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Can Fluorite Go in Bath Water?

Bathwater rituals with crystals provide a calming experience to soothe the mind and body and reduce stress and frustrations. 

Hard stones like quartz, calcites and citrine are safe to go with the bathwater as they are hard enough to withstand water. As those crystal is hard enough to withstand the water.

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However, adding fluorite into the bathwater can damage the crystal and harm your body.

Fluorite is so soft that it is not recommended to be put in a bathtub as it is more likely to dissolve in bathwater.

Putting your fluorite in bathwater may cause skin irritations and scratches on the fluorite surface.

Furthermore, the chemical components of the fluorite may react with the chemicals that the bathing products have, which can potentially make your fluorite toxic.

Even though putting the fluorite in bathwater is not advisable, you can still enjoy your bath ritual with the fluorite.

It will help if you put fluorite on the corners of the bathtub. Or anywhere out of reach of the water. In that way, you can enjoy your bath with fluorite without the risk of it getting scratched.

Is it safe to drink Fluorite-Infused Water?

Crystal-Infuse water provides energy and other benefits to the person consuming it. Crystals carry a great vibrational frequency when you drink crystal-infused water, a harmonious energy flow in the body.

However, it is not good to drink fluorite-infused water as it may contain impurities that can cause side effects when swallowed. Because of that, you should not consume fluorite-infused water.

Fluorite needs to be cleansed and charged at least once a week. As it may contain negative energy every time you use your crystal.

Cleaning is also a way to keep your crystal working at their maximum capacity. And that they can assist your spiritual journey with your life.

Since water cannot be used in cleansing and charging the fluorite, here are some ways to clean it without the help of the water.

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How to Clean Fluorite?

Charge and clean the fluorite using the moonlight

Moonlight is known to provide calming cleansing vibrations, and it can work mainly with the energy of fluorite.

The energy of the moon that is potent yet gentle that can deliver an adequate dose to purify fluorite. It can also eliminate unwanted energies that have been absorbed by fluorite.

Place the fluorite under the moonlight overnight, let the crystal absorb the moon’s energy, and let it purify your crystal. And be ready to receive the purest vibrations of the fluorite through moonlight.

Charge and clean the fluorite using Sage

Using sage as a cleaning method is a convenient way. Sage can utilize almost all of the crystals.

The fume of the sage gives excellent energy that gets the negative energy that the fluorite absorbs.

While cleansing, it can make you feel good, peaceful, and in a serene state of mind as it extends to refine your energy.

First, you need to freshen up your space by opening your windows. And then light the tip of the sage stick.

And then start to move around to cover the crystal with the fumes of the sage.

Place the fluorite in a jar with other crystals

While some crystals are not safe to go with other crystals, fluorite can go with crystals with the same energies. 

Fluorites go well with other crystals such as agate, carnelian, malachite, tiger’s eye, and red jasper.

By doing this, you can achieve higher energetic healing and inspiration levels. 

Other ways to clean and recharge your fluorite is to:

  • Let it sit under the sunlight for a minute or two. Please do not leave it there for hours.
  • Plant it in soil or garden.

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